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In most people, beards don’t just happen by themselves. Rather, the beard needs regular upkeep and commitment. From the very first day, when you decide to grow a beard whether it’s a 2-foot masterpiece or a tightly cropped beard that’s close to your face, the process of regular upkeep and commitments starts.

However, there are various men who want to even out their patchy beard or speed up their beard growth. In such situations, most of these prefer to use beard growth kits. However, does beard growth kits work, or is a full rich beard just a stroke of genetic luck?

Do beard growth kits actually work then?

When you are going to search for the best beard growing kits that actually work online, you will find plenty of results regarding beard growing products or techniques. All of these options come up with a promise to increase beard growth. But the question here is do beard growth kits work? Or are these so epic to help you achieve the lush beard that you want?

When it comes to the point does beard-growing kits work or not, the simple answer is Yes, these do. Even though beard-growing kits can never change your genetics. That being said, these are effective enough to provide you the right conditioning and nutrients required for your beard needs to grow strong and thick.

Because a good beard growth kit normally comes up with every item required to maintain a luscious and healthy beard. Amazingly, each product is meant to work in accordance with the other to ensure effective results.

  • Choosing the best beard growing kit with the right ingredients in your beard vitamin, beard oil, or so on can improve the way your facial hair follicles grow dramatically. But when you are choosing a beard growing kit, make sure to have a look at the list of ingredients to ensure that you are getting an effective option. Otherwise, your facial hairs are not going to grow any differently.  
  • A beard-growing kit mentioned “for beard growth” simply is not always going to make any difference in the growth of your hair follicles. Because more often, these are just faceless and nameless companies that are trying to take benefit of you and your wallet.

However, a beard growing kit with the right ingredients will certainly make a difference in your beard growth and its health. Therefore, make sure to put your hands on a beard growing kit that’s sourced from 100% natural ingredients. There are multiple beards growing kits available in the market that comes up with everything required for your better beard growth and health.

Even more, some of the best beard growing kit brands are offering a lifetime warranty on their products. So that if you are not satisfied with the result you can contact the provider with ease.

Things to consider when buying a beard-growing kit:

After knowing the effectiveness of a beard growing kit, do you want to have one for you? Well, here we have some important things for you to consider while buying a beard growth kit for you. Ensure to consider these factors to make a better purchasing decision with ease in this regard:

Healthy formula

A healthy formula is something you should never avoid while choosing the best beard growing kit. An effective beard growing kit must be based on a formula that’s effective to promote healthy skin and natural hair growth.

Otherwise, you may have to deal with itchy skin, redness, or other side effects. So, make sure to go with the kit based on healthy vitamins and all-natural ingredients. You want to steer away from artificial ingredients if possible.

Favorable fragrance

As your beard area is pretty close to your nose, therefore, you must be a bit skeptical while choosing the beard-growing kit with scent. The fragrance must not be very strong. Rather, prefer to go with the one that is soft and subtle.

In many of the beard-growing kits, the fragrance is listed in their description part. Read the description carefully, because this will help you in finalizing your product in a more effective way.

Beard grooming and growing tools

Most of the beard-growing kits are focused on beard grooming as well. So, you can enjoy the best value for your money by choosing the best beard growing kit containing beard grooming essentials as well.

You will certainly love to choose the best beard growing kits that are bundled with professional grooming tools too.

Dermarollers claim to work for some and for some they don’t. They don’t cost a lot of money, so if you want to give it a go, this is a pretty good deal.

Factors that can affect beard growth in men:

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to beard growth and the effectiveness of beard growing kits. However, here we will have a look at some important aspects of beard growth in males.


It can be a knee-jerk response to think the male sex hormone “testosterone” is responsible for the growth of a beard. However, most of the men are actually having the same level of testosterone actually.

A low level of testosterone can be characterized by many other symptoms including:

  • Infertility
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Breast tissue development

If anyone is experiencing these symptoms, then therapy or using a supplement is not likely to help. If you think you have any of these symptoms, you need to contact your doctor and get it checked up.

Skin condition:

In very rare cases, a skin condition can also lead to reduced facial growth. Some certain skin conditions such as alopecia can lead to hair loss or balding. If you are having a symptom of any skin problem, which is affecting your facial hair growth, then visiting a dermatologist can be the best solution to consider for you.

In some cases, the reason behind slow growing hair is hypothyroidism, i.e. an underactive thyroid. Even more, thin hair can also be the result of iron deficiency.

Keeping your skin moisturized is a very important factor in keeping your beard healthy and alive. If your skin underneath your beard is flaky, or itchy, chances are that you need to start using some sort of skin care routine. Check out this post for DIY beard oils if you feel experimental, or just use my link below for one of the most well-known brands of beard oils.

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Whenever it comes to facial hair growth, even though there can be some other factors too affecting their growth. But at the end of the day, everything boils down to genetics.

For most of the people around struggling to grow their facial hair, genetics can be a major factor to blame. If your elders have struggled and faced difficulty to grow their facial hair then it is possible that you will face the same too.

For those men, there are sadly not many solutions to speed up their beard growth in a more effective way.

Some effective tips that can pay off for beard growth:

Are you finding it a bit hard to grow your facial hair? Then there are chances that you are not taking care of yourself in a proper way. Just like head hair, your facial hair also requires a balanced diet and other regular upkeeps.

Here we have some of the most important things that you must consider. Because these lifestyle changes are highly effective to improve the thickness, health, softness, and growth rate of your beard in the best possible way.


person about to lift the barbel

Exercise has been proved for increased beard growth scientifically due to an increased rate of testosterone production. So, it’s better to get outside, hit a gym, or whatever you find easier to increase the fullness, density, and growth rate of your beard effectively.

Adequate sleep

A night of adequate sleep is not only important for your overall health but for thick beard growth as well. Make sure to have at least 5 to 8 hours of sleep a day. because sleeping for less than 5 hours can reduce the production of testosterone by 15%.

Consequently, this will affect your beard growth rate. However, to avoid any unwanted consequences, it is necessary to sleep more than 5 hours at least on a regular basis.

Drop the smoking

One older study points out that smoking can lead to reduced hair growth. So, if you want to improve your beard growth, skipping smoking can be a better step to take in this regard. Albeit, it does look pretty masculine, but the consequences are really not worth it.

Healthy diet

Do you want to improve your beard growth rate? Make sure to eat healthy food, particularly food items that contain a rich number of vitamins. Because these are best for hair growth.

So, make sure to add avocados, almonds, dark leafy green vegetables, salmon, and more to your diet.

An effective skin care routine

Taking care of your skin is important to ensure the increased growth of your beard. Determine your skin type and adopt an effective skincare routine accordingly to boost your facial hair growth effectively.

Reduce stress

brown dried leaves on sand

Some hair loss conditions can be related to stress. It is because more stress leads to more cortisol which can cause reduced testosterone. Consequently, this will affect your facial hair growth negatively. Stress in any form could be very dangerous, and if you are feeling long-term stress emotions, you need to start to tackle them. Here I’m talking from experience.

So, make sure to reduce stress in your everyday life and stay happy.

Final thoughts

Keeping up a beard has a lot to do with the style and appearance of men. But what about the people who are having trouble growing their facial hair? However, that’s where an effective beard growing kit can come into action. However, the best trick to choose the best beard growth kit is to know the features that are essential to look for. And the above-mentioned details will certainly help you in making the right choice in the best possible way.

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