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I’m in my now in my thirties, and my hair-loss have become quite significant. I haven’t yet come to terms with my soon-to-be baldness, and I am still currently on a few medicines to at least slow down my hair-loss.

If you want me to go into depth how my hair-loss journey have been, and how I’ve avoided being bald at 20, please give me some feedback and I’ll write a post just about this topic

It really worked wonders to keep my hairs that I currently have left, it even grew some back. At least to some degree. But eventually both you and I need to come to terms with this, and just shave it off.

Some positive news…

There is some light at the end of the tunnel however. If you take a look at Jeff Bridges, Jason Statham, The Rock or Vin Diesel, you wouldn’t say that they are less of a man because they have no hair? Quite the opposite I think!

I’ve had long discussions with this with my wife. And she does truly think that I look alot better now with less hair than I did when we first met. Although I had somewhat of a rockers haircut back then…

I believe when your hair-loss is at the stage so your baldspot is showing, its time to shave it all off. It will definitely make you look more clean-cut and maybe even look younger. Talking from experience I would highly recommend a HIGH-END clipper so you can adjust the size according to your liking.

Why do we even go bald?

I like to think that there are some sort of higher being that just want us men to push ourselves to be the best looking we can get. Therefore we get more beard when we also loose our hair… But that is not the reality, is it? 🙂

There are still some debate on exactly WHY we lose our precious hairs. There is however some consensus that one reason is androgenic alopecia, which is male pattern baldness. Which is the one I probably have. My dad was bald when he was 30. However there is still some debate on WHY androgenic alopecia occurs. I’ve read articles about our follicles are more susceptible to the DHT-hormone from our testosterone, and that could be linked to why we lose our hair. This is why for example propecia works to some degree.

However there is a link to stress as well. Stress affects your immune system, and also your hair, especially its thickness.

Often we work long hours, and quite often in stressful enviroments. This stress leads to a long line of bad things of course. One factor is our diet. If we’re stressed, we are often less prone to eat. And a bad diet is also a cause for hairs falling out. Another factor is also a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

So take your multivitamin, eat healthy and try to work out as much as possible to relieve some of that stress!

So are there any benefits of being bald?

The showers goes much faster, and you don’t need to spend as much money on shampoo…

Jokes aside, if we just look at the esthetics of the matter, a bald head with a good beard with defiantly make you look more masculine compared to long thinning hair. And you will probably feel more confident since you do not need to fix that semi-combover when the wind is blowing in a unfavorably direction.
This make your personality come through more, since you do not need to worry about that hair!

Those women I’ve talked to basically says the same things to some degree. If you have thinning hair, cut it short or even shave it off. Grow a beard or a long stubble, and you will look hot. If you have a good physique it really adds to the overall look. But if you’re like me and have a few extra weights, keep the beard a little longer and it will hide that small double-chin… 😉

If you want some inspiration, check out this youtube-video:


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