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Beard growth oil is a kind of oil manufactured purposely for boosting the growth of the beard. Those who have applied it or using it, know the advantages of this oil and its drawbacks. However, for you to apply this kind of beard growth oil it is important to understand its effectiveness. For instance, this oil contains several carrier oils such as Jojoba, Argan oil, and more. All these incorporated oils are ideal for moisturizing the beard underneath the skin thereby eliminating irritation shapes beard itching. With beard growth oil you are assured of healthy skin that goes hand in hand with the thicknesses growth of the beard.

Furthermore, beard growth oil consists of fragrance oils as one of its primaries. Depending on the manufacturer of the beard oil, you will find some made naturally and others synthetically. This brings about a variation in the product if in any case the oil is made naturally then the formula might apply to essential oils.

In this article, we are going to tackle detailed information about beard growth oils. Our discussion will vary depending on sub-topics for instance, whether the beard growth kit works, how long the beard oil takes to work, does the oil work, and more. For you to get all the necessary information about beard growth oils keep reading this article to the end.

Does Beard Growth Oil Work

This is one of the most frequently asked questions especially for those who want to use the oil. It is a good question because before you purchase any product you need to have some of its crucial details like does this oil work. Sometimes you will dig deeper on the same and enquire about its benefits to confirm its working. It is okay to be curious and make yourself comfortable before making any decision.

Rick, take a look at me! Do you see hair on my head? If it worked, I would have my hair in a bun now! There may be some positive benefits for blood circulation, but If it worked we’d all have hair by now.

Ahmet, Owner of Satch Barbershop

For our topic, beard growth oil works perfectly and gives the desired results. However, for you to achieve the outcomes you are supposed to apply the beard oil as directed by the manufacturer. Beard growth oil works but if in any case you apply wrongly let say to the beards then you will not attain the overall benefits. You are supposed to apply the beard oil perfectly on your beard underneath the skin, the oil is manufactured for skin application and not your beard. With beard oil, it’s more of a conditioner and it leaves your beard hair moisturized as well as softened.

This growth oil works in various ways, you can use it to ensure your beards are softer, fuller, lengthy, and tamer. Since the beard tends to be rougher this oil will make it shiny, more style, and softer. This oil will assist you perfectly in the reduction of beard itching and dandruff occurrences.

Do beard growth kits work at all?

This is one of the most stressful questions that people frequently ask. For this question, you don’t have to worry about yourself because the beard growth kit does work perfectly. This is made possible as a result of the incorporation of the correct ingredients in the making of beard oil, vitamins, and more. With this, the growth of hair follicles is improved drastically leaving you with the desired full beard. To avoid being taken advantage of, and to achieve the desired results from the oil to your hair follicles, make sure you check the product-listed ingredients. Always ensure it contains the right vitamins and other required nutrients.

If you manage to source the correct product, you will get the acritical difference in your health and beard growth. To get the best product make sure you check the product label and confirm that all the used ingredients are sourced naturally. The beard growth kit should contain all the requirements for your beard growth. The potential growth of your beard outside the genetics is highly determined by the general health of your beard. In most cases, the beard growth kit or bundle contains beard butter, oil, wash, and vitamins which offers you the right combination for better beard growth.

Does Beard Oil Help to Grow a Beard?

This question is critical and frequently asked as most people who need to apply beard oil require more details about the product. It is good to be equipped will information before making any step, that way you won’t be disappointed. For the case of beard oil, it is not proven scientifically whether the oil will assist you with the growth of the beard. This does not mean that beard oils don’t help in the growth of beards.

Various anecdotal proofs show that beard oils incorporate some other oils such as essential oil which can promote the growth of beard hair as well as supporting them. You don’t have to worry about it anymore, since the essential oils, bay leaf, and more contain high antioxidants contents.

However, the beard oils despite being important at promoting the growth of beard hair, its moisturizing property is highly effective. This result is attained when you apply the beard oil properly, to your skin underneath the beard. The best thing with this oil is that you will commence seeing beard and skin appearance improvement not long after the first application. In most cases, you will find some men with long and healthy beards yet they have not applied any beard oils for growth. This is a clear indication that the key role in beard growth is highly determined by hormones as well as genetics. Furthermore, your lifestyle and health will determine the full growth of your beard.

How long does it take Beard Oil to work?

Beard oil will support the growth of beards, but this is not the main cause for your beard growth. This narrows down to genetics and it is entirely different from one individual to another. However, you can expect that it will take at least eight months for your beard to appear, but this duration is not consistent. It will also take a much longer time for your beards to finally fill in.

How long will my Beard Oil last?

The beard oil will take you for long, about a year if the bottle is not opened. This shelf life will be okay for the oil but its scent will commence fading away a bit. However, you are highly recommended to apply your beard oil for a maximum of three months once you open the bottle. This will prevent the oil from losing all its scent as evaporation will keep reducing it. Always keep the bottle closed when not in use and its scent will last for a longer period.

Furthermore, the way you apply your oil will determine the time it can last. For instance, using it at least three times in a single day, then your bottle will take for one month. There are a variety of options out there you can apply when using your beard oil and each way will offer you a different lasting duration. If you come across an oil containing 100 percent scenting with essential oils, then their amazing smell will last longer. Depending on the absorption potential of your skin as well as beard then the smell can even for up to four hours after use.

