Greys in your beard? Advice from a barbers perspective

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A gray beard is something that looks good on others. But Gray hairs in your beard at 30 could be hard to embrace. This I say from my own experience.

Maybe you have grown your beard. That’s good! Remember, your beard is not just your facial hair. It is your unique personality signature. You can style it when there is some growth. Sounds unfamiliar! You are grooming your beard. So, what is this styling about? Beard grooming and beard styling are two different things. Grooming is all about maintenance and keeping the beard in shape. And, styling takes you to another level! It involves certain techniques and gives you the cherished look. And for this, you need to visit a barber’s shop.

Why you are getting a gray beard could be a number of reasons why. There are outside factors like; smoking, diet, exercise, and stress that could be the factor at play. Or it could just be the genetics you’ve inherited from your family and parents. In this article, we talk about what you can do, and if it is even something you should consider changing.

No one gets a gray beard overnight. First, you see a streak of white here and there. If you ignore this, one fine morning, you will find that there is enough salt and pepper to make you look worse. Look, having gray hairs in your beard at around 40 is not unusual. But, if you have Gray hair in your beard, as early as 30, you need to scroll down and read further. Spending several decades in the barber profession, this write-up intends to investigate why people have gray hairs in the beard and what one can do about that. And, as the drum rolls, it will throw lights on related matters and some frequently asked questions.

Why do you get grays so early?

Well, it happens with some unfortunates, including myself. If you notice that, then you have to look for changes. Check if you have recently taken up a more stressful job or made some changes in your diet. However, in my case, it’s probably a mix of stress and “bad” genetics.

We have melanin in the body. This pigment is responsible for hair color including the beard. As our age advances, the production of melanin in the body decreases, and consequently our hair and beard becomes gray.

But why some people face this at a young age?

Better, you thank your parents for that. It is because premature graying of the beard is mostly linked to genetics. If anyone in the family has premature graying, you are likely to have that.

Several other factors also influence premature graying. These are:

  • Improper diet: It is observed that people taking improper diets are prone to premature graying of the beard. The body has an enzyme called Catalase. It helps to maintain the melanin reserve in the body. Lack of this can cause premature graying. Broccoli, radishes, and zucchini contain high amounts of Catalase. Intake of these helps to arrest the condition.
  • Harmful chemicals: Some cosmetics and creams contain harmful chemicals like bleaching agents, mineral oil, synthetic colors, etc. Excessive use of them is likely to aggravate the condition.
  • Stress & anxiety: They can lead to premature graying of beards as stress hormones are likely to disrupt the delivery of melanin to the beards. To back this theory, you have to see side-by-side pictures of the President of America. One on the day of starting the term and the other on the day of ending it. But it may not be conclusive as eight years is quite a long span.
  • External factors: Extend exposure to sun rays can decrease the melanin content in your beard. As such, it is likely to cause premature graying. In case you cannot avoid going outdoor, use a hat or cover your beard with a cloth.
  • Smoking: It has direct links to premature aging. Sometimes, people are found to have gray hairs in their beards at 30, due to excessive smoking.

Knowing how beards turn grey is essential for remedying it. The pigment cells present in the hair follicles die over time. With the reduction of pigment cells in the beard, melanin also decreases, and it entails grey, silver, and white streaks. Even with genetics playing a vital role, we can do many things to manage it.

So, what you should do when you have premature graying? Will you color your beard? Let’s dive into these in the following lines.

Finding a barber’s shop

Finding gray hairs in your beard early on could be a problem. However, styling at the barber’s shop helps to manage that. But allowing someone to style your facial hair needs a bond of trust and effective communication. One must visit a barber’s shop with a clear vision so that there is no regret afterward.

Of course, one can style the beard at home if he has the right tools and skill. But it is never the same as going to a licensed barber who is trained in this. It is why finding a good barber is vital. Also, since every beard is slightly different from each other, what works for you might not work for example your friend.

barber shaving

A trained and licensed barber can give you the best results for managing and styling your beard. Being legit, they know all local rules and regulations. They are also well versed with the trend, and that is why they can give you the best dyeing result. Since they have a thorough knowledge of skin and scalp problems, they follow hygienic methods.

You can never judge a barber’s shop by stepping into it. Checking for good review scores and personal referrals are ways to find a good barber’s shop. While prices are a factor, barber shops that offer extremely low prices are unlikely to have the right qualification and experience. Once you find a good one, you should never let it go. Good barbers are hard to get.

