How Much Does Beard Hair Grow In A Month? Should You Be Worried?




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So, seems like you are past the hardest stage of growing a beard; the 4-week trial. And if you still want a thicker beard, you need to wait for another month.

Confused about how much beard can you grow in another month?

As a general rule, beard hairs grow around ½ an inch in one month depending upon your diet, genes, and habits.

So, if you are ready for making your way to a thicker and healthier beard, then we should get right into the good stuff.

Keep reading and you will get all your answers about the growth of the beard in one month.

What Does One Month-Old Beard Look Like?

Well, if you have passed the 4 hard weeks of growing a beard, then you are on the safe side but still, your beard is not in full glory.

At this point, the length of your beard is on average ½ – 1 inch, and the more the merrier so just keep in mind that this is the growing phase of the beard so, no pressure.

This phase is not going to be your favorite phase because your beard is patchy and hasn’t grown completely after 4 weeks.


You can even see your skin through the beard which is proof that there is no chance of a thicker beard in one month. 

Also, you might get a heavy mustache or beard in the chin area but the area of your cheeks is going to take more than a month to grow a beard properly.

Your cheeks will have patchy hair and you need to pay a lot of attention to them and take care of them at this stage if you want them to grow.

Also, the shape of your beard would not be the best in the first month and you might find it awkward to go in public with that kind of beard but it is what it is.

But once you are past your one-month beard beginning stage, things are going to get easy and the beard growth will also improve eventually.

Your beard will grow at a very good pace after the first month and you will see ½ inch of growth every month which is amazing for a lot of people.

Does The Growth Rate Vary In One Month?

It is a pretty interesting question because yes, the growth rate varies widely and the ½ inch is just the average growth that men have in a month.

So, don’t be disheartened if you have lesser growth than this because it is also pretty common and the growth often varies from person to person.

There are three types of beard that you can have at this stage and all three types are very different from each other.

So, if you belong to any of these three types, know that this is just the first month and you are on the right track.

Your beard will most certainly nail it and we know it so shall we find out what these three beard types are after a month of beard growth?

Beard With Balanced Coverage

This type of beard is the most amazing among all because, in just 1 month, you grow a beard that is well-balanced from everywhere.

There are no patches in this beard and not only your chin area is covered with beard properly but even your cheeks have beard hair which is quite a hit.

barber with man in chair

This beard is not that common but people who have it are quite mesmerizing as this beard becomes lavish after a few months.

This well-balanced beard, after a couple of months, will make you look like Brad Pitt, trust us, no kidding because it will grow into a perfectly thick beard.

And some thick beards just look messy but this type of beard has a well-organized type of effect as the whole beard area has equal hair growth.

Extremely Thick Beard

You are lucky if you have a very thick beard that too, just in the first month of your beard growing journey. I am guilty of being in this group of people.

It is quite an achievement because most people are far away from the privilege of having one such luxurious beard.

This type of person has really fast beard growth and they grow a pretty thick beard in just 4 weeks without any hassle.

Some people even have so thick beards that you cannot even see their skin, that too in just a month; the beard goddess is just being generous with them.

bearded man black beard

These people, after a few months, grow beards that are much more lavish, thick, and long than you have ever seen.

But these types of beards are not organized because they look a little messy and hair growth is also not similar.

For instance, some parts of your beard area would have more beard hair than the others and it looks quite weird at times.

But, you can always fix this with a little bit of trimming and when your beard is one month old, grooming is really easy.

Patchy Beard

This is the most common type of beard that you can get after a month of trying to grow a luxurious beard.

Patchy beard is the nightmare of every teenager and yet everyone has experienced it at least once in a lifetime.

In this beard, you get patches of hair in your face which means the growth of hair is irregular and you have beard hair at some places, and at some places, you don’t have them.

This type of beard is not only patchy but also thin most of the time and that is why it is called the nightmare.

Most of the beards after a month of growth look patchy because they are still in the growth phase and they need some more time to become the truly lavish beard that they are.

So, if you have a patchy beard, never mind because it might be a luxurious one in making because good things take time.

You can get a perfectly organized and mind-blowing beard in just a couple of months but all you need is patience and a lot of care.

Tips For A One-Month-Old Beard

If you have a beard that is just in the growing phase, then you might need a lot of tips and tricks to keep it in mint condition for longer.

Keep reading because you will find all that and a lot more right here.

Do Not Trim!

The rule of thumb is that you are not supposed to trim your beard hair in the first month of your beard growth.

You have to let your beard grow to its fullest and if you trim it constantly, you are never going to get to the good part.

You should not even try to shape the beard because the beard is too short at this stage. If you ever try to just trim it slightly, you will end up ruining the whole appearance of the beard.

Even after a month is passed, do not try to trim your beard yet until you get a complete and luxurious beard.

But if you think you look really bad in the baby beard and it looks very messy, then you can just carefully trim through the neckline to make it look tidier and accented.

Use A Beard Brush

Using a beard brush in such a short beard might not sound like a very good idea but trust us, it works wonders.

When you use a beard brush in your beard, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the follicles.

It can result in faster beard hair growth so thank us later and grab a good quality beard brush to comb your way through a great beard.

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar

Good brush for daily usage

Seven Potions Beard Brush
Works well for daily use as well, but I would reommend this for an overnight bag.

You need to use the beard brush regularly because only then you can see its effects. Also, do not comb the beard hair too harshly because they are fragile at this stage.

No Need Of A Beard Shampoo

At this stage, your beard hair doesn’t need shampoo because they are too short and do not capture a lot of dirt.

So, cleaning and washing the baby beard is also really easy and it does not require a specialized beard shampoo.

You can always buy one if you want to but it would be better if you wait for your beard to grow properly and then use any of the products on it.

Also, some shampoos contain a lot of chemicals that are not suitable for your baby beard and that can kill it even before growing and that is not what you want right?

Your natural glands will take care of your beard for the first few weeks so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shampoos for now.

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So, if you are just starting your 4 weeks journey or have completed it, we wish you the best of luck.

In the first two months, your beard needs attention and a lot of love and if you give both of these things to your beard, it is going to become the beard of your dreams.

Also, start a good beard care regimen just after your beard is fully grown to make it look even more amazing.

Wishing you a very happy 1st month of growing beard!

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