Can I use Beard Oil on my hair?

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Congratulations! You’ve reached the point when you see a clear difference in your lush beard, and you probably see how much it makes your majestic beard to look so much better! And you’re here because you’re wondering if you can use Beard oil on your hair. I mean, those Beard Oil do make the beard look and smell amazing!

Oh boy, I wish you could. But it’s actually a pretty bad idea to do so. Why you might ask? Let’s take a look below.

Beard hair isn’t your normal type of hair

Take a minute, and stroke your hand in your beard.

Now, take the same hand and stroke it through your hair (assuming you still have hair…).

Doesn’t feel the same right? That’s correct! Beard hair and head hair are very different from each other. There are a few hair-types that can be shown below:

Vellus hair Short, light-colored, and fine found on your body.
Terminal hairThick and long pigmented hair. Found on your scalp, face, armpits, and pubic area.
Androgenic hair Body hair, small and thin hairs found all around your body.

So with this in mind. Your beard and facial hair are probably much coarser and thicker than your head hair. This is because your facial hair is what is called terminal or androgenic (body) hair. However, terminal hair can also be found on your scalp.

During men’s puberty, we have a lot of stuff happening to our bodies and to our hairs. For example, our hormone, or more exact androgenic hormone causes our vellus hair (the short, light-colored) to be replaced by androgenic hair. This happens most often on areas like your pubic area, chest, back, or facial area. I myself am one of those guys that pretty much need a lawnmower to keep myself tidy, bah!

There is as well another key difference between head hair and facial hair and that is due to the growing periods. If we take androgenic hairs (body or facial hair), it grows in stages. There can be days that you notice that you have a huge increase in length, especially in the early days of growing a beard, and later on days that can be very upsetting because you’re seeing close to no beard growth at all. This is all due to the androgenic hairs growing in stages.

Good idea to use beard oil on your hair?

So why is it that using beard oil on your hair is a pretty bad idea?

To be fair, you will not really harm your hair in any way, it will just be a very expensive conditioner. If you want to experiment with this, use only 1-2 drops of beard oil. Otherwise, your hair will get very oily.

You are probably wondering if you can use your beard oil on your hair because your hair has started to itch or have some other sort of dryness you want to fix. To be honest, just a premium brand shampoo and conditioner will basically do the same trick. As your sebaceous gland’s primary function is to moisturize and lubricate your skin, it is probably a bad idea to start to pour oil onto your scalp. Don’t get me wrong here, using beard oil in your hair might get your dryness to sort out, assuming that you are using organic and non-chemical beard oil.

However, if you do experience dryness and maybe even dandruff there are certain shampoos out there that I would suggest you try beforehand even considering pouring those very pricey drops of beard oil onto your scalp. As I am a regular user of the product Rogaine for hair-loss, or minoxidil if you will. I often get dry scalp which causes an insane itch. The product I use to fix this is this one. I use it probably every other shower, and at least for myself, the itching stops.

Can I use conditioner on my beard?

You can, but it’s generally not a very good idea.

When you shower you typically use shampoo and then conditioner. The shampoo’s main focus is to remove dirt grease and oil from your hair, and the conditioner’s job is to add back moisture to your scalp. As you can expect, this helps to keep your scalp happy and not so itchy.

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If you compare your beard and hair, there are a lot of sebaceous glands on your scalp that produces oil, and not nearly as many glands on your facial hair area. Meaning that you do not have as much oil to remove as you do on your hair.

The whole purpose of your hair conditioner is to add moisture to your scalp, which doesn’t sound so bad in theory to do on your beard.

However, this is exactly why you use beard oil. You need to add more moisture to your beard than you do on your scalp. This is because the sebaceous glands are far less on your facial area, meaning less oil is produces naturally.

How do I soften my beard?

If you want to have your beard super soft is to just keep up a good routine, just as you do with for example brushing your teeth. This is important in many aspects, not just to keep your beard soft, but to keep it healthy. In addition to this, your beard will look awesome in the eyes of your fellow bearded friends.

  1. Wash and comb your beard daily.
  2. After washing and combing, trim those stray hairs.
  3. Apply conditioner (beard oil) twice a day. Morning and evening.
  4. Comb and brush it regularly. Buy a pocket-size brush!
  5. Style your longer beard with beard balm.

If you follow this super simple routine and buy good quality oil and products, you will get a super soft beard. I promise you.

The best way to apply beard oil

The best way to use beard oil is a fairly simple process. As you get longer beards your sebaceous glands cannot produce enough oil to keep your beard in top shape. This happens at about 20-30 days mark, and you will experience the famous, or infamous, beard itch.

Once again, I recommend you to buy a good quality organic beard oil, you do not want to have unnecessary chemicals in your beard if you can avoid it.

  1. Towel-dry your beard to about 80-90%
  2. Take your beard oil and drop about 3-5 drops of oil on your palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Experiment with this ratio, since you will need fewer drops if your beard is shorter, and more if its longer.
  3. Take your fingers and work your way from underneath your beard and upwards to massage the oils to your skin. Make sure to get all the skin covered.
  4. Take a beard brush and comb down your beard again. Brush it with a good quality bristle brush. This will help to get the oil good distributed throughout all of your beard hairs as well.

It’s really that simple, no magic involved.


As covered in this post, you can absolutely use beard oil in your hair. But it would be a weird, pricey, and a pretty useless thing to do. Stick to using good quality shampoo and conditioner to your head hair, and instead buy a good quality beard oil. Since your beard and skin produce less oil than your scalp, it’s necessary to add moisture, preferable in the form of beard oil.

Another significant factor that hasn’t been addressed in this post is the scent a good quality beard oil gives out. If you haven’t smelled the scent coming from for example the beard struggles oils, I would suggest you try it out. It smells just insanely good.

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