9 Amazing Reasons You Should Grow a Beard (2021)

9 amazing reasons you should grow a beard

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Beards are becoming popular day after day with men worldwide. Besides, beards are mostly used to shape someone’s unique shape style and improve our man-self. If you start growing your beard, you will never imagine staying without it. Unfortunately, some people don’t comprehend the healthy and physical benefits of growing beards; this article is meant for you.

Generally, beards carry the capability to speak for themselves, also lays a testament to the status, style, power, and wisdom of the specific man who is mastering it. Below are surprising and amazing reasons you should start grooming, stroking, growing, and loving your beard.

1. Keeping you looking young

Beard can essentially function as a fountain of youth. This is because it offers a lot of protection to us. Since facial hair keeps our skin clear of all blemishes, having a beard reduces acne discoloration on our skin. Meaning your skin will stay much healthy for longer.
Besides, mustaches and beards have the ability to keep allergens out of our system will also improve overall health. Thus is in this way, the beards work to keep looking younger and also feeling younger.

2. It keeps the skin moist

Shaving opens up our pores in our skin. As a result, it can also cause cut on our face which tends to dry our skin over time. However, during winter and summer, the exposed pores create a condition where our skin loses moisture. When we have beards, we can eventually avoid all these problems and keep our skin healthy and looking nice. The daily regimen of beard oil also helps to keep your face all moistured up!

3. Block UV Rays

This extensive scientific research states that thick beards can block about 95 percent of UV rays directly from the sun. Apart from this, beards also play a significant role in preventing our skin from getting cancer. That’s pretty neat! The downside is, that you will get a beard-tan if you shave it off (which you won’t, right?).

4. Make the first impression

A recent study showed that eight men shaved their beards and later grew them back. Each participant took photos of each stage during the growing process of their beards and recorded the progression.

After the beards were fully grown, this progression got analyzed, and the researchers, which were a group of 128 individuals, found that men’s beards were much fuller, and these men appeared more attractive, mature, and healthy.

5. Prevents infections

The pores in your skin are not naturally protected against harmful bacteria, which may cause infection if they slip inside if you do not have a beard.

Bacteria may originate from different sources and also become worse it directly contacts your skin. So shaving your beard opens up the pores and makes it easy for bacterial to settle in your skin. Eventually, these pores typically closed when we have beards.

Generally, beards are our best advocate for healthy living, and also remember to use the latest and approved grooming skills to maintain our beard. But I mean, who in their right mind shaves it off anyway? ;).

6. It enhances every man’s look

This is very subjective of course. However, there are a lot of memes going around the internet of men with and without beards. And typically, having the “right” beard for you enhances your overall look.

For example; Do you have a horrible-looking chin? Are you Suffering from horrible dual-chin in all photos? Or you’re getting a bad complexion? A beard will help you sort such situations.
It covers all manner of any weirdly-shaped chins and also battles scars from our misspent youth. Further, a beard adds a good definition of someone’s whole face. For some individuals who might love it when their jaw-line looking more impressive and chiseled, a beard will make it look more magnificent.

7. Confidence, Confidence, and Confidence

Men who got more confidence tend to be more successful in every aspect of their lives. According to the experts, beards offer men a sense of confidence and power readily evident to almost everyone around them. Thus, deciding to start growing your beard is a dependable way for any man to set a superior standard for his entire life and also become successful in one way or another.

I can very much relate to this myself. After growing my beard out, and it wasn’t even that long, I felt that I got listened to on a whole other level. However, I would advise that you need to keep that beard very well-trimmed and groomed. If you miss out on this, the effect can probably be the exact opposite.

8. Shaving could cause acne outbreaks

Most of us have at some point in our lives fought outbreaks of acne. We all hate having an acne face since it keeps you feeling very uncomfortable in social situations.

If you could and had grown a beard, chances are very high that you’ve got smooth skin under it. Since you both incorporate good face hygiene with various beard oils, and the beard helps to keep dirt and other stuff landing on your skin.

According to the experts shaving, your face plays a significant role in increasing the spread of bacteria, which causes Acne. This means that once we allow our beards to grow and take proper care of them, we encourage and enhance healthy skin.

9. A Mustasch-y filter

Men who have mustaches can keep the microscopic allergens out from their noses. This supposedly helps to lessens hay fever and allergies. Thus you have a beard; you are capable of keeping the same airborne bacteria and allergens out from your mouth. When you start growing a beard, you will be on a better track to have overall health and facial air filters, which a shaved face might lack.


As a result, a beard is more than an accessory in someone’s face. Further, with above a benefit which comes alongside with growing beard, men should consider having hair on their natural faces starting and take proper care of them.

I did a recent survey on my private Instagram. Asking my followers what look they preferred on me. Choices were obvious, shaved or bearded Rick. The winner by far was the bearded choice! Which was a relief to me! I certainly do not want to shave it off!

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