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It is not an easy job to keep and manage a beard. It is especially growing a thicker and fuller beard, which is why men prefer a stubble instead. The reasons for this vary from person to person. Most men hate the itch that comes with a thick beard while others have fine and thin hair, which does not allow them to keep one. Having a thick beard is seen as a sign of masculinity, power leadership, and wisdom. The thicker the beard, the more respect it commands. Here is a detailed guide on how to grow a fuller beard. But before that, we will discuss the qualities of a fuller and thicker-looking beard.

So, what makes a fuller beard? Given below are the three qualities of a fuller and thicker-looking beard.

  • Thickness – that is the amount of hair you have in your beard.
  • Liveliness – a full of life beard is achievable with proper beard hair care commitment.
  • Length – that is the length of your beard.

“With a great beard comes great responsibility” ― Peter Griffin

The main issue when growing a beard faced by men is thickness. The secret behind a thick beard is genetics. Some men develop a fuller and thicker beard as they have higher testosterone levels. On the other hand, men with low testosterone levels have little to no facial hair.

Human hair grows almost half an inch every month. If there are no other issues, then developing a beard should happen at a similar rate too.

What Makes A Beard Thicker And Fuller?

You might think your bearded friends develop theirs faster than yours, and you have to wait for an eternity to grow a beard. The reality is that their facial hair grows at the same rate as yours. When you look at someone’s beard and think of it as a thick and full, that illusion happens for three reasons.

  1. The Colour Of The Beard – A dark-colored beard gives the illusion of a thicker and fuller looking beard.
  2. The Density Of The Beard – Having thick facial hair gives the impression that the beard is growing faster.
  3. The Diameter Of Hair Follicles – Another reason some men seem to have a thicker beard is that they tend to have thicker hair follicles.

Although essential, genetics is not the only factor that allows your beard to appear thicker and fuller. Other factors that determine the growth of your beard are age and overall health.

During teenage years many boys get disappointed when they see that their beard looks patchy. As you get older, the patches in your beard tend to fill over time. Only a handful of men can grow thick beards in their first few years, even those who have good beard genes.

It is critical to have patience when growing a beard in your development years. In a man’s twenties, the growth of facial hair continues to reaching its potential. The beard should develop fully when a man reaches the thirties. If that does not happen, that means that a full beard is not in your genetics.

Do not get discouraged after hearing this news. One cannot make beard grow faster but can make it look fuller and thicker. And you know what? Here is a guide on how to get a fuller and thicker beard! 😀

Following The Four Week Beard Rule:

The four-week rule of growing a beard refers to the growing it out consistently instead of missing out on the full potential. Most guys do things that harm the growth of their beard before it reaches its full potential.

Most men begin to feel the itching sensation in two to three weeks. At this point, one needs to be patient and make sure that they do not let the itch consume them to this end of shaving or trimming the beard before it reaches the thickness they require.

There are two possible reasons why the beard itches. The first is poor grooming habits, which include not moisturizing the skin that withstands the hair follicles piercing through the skin. The second point is the slight skin irritation caused by new hair growth. This irritation slides away in a few days, which is the central part that men struggle with and might give up on growing their beards.

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At the end of the four-week mark, most beards start developing thickness, start looking fuller, and the patches fill in. It is at this point that you can fully evaluate the growth of your beard.

The bottom line of the four-week rule is that one requires a commitment to get past the stubble stage that allows the facial hair to take its shape and grow more rapidly. If one makes the mistake of trimming or shaping the beard too early, they stop the beard’s growth process and never attain that thicker and fuller beard.

Tips To Grow A Fuller And Thicker Looking Beard:

1.  Have A Good Skincare Routine:

Healthy and glowing skin is the first step to having a thicker and fuller beard, for that one needs an excellent moisturizer. Along with that, men need to cleanse and exfoliate their skin regularly to remove any dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and open up the pores. In return, one will notice that their beard looks more lively and full.

2.  Start Doing Any Form Of Exercising:

Another thing that will boost your beard growth is that you start exercising; this can be lifting weights, running, or even playing sports. Exercising promotes the growth of testosterone, which is related to healthy hair follicles and hair growth. With any form of physical activity, one produces more testosterone but also DHT or dihydrotestosterone. DHT promotes a curlier and thicker beard.

3.  Improving The Diet:

Along with exercise comes the responsibility of improving your diet. Nutrient-rich food of plenty of vegetables and enough protein is vital to achieving a healthier and fuller beard. Some foods which are full of nutrients include eggs, nuts, and kale.

4.  Getting More Sleep:

The body needs plenty of good quality sleep to recover from exercising and to produce testosterone. Getting enough sleep reduces stress, which, in return, is beneficial for the growth of your facial hair. Sleeping for five hours regularly or less decreases the rate of testosterone production by 15%, which results in a patchy beard.

5.  Applying Beard Oil Often:

If you wish to have a fuller and thicker looking beard, you must invest in excellent beard oil. A good beard oil deeply moisturizes facial hair and skin underneath it, which reduces the beard itch and dandruff.

Make sure that your beard oil consists of jojoba extracts. The reason why jojoba extracts are essential to growing a beard is that it is similar to the sebum that skin produces, thus helping you achieve a fuller and thicker looking beard with time.

Beard oil with natural ingredients is always better options when maintaining or growing beard. You must moisturize your beard with oil if you live in harsh climates or get exposed to chemicals. Try not to over-moisturize your beard as that can clog the pore and prevent hair growth. Once or twice a week is more than enough conditioning your beard.

6.  Drink Plenty Of Water And Stay Hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough water that is half your weight in ounces helps in flushing out toxins. Furthermore, it also helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy and healthier skin is the key to having a healthy beard.

7.  Shampoo And Condition Your Beard Regularly:

Men shampoo and condition their hair regularly but forget to do the same with their beards. Apply conditioner on your beard and leave it for a few minutes. Glide your fingers through your facial hair to check if it is tangle-free. If your fingers glide smoothly, then wash off the conditioner, followed by cleansing it with any shampoo that you use. Your beard will feel smoother and silkier, but it will feel alive and full.

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8.  Take Multivitamins And Hair Growth Boosting Supplements:

Taking multivitamins that include copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E is equally important as other steps that help you achieve a fuller beard. Along with that, one should also take biotin supplements to promote healthy hair growth. Other vitamins include vitamins B6 and C, beta-carotene, nettle, and flaxseed oil that help with the thickness of a beard.

9.  Try Reducing Stress:

Lastly, an increase in stress increases cortisol, which harms your testosterone levels. Stress also constricts blood vessels, making it more challenging for the nutrients to reach the hair follicles and improve blood circulation in the beard.

Stress is of two types; long and short term. Everyone experiences short term stresses almost daily. Short term stress affects sleep, which decreases the production of testosterone. The long term stress is even more harmful and reduces your beard to grow to its full potential. One can meditate to improve stress or also try getting more sleep to fight stress.

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Thats about it folks, keep this routine up and you will see results.

What beard routine do you have? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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