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It is not easy to grow a thick beard. Only men would understand the pain of keeping a growing beard. The fundamental problem that men face is the dryness and itchiness which gets out of control. Most of the people trim or shave their beard quickly before it could take its shape. Moreover, people with poor skincare techniques are sure to suffer. Scientists have proven that poor diet often leads to thin strands of hair that are weak, rough, and fragile.

To know how to grow a thick beard, you must know the different things and ways that make thick and healthy beard.

5 Ways to Grow Thick Beards

Some people say that it takes only a month or less to grow thick beards while some can spend their eternity. There are a few factors that make the illusion of thick beards. Firstly, beard color is a prime factor as a dark color will make it look full and lush. Next is the density; it is essential to have hair density. Also, dense hair makes your beard grow faster—finally, your hair strand thickness. Thicker hair follicles help you to achieve thick beards quickly.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to grow a thick beard quickly.

Skin Care

To achieve a healthy and thick beard, you need a healthy skin. Some people have it naturally, while some require tools to make it. Skincare involves daily washing and cleansing. Taking steams, exfoliates the skin by removing damaged cells. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Daily Exercises

There are various reasons why men should exercise regularly. Regular exercises help to improve your beer quality. By losing excess weight, you can plan to achieve a thick beard in a short period. You can try cycling, dance, cardio workouts, and various other outdoor activities as a choice of exercise. Exercise helps to increase the Dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for growing beards.

Say No To Stress

Too much stress results in the growth of cortisol in the body, which is responsible for the reduced growth of testosterone in the body. Weight is also a cause of constriction in blood vessels, which then cannot send proper nutrition to the hair follicles to grow. Stress can disrupt sleeping patterns. Therefore, it is best to take appropriate vacations and try meditation to avoid stress and develop a healthy, thick beard.

Take Rest

A good night’s sleep increases testosterone in the body. Many men are so indulged in work that they don’t get time for enough sleep. Sleep and rest help to reduce stress, which is positive on multiple terms. People with less than 6hours of sleep often face patchy beards that do not look good and force them to shave off.

A good sidebonus is if you are well rested, you are more likely do to better choices during the day. Both if we look at the diet-side of things, but also in your day-to-day work.

A Good Diet

Vegetables are a crucial part of every diet. It helps you to multiple your vitamin intake and pack your body with precious minerals. Hair growth involves protein. Therefore, the more you eat healthily, the better your hair grows. Eggs, kale, and nuts are a great addition to your diet to enrich your body with nutrients.

Beards are glorius. I can tell from personal experience that when you feel that “Ok, this needs to go”, that is the signal that you actually need to keep going. As soon as you cross that threshold you are in real beard territory.

Keep at it, and you will have a nice looking beard in no time!

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