Where Do You Shave A Beard To? A Helpful Guide for Beginners!

Where Do You Shave A Beard To? A Helpful Guide for Beginners!

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Trips to the barber are not always hunky-dory, and sometimes, it is hard to tell them what you really want for your beard.

And a lot of the time, you end up getting the type of beard trim you never wanted. One solution to this problem is that shave your own beard.

But, when you shave your own beard, the most important part of all is the neckline, and for that, you need to know that where do you shave your beard to?

When defining the neckline, shave 2 fingers wide above your Adam’s apple, and it is exactly the length you should shave your beard up to. As a matter of fact, 2 fingers wide is as the general rule the optimal placement for your beard line.

Want to know more after defining your neckline and shaving your own beard? Stay tuned because you are in for a treat.

How To Shave The Beard To Get A Good Beard Line

If you want a perfect beard line, then don’t worry because it is not that big of a deal, and you just need some concentration.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind so you can get a good beard line. The first thing is that don’t make a beard line across your jawbone.

The second thing is don’t let your beard grow all the way below Adam’s apple because both these conditions will make your beard look weird and unprofessional.

Your double chin will be much more enhanced when you shave too close to your jawbone and make a beard line there.

barber with man in chair

Even if you don’t have a double chin, it will still look like you have one so, the beard line close to the jawbone is pretty much a no-go area.

If you make a beard line below your Adam’s apple, then you will not look well-groomed, and your beard might seem untidy.

Below the Adam’s apple is never the option because you have a good risk of looking both unprofessional and unwell. If you look closely at beard models, you see that pretty much all of them are shaving their necks, and keeping them tidy.

Now, where should you exactly shave your beard if you want to get a good beard line? As a general rule, you should keep it at least 2 fingers above your Adam’s apple.

Make sure that the beard line is above Adam’s apple but not too close to the jawbone because of double chin issues.

Should You Shave Your Beard To Your Jawline?

If you think that shaving your beard right at your jawline would be a good idea for enhancing it, you might be mistaken.

People often assume that it will look sharper and much more snatched if your beard hair stops right at the jawline.

But, the reality is that you need to have hair below your jawline if you don’t want it to look weird.

Famous beard stylists also recommend that you must not shave your beard to your jawline because it is the biggest mistake.

man with mustache

Beard is responsible for giving a good shape to your face, but if you play with your beard like this, it can most certainly ruin the shape of your face, and you have to walk around with that weird jawline.

If you really want to define your jawline, you need to leave some beard below your jawline and then shave it.

It will give a very snatched look to your face, and your beard will look better than ever with this formula.

You must grow your beard properly before giving yourself a beard trim because only then will you be able to draw a perfect beard line that can enhance your jawline.

Also, if you want that snatched look of the movies, leave your beard hair to the area of neck meat, and it will give a camouflaged look to your neck fat, and your jawline will look like never before.

Why Is Shaving Neck Necessary For A Better Beard Shape?

Shaving your neck is necessary as it accentuates your beard, but it is completely fine even if you don’t want to shave your neck.

But let us give you a few reasons to chop all your neckbeard off because it really is worth it at the end of the day.

1.     It Looks Tidy and Professional

If you shave all your hair below your beard line, e.g., neck hair, your beard will look tidier than ever.

When you have made a noteworthy beard line, but no one can see it just because of your neck hair, then what is the point of it?

That is why if you shave your neck hair below the beard line, it will make your beard line more prominent and will also seem tidy.

2.     It Can Become Patchy

Neckbeards usually look patchy just because you don’t take care of them properly, so if you don’t have enough time to pay attention to your neckbeard, it is better that you just chop it off.

Also, people who voluntarily grow neckbeards know when and how to shave their neckbeards, and if you are not a neckbeard person, then you can just shave your neck to your beard line.

Patchy neckbeard does not look good, and even your beard line is not accentuated because of it, and that is why you need to make sure that you shave your neckbeard if you’re not planning on growing it.

3.     It Really Does Not Look Good

When talking about neckbeard, it would be unfair if we won’t talk about how weird it looks, and it is not going to compliment your face or beard shape.

If you are not into neckbeard, you will most certainly not like it because it is irregular and patchy and does not even grow properly.

So, shaving your neckbeard is the best option if you love your beard and want some attention and eye rolls after looking at your beard.

If you want the easy route, this tool helps you get the shape of your chin lines!

Shaving Beard Line According To Your Face Shape

When you are shaving your beard and creating a beard line, you need to make sure that you consider the shape of your face.

Without this consideration, you might get a perfectly trimmed beard, but it will be of no use because it won’t suit the shape of your face.

A professionally drawn beard line can make your face look slimmer and even slightly rounder, or it can just complement your natural face shape without changing it.

So, to know that what beard line is good enough for the shape of your face, keep reading because the good part is coming.

Beard Line For Round Face

If you have a round face and you are looking for a beard line that will not highlight your double chin and overall rounded shape, then a square beard edge beard line is perfect for you.

When you give your beard an angled shave and make a perfect curve out of it in your cheekbones, it will make your face look slimmer and snatched as never before.

It will not make your face look big and will also cover your chin and neck area, so; this can really be your go-to beard line if you have a round face.

Two of the beard style ideas for a round face are:

  • Short boxed beard
  • Balbo Beard

Both of these beard styles will accentuate your features and will also make your round face look a little slimmer without losing its true essence.

Beard Line For Rectangular Face

When you have a rectangular-shaped face, it can be very hard for you to find just the right type of beard line for your face that can accentuate your features.

The best beard line for your face shape can be a perfect and basic neckline above your Adam’s apple.

You need to let your beard grow from the sides and keep it short from the bottom. It will enhance the sharp features that you have.

There are a lot of beard styles for one such beard, and a few of them are mutton chops, chinstrap, and a gunslinger beard.

All these beard styles are going to compliment your rectangular face but make sure to pay attention while transforming your beard in one of these styles.

Best Beard Line For Oval Face

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky in the department of beard because finding a perfect beard shape is not that big of a hassle for people with oval faces.

You can rock a perfectly snatched neckline just above your Adam’s apple, and you are even fine without an old-fashioned beard.

The beard shapes that you can try and nail in your oval face are 3-day stubble, full beard, soul patch beard, and many more.

You can never run out of options for your beard style when you have an oval face, and you even try different necklines because you can never go wrong.


Having a grasp of where you can shave your beard up is not as easy as it sounds, but after reading this article, we hope you have found the beard line of your dreams. Also trimming and shaping your beard takes practice and patience!

Make sure to pick the neckline that is suitable for the shape of your face, and do not forget it when following your beard care regimen.

Remember the two-finger rule, and do not shave your beard line too low or too high.

Wishing you a perfectly snatched beard day!

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