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Have you ever been to a salon for some beard grooming? I have been, and honestly, the most trending topic on every salon and among every teenager has always been patchy beard.

Teenagers now want a fuller face and beard like grown-ups because Brad Pitt has a beard now, so why not?

The easiest way to fix a patchy beard is not to trim it and if it still does not grow, add multivitamins to your diet, start a workout and start a beard care routine. Also, there are specific procedures like micro-needling available so you can fix your patchy beard through them as well.

Let’s Fix Patchy Beard

Fixing a patchy beard is not an overtime procedure, so you need to be a little bit patient with the results of each of the below-given tips.

All of these contribute to a healthy beard and are important if you want to get rid of your patchy beard.

1.     Eat, Eat, Eat

As discussed above, dietary deficiencies are also a leading reason for the patchiness of the beard, so in order to solve it, you need to eat super-healthy foods.

Go for foods rich in Vitamin A, C, and E and eat lots and lots of fruits. Do not forget the protein-rich foods because they are also going to help you a lot with the beard thing.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also a great source if you want to grow your beard. Omega is present in all the nuts and fishes, so go for it.

berries and fish

Low testosterone levels were another reason for patchiness in the beard, and to fix it, and we have got everyone’s favorite; pomegranate juice.

Yes, pomegranate juice actually helps in increasing testosterone levels, which eventually results in a grown-up beard.

Oysters are also very significant and considered an elite food; if a growing beard is your concern, the world is your oyster, eat it out.

It is also found in studies that caffeine improves the levels of testosterone. Caffeine is found in coffee, so if you consume coffee on a regular basis, it can also result in better beard growth.

2.     Change Your Lifestyle

An irregular sleeping schedule not only gives you dark circles but also gives you never-ending anxiety and stress, which is never good for your beard.

If you want to grow your beard, try to bring changes to your lifestyle. Start with smaller changes like quitting a few toxic habits and then make your way up gradually.

Stressing on little things is going to ruin your beard completely, so start meditation which can really calm your mind and give you a few minutes to think mindfully.

Working out also helps while coping with anxiety and changing the lifestyle, so start your day with a bit of workout and meditation, and you will find yourself less and less stressed with each passing day.

Also, taking an active walk regularly increases testosterone levels, so lying on your couch and scrolling is not going to help; walking is.

Make sure to complete your 8 hours of beauty sleep so your body gets a chance to repair itself properly and you don’t wake up all lazy and stressed.

Did you know that having an intimate relationship with a woman is going to help you grow your beard? Well turns out it does.

When you are close to the opposite sex, it activates and increases your testosterone which is the same beard-growing hormone, so this is a good catch.

3.     Pills

So, first of all, these are not particularly beard-growing pills, but instead, they are multivitamins and omega-3 containing pills.

As we already know how important these things are for the growth of your beard hair, taking these pills can also improve the growth of your beard.

Also, always go for general vitamin supplements because the beard-specific vitamins are going to deliver the same, so save some bucks here.

Vitamin supplements are going to fix the problem of a patchy beard only if you buy a high-quality one that has more vitamins in it and that serves its purpose.

Other than vitamins, zinc, calcium, iodine, and amino acid, L carnitine is also crucial for the growth of your hair, and you better take them.

The amino acid carnitine pills improve the androgen in your body which is responsible for the transportation of testosterone, so it is all connected.

4.     Grow it

If you are shaving or cutting your patchy beard again and again just so it can come fuller, at least let it grow.

Your beard can’t reach its complete level until and unless you let it grow, and if you keep chopping it down, how would you expect it to grow?

So, let us tell you a trick. Grow your beard continuously for two months without any shaving or trimming. After two months, you can easily assess how patchy it is.

Some people’s beard is not patchy at all, and it is just a slow grower from some areas. If you wait for two months, you will know exactly that how patchy your beard is and what you’re dealing with here.

Growing the beard sometimes also helps cover your bald patches as the surrounding hair sometimes becomes long enough to cover the patchy areas.

5.     Serums

It may not sound like a very good idea, but serums can help you with patches and beard growth.

If you apply serums to your beard regularly, they stimulate your hair follicles on the patchy areas, and hair will begin to grow.

This method can consume a couple of days or weeks, depending upon the nature and type of your hair, but it indeed is a very effective process.

Always go for a serum that contains Minoxidil, as it has become the talk of the town since the last few years for its hair growth efficiency.

But, Minoxidil also has some side effects, like it may cause itchiness or allergic reaction, so choose a product in which this compound is formulated in such a way that these side effects are eradicated.

6.     Micro-Needling

You might have heard about the popularity of micro-needling as it successfully treats acne and wrinkles, but to your surprise, it can also treat a patchy beard.

In the process of micro-needling, tiny little needles pierce your skin, just the outer layer and add collagen in it while you are rolling.

This collagen helps your hair follicles produce keratin, which is responsible for the growth of your hair and can help you get rid of your patchy beard.

Micro-needling / Dermaroller for beard growth on amazon.

You can also use other amino acids with your derma roller that can help hair follicles produce keratin more efficiently; the aim is to transport that amino acid to hair follicles.

You can face some skin irritation or redness in the initial days of micro-needling, but it will soon fade away as this is a temporary reaction to your skin.

Another significant tip for micro-needling is never to press too much because if you are putting a lot of pressure, it will pierce your inner layers as well and will cause excessive bleeding.

7.     Trimming

You can certainly fix your beard patches with some proper trimming, which would require professional help as you do not want to mess your beard up.