Although you can follow the application method indicated above, you can still apply it twice a day that is in the morning and the evening. If you manage to do this for at least three weeks then you will attain the beard oil benefits.

8 things to stimulate your Beard to grow naturally

Since there is no way you can keep changing the genetic formation then your health plays a key role in your like as well as the beards. In this case, some of your lifestyle habits will bring about beard growth variations. While others will leave you healthier, assisting in attaining your desired fuller fast beards. There are a variety of ways in which you can promote the growth of your beard. For you to stimulate the growth of your beards you need to do the following things to perfection.


For you to attain the full growth beard you need to concentration on doing more exercises. This is one of the most simple and ideal ways of achieving your goal. With exercises, your general blood flow will be improved easily and you are guaranteed that your hair follicle will attain stimulated growth. Some type of training such as weightlifting will assist you in attaining a testosterone boost though temporarily. When it comes to this way you are supposed to keep trying varying workouts at different times. Also, it’s more important to ensure you perform your exercises the right way.


For your general health sleep is paramount. No matter the case essentiality of sleep is usually optimal. You are supposed to make sure you attain the minimum sleep hour requirement. Sleep also plays an ideal role in the stimulation of beard growth. Therefore, you are required to get enough sleep since, in the process, your system will receive the primary release of testosterone. Failure to getting it enough will automatically ruin the whole process. Since sleep restrictions, apnea or fragmented sleep tends to minimize the level of testosterone, you are supposed to get it enough. Also, the optimal testosterone level commences at REM sleep up to waking time. You need more sleep to get extra testosterones.

Eat Right

It is not new to say good nutrition plays a major role in keeping your health in check. If that is okay, then you are supposed to ensure your diet is balanced as well as healthy for your body to derive the required benefits. In that case, your beards too will benefit from the absorbed nutrients. Also, you need to eat right, since obesity resulting from the unchecked mass index of your body will reduce your testosterone levels. For your testosterone levels boosting consider using zinc nutrients.

Also, carbs, proteins, etc. will be beneficial for the stimulation of your beard growth as well as the secretion of hormones. When you eat healthily you are assured of lustrous beard growth. When it comes to a healthy diet you can choose to eat the following;

  • Lean protein, f.e. salmon or chicken
  • High zinc content, nuts
  • Iron, liver
  • Fats, avocados
  • Carbs, more of whole grains
  • Vitamin products, vegetables, fruits

Microneedling your face

You can simply do micro-needling of your face with the use of a derma roller. When you perform this method properly your face will be left with micro wound punctures. These small wounds will be healed as your body repairs with the use of keratin as well as collagen.

Red light therapy

There is a specified red light wavelength that is ideal in cellular metabolism activation. With this kind of wavelength, the Kinase C protein enzyme is perfectly boosted thus increment of testosterone as well as thyroid hormones.


There are certain supplements as well as a multivitamin that are made purposely to offer the missing nutrients in the diet. In this case, when you complete these two with some zinc products then you will achieve your desired results. These supplements are capable of boosting the production of testosterone as well as androgen receptors.

Beard cleaning

You are supposed to always keep your beard and skin underneath it clean. Also, to give your beard a nice appearance ensure you moisturize it. Always let your face pores open through exfoliating as a way of eliminating any skin cell that might be dead. Also, washing your skin will remove skin debris near your hair follicle thus minimizing beard underneath ingrown hairs. Always keep your beard moisturized and softer as a way of preventing the occurrence of beard dandruff.

Rogain or Minoxidil

You can use Minoxidil product which is excellently manufactured to assist in scalp hair growth. This Minoxidil or Rogaine product is perfect for use on your face too. The product is supposed to be left to stay for about four hours on your skin per application. The product will help in skin moisturizing as well as making your beard grow thicker.


Who should use beard oil?

Any male with facial hair regardless of the type of hair. This is because facial hair comes in different styles shape, color thicknesses, and more. Almost all men have experienced hair problems at one point such as dry and itchy skin, bristly hair, split ends, dandruff, funky smells, and wild stray hairs. Beard oil fixes all these problems.

When should I start using beard oil?

Start using your beard oil when the beard has just begun. Do not wait until your beards have reached a certain length to start enjoying the benefits of beard oil. Use the beard oil from the beginning of beard growth and you will feel the softness almost immediately.

How long will beard oil scent last?

Your beard oil should be made with 100% essential oils and they will smell amazing. This depends on how quickly your skin and hair absorb the oil, but you can still smell the oil even after 3-4 hours after application. I’ve found that cheap oils tend to absorb faster rather than quality oils. For example, the beard oils from the beard struggle (affiliate and discount-link) tend to last long.


When selecting a beard growth oil to use you are supposed to be keen on the ingredients incorporated in it. Purchasing a beard oil containing a natural formula will offer you 100 percent growth success. Applying oils with pure essential oil scents such as Yukon’s beard oil will give you desired results.

Beard oils will last longer depending on the way you use them, however, applying them twice daily will give the total benefits. With this oil, your beard and skin around it will remain smoother, you will have a great smell, and will be moisturized.

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