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I once got a strain of red hair in my beard, and it got me thinking about how and why. No, I was not going to overreact just because of black hair and red beard.

However, it did not even look good on me, which made me quite disturbed for several days, but, finally, I got rid of my ginger beard, and it was a sigh of relief.

Want to know how you can also get rid of your ginger beard? As a matter of fact, a person cannot permanently change the color of their beard, but you can always use a darker hair dye to cover the ginger tones in beard hair!

Before jumping into our solution, it is crucial to know that what exactly is the reason behind your ginger hair so, keep reading, and you will not regret it.

Reasons Why Your Beard Is Going Ginger Or Red

There are many scientific reasons why your beard is turning ginger, and below I list the 4 most common reasons so you can understand what actually is the tea.


The genetic reason for ginger beard is a pretty quirky one. For ginger hair, the male and female genes of red hair are required, which means that if both father and mother are red-haired, the child will most likely also get red hair.

But when it comes to a red beard, all you need is one red hair gene in either mother or father, and you will get a ginger beard.

Even if your forefathers once had a red hair gene, if that gene activates in you, you will get a red beard no matter what.

That is why people with ginger beards are far more common than people with ginger hair


We all know that red is not the normal color of human hair, and it is the result of genetic mutations; then, your red beard can also be caused by certain mutations.

The gene responsible for pigmentation in your hair is MC1R, and if this gene is mutated, then your hair will have a different color as in “red”.

If you have a red beard, it means you carry a red hair gene, but it did not get active in your hair because the responsible gene converted it to brown or black.

But when it came to your beard, the gene mutated, and pheomelanin became dominant, which is responsible for red pigment.

These mutations are pretty common, and you don’t have to worry because a ginger beard is every bit as cool as a brown or black one; I have finally realized it now. Also, who hasn’t watched Game of Thrones to this date? There we see tons of cool-looking red beards!


Genetics is not the only thing that can make your beard turn ginger because a prevalent cause of ginger beard is sunlight and UV rays.

These UV rays can destroy the pigment-carrying cells of your beard, and because of it, your hair can start going red.

You can get rid of it by wearing sunblock whenever you go out. Do not wear an SPF less than 50 and protect your beard from direct sunlight.


Age is yet another very important reason for people getting ginger beards. If you had a black beard since your younger days, but now suddenly your beard is going red, age can be the reason for it.

As we grow old, all the parts of our body go through different changes, and sometimes, this change is very much visible, like a red beard.

People who cross their 40s and carry a red hair gene are more suspectable of getting a red beard because of the age factor.

The cells responsible for pigmentation in your hair and beard also age with you, so give them some margin of error and slay your red hair like a boss.

old man with beard

How Can You Stop Your Beard From Going Red?

All of the above-given reasons sound pretty intense and technical, right? Sleeping already? Well, don’t worry because we are getting into the good stuff now.

Keep reading because you will get all the solutions to your ginger hair problems. You cannot completely get rid of a red beard but, you can do a few things to minimize its appearance.

Dyeing The Beard

When in doubt, dye it out. So, dyeing is one of the best solutions to reduce the appearance of your ginger beard.

You can go for a few shades darker red than your beard, and no one will even notice that your beard is turning red.

You can also tint your beard with a brown dye because you can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned brown.

When going for a hair dye, make sure you are going for a hair dye that is free from all types of chemicals.

It is even better if you get an organic hair dye. Many organic and high-end options are available in the market, so you always have a choice.



Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye – Organic


Organic colouring!

FollicleBooster Beard Pen


Kinda like makeup for your beard

Just For Men Mustache & Beard Dye


Effective, but not organic

Temporary Darkener

You can use a beard darkener that is not permanent, so you can always go back to your ginger hair if you want.

People often avoid getting their hair dyed so, for those people, temporary darkeners are just the right choice.

The darkeners can not only make your ginger beard dark-colored, but they can also stop your hair from turning orange and reddish furthermore.

You can get a beard darkener that you can wash off easily and apply regularly. Such beard darkeners are pretty efficient and serve their purpose.

But when choosing beard darkeners, make sure you are not using too much and that the darkener does not contain ingredients that can harm your hair or skin.

Hair darkeners often leave stains on your scalp when tinting the scalp hair. So, make sure that you buy a hair darkener, especially for your beard, so it does not stain your face.


The henna solution is the best choice for you if you are looking for something natural and easier home remedy.

You can easily purchase loose henna from the market, soak it in water for a while, apply it, let it dry, and then wash it out of your hair. It will most certainly give you a beautiful beard tint.

You can also buy a henna dye that is already made. You don’t have to mix water in it, and the henna is ready to use right out of the package.

Henna does stain skin, clothes, and pretty much everything it touches, so you need to be cautious while applying the henna to your hair.

If you want a deeper and darker hair color, you can leave the henna mixture in your hair for a longer period.

Henna not only makes your beard hair darker but also strengthens them by providing them hydration, moisture, and all the goodness they need.


It is a very famous fruit in Asian regions, and you can easily find it online or at farmer’s markets.

You can use the amla powder to strengthen your hair, but it also dyes your beard as good as new so, let me tell you how.

  • Add amla powder to water.
  • Mix both the things properly
  • Make the mixture thin so you can easily apply it
  • Apply this mixture to your dry beard
  • Let it sit on your hair
  • The longer it will sit in your hair, the darker colour you will get
  • Wash your beard with water

Applying amla powder to your beard is pretty easy, and the benefits of this are very profound. You can never go wrong with an amla powder.

Beard Pen

Beard pens are all the hype these days, and you can always get a good beard pen to darken the color of your beard.

The good thing about beard pens is that you don’t have to use a lot of products, or you don’t even have to wash them off immediately for color.

All you have to do is just draw over your beard just the way you want, and your ginger beard will get the color of your dreams.

You can also pick the color you like for your beard pen; either black, brown, or even a slightly darker red tone.

It also makes your beard look fuller and gives an illusion of thicker beard hair which is my teenage dream.

Applying the product with a fork pen is super-easy as you will be making hair strands without any effort.

You can get a lot of beard pens that can last you a whole day, and you can easily remove them with a cleanser at the end of the day.


Now that you know how you can stop your beard from going red or ginger, you can slay all the parties without having to worry about the difference of color between your hair and beard.

Also, make sure to give proper attention to your beard and take care of it so that it stays in mint condition always; otherwise, you will not be able to get the most out of your beard.

Wishing you a very happy day with a ginger beard!

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