Does Growing A Beard Make You Go Bald?




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This might be a pretty silly question for many people, but if you think about it, your beard has a lot to do with baldness.

No, having a beard does not cause baldness, but there is a connection between having a great beard and going bald, which still needs some research.

Until that research is done, we cannot conclude anything but, let’s find out the role of beard in baldness.

Though not a lot is known on this topic still, we have jotted down some of the most relevant information on beard and baldness for you, so keep reading.

Relation Between Beard Growth And Baldness

A study found that your beard can potentially increase the temperature of your head by evaporating the sweat from your forehead.

This evaporation is swift, so your head does not get enough time to cool down, and its temperature keeps getting higher.

As a result, the temperature of your head gets warmer than it is supposed to be, which is not a very good sign for your hair.

It can cause hair loss and even baldness in the long run, but there is not much proof that beard causes this temperature rise.

There still is a lot of research to be done in this matter, and until then, we cannot jump to any conclusions.

You just need to keep in mind that baldness due to beard is extremely rare, and there is no proof of whether it happens or not.

man with mustache

Just a study has shown that beard does have some effect on your baldness and that too is not an immediate effect so that you can rest assured.

So, the relation between your beard growth and baldness is a pretty complicated one, but you need to simplify it for the sake of your hair.

Also, DHT, which is responsible for hair loss in most men, is the same hormone that is responsible for the better growth of your beard.

This DHT study somehow linked beard growth with baldness because increased levels of DHT increase facial hair growth and, at the same time, cause hair loss.

The DHT levels are directly proportional to your testosterone levels, so the more testosterone, the more DHT and the greater the hair loss.

Sometimes your beard raises the temperature of your head too much, and it can also result in hair fall, which can eventually cause baldness.

If You Grow A Beard At Young Age, Will It Cause Hair Loss?

If you are one of those lucky people who have grown a beard at a very early age, then you might be wondering that whether you can also be a target of baldness or not.

As stated earlier, a beard does not have a profound effect on your scalp hair, and even if you had a beard since you were 16 years old, you still are on the safe side.

Here, things are all about hormones because if your hormones are not properly working or you have had a lot of DHT since your teenage, then you can face baldness.

Also, you are not going to go bald in your thirties because of the beard, and it will only be because of male pattern baldness, which is not caused by your beard.

Growing a beard at a young age or in your mid-twenties has nothing to do with your hair loss. So don’t worry about it at all.

Why Bald People Often Have Thick Beards?

Hollywood has made the concept of thick beards and bald heads pretty famous. Most of the bald men you will see in the movies usually have thick beards.

It even became a trend just to keep a thick beard and shave your whole head as it looked pretty cool too.

But do bald people inherently have thick beards? Well, people going through male pattern baldness have thick beards.

The reason for that could be the increased level of DHT, other hormones, or simply jeans, but we cannot ignore the fact that bald people always have pretty great beards.

People who go bald at young ages usually have such thick beards, but you can have a luxurious beard at any age.

So, baldness is related to beard growth one way or another, and you got to understand that your beard will somehow affect your hair growth.

Does Having High DHT Promises Beard Growth?

Having high DHT is known to affect not only the growth of your beard but also your hair.

Higher levels of DHT usually mean that you are in for a pretty thick and luxurious beard. But, it can also result in baldness because DHT is known for it.

Now, DHT doesn’t need to increase your beard growth because even if you have higher DHT levels, you also need receptors in your follicles; otherwise, they are of no use.

Without these receptors, no matter how high the DHT levels are, they will not be able to make your hair fall, which is a win-win situation.

So, not even having a higher level of DHT promises you great beard growth other than how you take care of your beard.

Can Hair Loss Affect Your Beard?

Beards sometimes affect your hair loss, but hair loss does not always affect your beard because the follicles on your face are not affected by male pattern baldness.

There are different reasons why and how your beard hair can fall, but your scalp hair is not one of those reasons.


Alopecia is one of the prevalent reasons that can cause beard loss as well as hair loss. It affects your immune system and considers your hair follicles as outsiders, so it kills them.

Alopecia does not kill all hair follicles, but it kills them from different places of your beard, creating weird bald patches on your beard.

Alopecia can only be cured with proper care and medication, and the longer you delay it, the worst it gets.


Trichotillomania is yet another condition in which you lose your beard hair because of a psychological disorder.

In this disorder, you are psychologically programmed to pull your hair obsessively from different areas of your body.

This constant pulling destroys the hair follicles in your beard and creates bald patches all over your beard, which never looks good.


Lupus is a very serious skin condition in which you see red patches all over your skin. In this disease, you can go through severe inflammation.

It can not only cause inflammation but also, you will be using a lot of your beard hair because of Lupus.

It results in bald patches in your beard, which happens in the very early stages of this immune system disease.

Ways To Keep Your Beard And Scalp Hair In Mint Condition

If you don’t want to go bald or beardless, then there are certain things you need to do to keep your scalp and facial hair in mint condition.

Stimulate The Hair Follicles

Stimulating the hair follicles means massaging or combing your beard and scalp hair. It is better if you use a specialized brush for it.

massage beard

You can also stimulate your hair follicles by regularly massaging your hair with your fingertips for 3-4 minutes.

By stimulating hair follicles, you are improving the growth of your scalp and facial hair with fingers or brushes.

Use Hair And Beard Care Products

Using products specially made for your scalp hair and beard hair is perfect for improving the growth and keeping your hair in mint condition for longer.

You can use specialized shampoo, conditioners, and masks for your scalp, hair, and beard both and they can do a lot of good.

Also, beard and scalp hair oils are pretty famous, so if you are into oils, they are a good option to keep your beard and scalp hydrated for longer.

Eat Healthy

fruit and vegetables

Eating healthy is yet another significant thing to keep your beard and scalp hair in very good condition.

Eating healthy means eating all the things that can promote your hair growth and reduce hair loss from the scalp and beard.

Fishes, greens, eggs, and fruits are really good choices because all of them reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.


Keeping yourself relaxed and staying away from anxiety also constitutes a lot in keeping your hair top-notch.

Having a good sleep and not stressing over small things keeps your brain relaxed and did not let your hair fall.

Anxiety and stress reduce the testosterone levels of your body, which are responsible for beard and scalp hair growth so, sit back and relax.


So, now we have established that having a thick and luxurious beard does not necessarily mean you will go bald soon.

Your beard and scalp hairs are not that connected to each other to completely affect each other’s hair growth.

Make sure to take care of your hair, and you can make your scalp hair last longer, but it all comes down to your hormones and genes.

Wishing you a very healthy scalp and beard hair!

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