Advantages of styling beard at barbershops

A licensed professional barber has training in cutting, trimming, and styling beards. Going to one of them will deliver the following advantages.

  • As they are well trained, they can offer you the best styling services when one goes to a barber’s shop.
  • A good barber knows from experimenting with different styles and gives the best outcome for you.
  • They know what suits best with each face profile and style beard accordingly for the best look.
  • Going to a barber’s shop for styling beards also has a great social impact. By going there, one establishes a connection with the barber and also with the people who visit the barber’s shop frequently. Also, the discussion you can have with a good barber is quite fun!

Coloring your facial hair

You might have spotted gray hairs in your beard. Gray hairs in your beard as early as 30 downright sucks. They first pop up near the neck and then creep slowly to the cheeks. Sometimes they are more than what you have on the top. Coloring the beard can address both and make you look like a radiant youth.

Now the question is if one should dye beards or not.  While men generally let aging go naturally, none can stand graybeards in their 30s. It can even take one off of the dating scene.

So, you are going to color at home before anyone else can spot your gray beard. That’s good!

But there is a catch!

Before you open up the magic box of beard dye, you should know the cardinal rule. That is always; always use something that is specially made for beards. Under no circumstances one can run to the store and buy any hair dye.

There are reasons for this. Your facial skin is much more sensitive than scalp skin. Using a dye that is not meant for a beard could irritate the facial skin under the beard. Usually, dyes are for hair only, and they tend to be opaque. But, a bit of translucency in the dye helps to cover the gray streaks in beards better. It also averts an artificial look. Moreover, the facial hairs are, generally, coarser than what one has on the head. And, for this reason, you need a stronger dye. It is where a licensed saloon comes in. They know the job well and can deliver the best.



Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic


Organic colouring!

FollicleBooster Beard Pen


Kinda like makeup for your beard

Just For Men Mustache & Beard Dye


Effective, but not organic

Too many variables of beard dye are there. But if you do not want to look like a cartoon, you should go for natural colors. DIY bleaching of beard is also crazier.  It causes blisters if not done correctly, and that is why you need a pro.

When you go to a salon pro for coloring, they can do a better job than your DIY endeavor. As everyone falls for a natural look, visiting the specialists is the only way.

Picking the right beard color

You are frustrated with grays, and looking for the right color. It is tricky because you want to look younger and do not want others to spot it.

So, the key lies in being subtle!

If your wallet permits, then opt for a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural color. No one notices a slightly lighter color. But it will need frequent applications. On the flip side, you can also go for a shade that is the same or darker than your natural color.  It will require less frequent applications and save you a few bucks.

Preparing for the first application

You are irritated with grays and want to get rid of that through an at-home application.

Here are the deals!

Of course, you would not like to apply the dye just after a shower. Better, you wait for a day or two after your last shower for coloring. And, never do it just before a big event. Always apply color two to three days earlier.

You also need to take certain precautions.

Remember to wear an old battered shirt. Do not apply without a shirt. Dyes need much scrubbing to remove from the skin. Also, keep a junk hand towel ready at hand for covering the counter and sink. Also, use latex gloves for application. The last thing needed is a shampoo for hair coloring. It extends the life of color.

As colouring a beard is a tricky job, it is best left to the pros. However, if you want to try your luck. Give this video a watch:

Common questions that men ask

Q: Can I use hair color for the beard?

A: No. Facial hair being coarser needs different dyes for the best effect.

Q: Do I need an allergy test before coloring?

A: Yes. You need to undergo this 48 hours in advance.

Q: What is the best time for coloring?

A: Hour of the day has no bearing on coloring.  However, the recommendation is not to take shower for a day before the first coloring venture.

Q: Can I hit the pool after coloring?

A: The answer is both yes and no. One can swim anytime after coloring provided he has taken a shower after the application.  However, chemicals applied in the swimming pool may break down the chemicals of the dye and making early application necessary.

Q: How long the beard color lasts?

A: For about two to three weeks generally.

Q: Where to pick up beard dyes?

A: You can get them at most supermarkets and drug stores. Licensed salons also use them.

Summing up

While a well-maintained beard imparts a specific look, having Gray hairs in your beard as early as 30 could cause anxiety. However, as I dealt with this myself, it took me a few weeks to accept the fact that it is inevitable. I suggest you wear it with pride and focus on maintaining it and keeping it tidy. However, the easy escape is to color it. Some opt for DIY applications, but going to a licensed barber is always better. Next time you have a silver streak in your beard, revert to this write-up to deal with the monster. It will boost up your mood, and you will look as regal as others.

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