How to grow a Moustasche

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Ready to look like the next Tom Selleck? You are, but the area between your lips and your nose seems indifferent towards your wants. Glad you’re here, here I will teach you on how to grow a moustasche! I know how terrible it may be sometimes to not be able to grow a moustache while all your friends are growing one, and then telling you that you’re not a man yet. Well, not to worry anymore. I’m here to help you out.
I’m bringing you all the ways you will be able to grow that amazing moustache you’ve always wanted.

Is It Possible to Grow a Moustache?

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Let’s face it. Not everyone will be able to look like Hulk Hogan. Some people have natural genetics in them to look like the WWE Hall of Famer. You need to know what category you fall on to know what kind of moustache would look best on you.

“Life is like a mustache. It can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles”
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It could be a trim like Eddie Murphy, paired with a goatee like Michael B Jordan, straight rocked up like Milo Ventimiglia or a teen iconic look like Joe Keery. Know what’s best for you to be able to grow your ideal moustache.

Grow the Mustache Out

What you would want to do is have a lot of hair you can work with. It’s like the pruning of a hedge. You will not be able to style your facial hair without growing it first. But if you already happen to have a beard, you’re almost there.

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At first, the hair that is on the top of your upper lip can be seen as a little thin. If you do not want any sort of awkwardness at the initial stages, you could try to grow out all your facial hair at once and trim out the beard when your moustache will be thick. But if you feel like this will look very sudden, you could try trimming out your entire beard at regular intervals as the moustache keeps growing.

You need to be very patient when you embark your journey on growing that fine moustache. It takes about one day to grow 0.4mm of facial hair. So, for you to begin trimming, it can take as long as several weeks. After a while, if you see that your stubble is barely growing, it’s highly unlikely that you have the genetics for growing a magnificent beard.
Rather, your moustache may just be a thin line on top of your lip. But, if you see that you’re easily being able to grow a well-nourished beard within a few weeks, you’ll begin to see the way in which your hair grows. After that, you’ll be able to decide whether you want the English or you want something like the Pencil.

As soon as the hairs under your nose begin to fall over your lip, take those clippers and start removing the strays by trimming a line. Otherwise, if you want a handlebar, you could train the hairs out on each side when the hair above is lengthier.
What you’d want is the hair that’s growing just beneath your nose to be the longest so that it’ll finally catch up the with the hairs on top of your lip.

Styling the Moustache

Alright so you learned how to grow a moustache, but how would you choose which kind of moustache is best suited for you? Your facial structure is what determines it. If you have a strong jaw like Henry Cavill, you’ll be more suited to a full moustache. But if you have a more oval or square shaped face; you’ll be more suited to having a moustache with a little bit of beard as well.

There are many ways to style your moustache. You could try doing a shorter style. This will include doing the pencil, the fu manchu and the boxcar. Try not to go too short on the boxcar or you’ll end up looking like Adolf Hitler with a toothbrush moustache.


You could also try doing a longer style. This would include doing the English, Handlebar or Imperial. Other longer moustaches include the Walrus and the Selleck named after the famous celebrity Tom Selleck. The Selleck is sometimes referred to as the ‘walrus’. It is trimmed to make sure the moustache does not hang over the lip.
You can also experiment using your own thought out combos, perhaps doing it with a goatee. Or you could do mutton chops to allow you to have a vaudevillian vibe.

Try this wax out and fiddle and make your own style:

Maintaining the Moustache

Every day when you wake up and before you sleep, make sure your face is washed with a naturally foaming cleanser. This will help clean and prepare your face for waxing and brushing.
For a healthy moustache, make sure it has proper washing and conditioning on a regular basis. You can apply beard oil or a beard softener to keep it soft.

It’s a well-known myth that trimming the beard thicker causes it to grow back even thicker. Sorry to bust your bubble but it does not. But, doing such can result in a favourableburst outcome. This myth can often be able to convince dudes who have bad facial hair to remove the peach fuzz and patiently wait till the facial hair comes in a bit thicker.
There are some well-known techniques, leading to the betterment of your health, that help promote the growth of facial hair in a faster way. This includes working out, resting, keeping a diet which is high in Vitamins A, C and E, saturated fat and protein. But most importantly you’ll need to have a clean face and groom it well most of the time.

Anti aging cream for moizturising
Face wash for cleaning

Bottom Line

Growing facial hair varies from each person to the next. It depends on your genetics. If the males in your family grow moustaches early, it’ll be very likely that you can too. This also works the other way around so don’t get too bummed out if you find it difficult to grow one!

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