If your beard is patchy from the check area, like most people, then get your cheek area trimmed and start your beard from a little lower than it.

Get a perfectly sharp jawline, and there you have it. With this style, your patchy beard is completely eradicated, and at the same time, you are going to look real good.

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You can also opt for a style where you have a very short beard on your cheeks and neck and a little thicker one around your chin area.

This style serves the best looks without revealing your patchy beard, and it also is relatively easy to do, so get your trimmer.

It looks pretty well if you have a proper mustache with a trimmed and short patchy beard, just Harry Potter these days.

8.     Grooming

Taking your beard for granted also result in patchiness, and that is where grooming comes into play. Have you ever bought a product particularly for your beard?

Well, most of the boys really haven’t, so how would you expect your beard hair to be in perfect shape if you are not even treating them well?

Everyone has their own haircare and skincare product, but tons of beard care products are waiting for you to buy them.

A beard-oriented comb is extremely important to active those lazy hair follicles, which your ordinary hairbrushes can’t always do.

Lack of care also results in beard hair fall, and your beard is already patchy, so do you want that? I bet not, and for that, you need to use beard oils.

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When you massage yourself regularly with those custom-made beard oils, your hair follicles are stimulated, and they improve the hair growth on patchy areas.

Sulfate and paraben-stuffed shampoo are not even healthy for the hair on your head, so how do you expect them to be of any good for your beard?

Use hair washes that are made for your beard so they can clean and nourish your beard without harming it or making it further patchy.

It may sound like a lot to do but trust us, once you start taking care of your beard, it is going to reciprocate the same care, and you will love it for sure.

9.     Procedures

Procedure or, in common words, implants are another way to fix your patchy beard if you have some extra thousand or so bucks lying around. This process is expensive but effective.

In the implantation process, hair follicles are taken from one part of your body, and then they are implanted in your patchy area.

This process is selling like hotcakes because it even cures people with alopecia or people who have patchy beards due to genetic reasons.

The hair follicles are commonly taken from the back of your head, so if you have healthy hair there, you are good to go for this procedure.

 After the implant is successfully performed, there can be crusts surrounding your implanted hair, but they will soon be gone, and you will get the beard of your dreams.

Also, your beard hair may fall initially for a couple of weeks, and it is not a red flag; they will soon get back to normal, and you will have a perfectly thick beard.

Reasons Of Patchy Beard

Here we are going to discuss the diverse reasons for your biggest nightmare, patchy beard; stay tuned and keep reading because you are going to learn a lot about yourself.

Genetical Reasons

We all know those people who hate their thick and curly beards and still can’t get rid of them. We consider them ungrateful for at least having hair but have you wondered why they have such a thick beard? Well, it is all because of genes.

man with black beard

It is possible that they have the same genes as their father or grandfather, whose beard was pretty thick, and it eventually transferred to them.

So, if you have a patchy beard, the reason can always be your genes. Does your father also have a patchy beard? Or your grandfather? Think.

What Are You Eating?

Keep a note on what you are eating because sometimes your diet or lack of diet can also be a reason for a patchy beard.

fruit and vegetables

If you don’t have enough proteins and vitamins in your meals, your beard is not going to get the things it needs to grow.

Also, if you are eating the right things but not working out at all, it also affects your beard health so, can you not be lazy for the sake of your beard?

Mental Health

Have you seen people stress eating or gaining weight due to stress? Tons of people even get acne whenever they get stressed, and the same is the case with the beard.

Your mental health or stress level plays a key role in the growth of your beard. It is found in several studies that over-stressing on things can actually cause you to lose your hair.

When you are under pressure, the levels of your testosterone compounds are decreased, and the blood flows to your hair follicles as well.

Hence, you are inviting a patchy beard by stressing yourself out and not the only beard, but stress also affects your overall health.

Too young

We have seen many people even in their early 20s who have patchy beards, but it does not mean they are not going to grow a beard.

young boy with glasses

Your beard hair is the last thing to mature after puberty, so if you are still a teenager and don’t have a lavish beard, it is fine because you will have a completely mature beard by the time you will be 25.

So yes, the growth of your beard also depends upon maturity and even if you like it or not, being impatient is not going to accelerate the process so, be patient.

Hormonal Reasons

Just like genes, hormones are also flag bearers of the growth of your beard, and if they get disturbed, you don’t want to know what would happen then.

Well, the most significant hormone in the growth of a beard is testosterone’s compound DHT, and you need to be certain that your body has enough of this to grow a luxurious beard.

Tips For Healthy Beard Hair

Following are some short but really effective tips to keep your beard in mint condition throughout the year.

  • Use sun protection because UV rays pose great harm to not only your scalp but also to your beard hair.
  • Do gentle scrubbing once or twice a week as the area of your beard is prone to get ingrown hair due to shaving.
  • Use a shaving cream every time you shave your beard, or it will cause dryness and in-grown hair, which are not good for the health of your hair.
  • Brush your beard regularly.
  • Massage your beard with beard oil
  • Do not overuse old razors.
  • Use a moisturizer after shaving as well as regularly to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Do not wash your beard with extremely hot water and instead, use lukewarm water.


So, we hope this comprehensive guide helped you understand your beard a bit better and determine the reasons and solutions for your patchy beard.

Make sure to create a whole beard care routine and stick to it for a fuller and thicker beard and trust us, and it will grow in no time.

Also, visit your trichologist often for consultation before starting any treatment for your patchy beard.  

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