What Will Help You Grow a Beard?: 7 easy tips!

What Will Help You Grow a Beard?: 7 easy tips!

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A friend of mine tried to grow a beard a few times, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I asked him what he did to try and grow his beard. He said he used some oils, but that it just didn’t work. I asked him to tell me more, and he said that for a few days, he rubbed his face with castor oil, put black pepper in his toothpaste, and used some other oils.

On the third day of my friend’s journey to growing a beard, I called him up to ask how it was going. He told me that it just didn’t work! He said that it just wouldn’t grow fast enough, and was worried that it was starting to grow in patches. I told him not to be discouraged and to keep on pushing.

As a beardy guy myself, I gave him a number of tips on what he should do next time so it would grow.

This blog post is all about the top 7 things that would have helped my friend grow his beard faster and thicker! You will never have to worry about your own beard again – we’ll show you exactly how to do it. Get ready for an amazing adventure of achieving facial hair goals you never thought were possible! It’s a pretty short guide, but growing a beard isn’t magic! It’s all about keeping your beard and skin healthy!

Number One: Beard Oil

Beard oil has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It helps keep your beard soft and healthy, and you can even use it as a pre-shave routine to avoid any razor bumps while building up a solid beard.

Beard oil also helps a lot with keeping your skin underneath your beard moisturized. When your skin is happy, you will not scratch it as much, meaning that you will not end up with dry skin and possibly beard dandruff. Trust me, you do not want that to happen. So key thing, keep using beard oil. Do not, for a second, think that this is something that you can skip out on! Also, beard oil is pretty cheap and lasts long, so it is really not such a big deal. I’ll list a few of my favorites down below.

My Top 3 Beard Oils

My Rating

Amazon link

Viking Revolution


Honest Amish


Grave Before Shave Beard Oil


Number Two: Hairspray

While a lot of people don’t like to use hairspray on their beards, it’s actually a very effective way to help your beard grow. Hairspray contains chemicals known as “Diethanolamine”, and these chemicals are designed to thicken up hair. Spray it onto your beard for added thickness and fullness!

As my beard is pretty thick and also curly, this is my go-to-hack for keeping my beard straight for the day. Every other day I use a beard straightener, and I always finish off with my wife’s hairspray. This keeps the beard looking pretty shiny, and it will also stay straight for a long time during the day.

Number Three: Eat Right

A lot of the success you’ll have with growing your beard will depend on your diet. You need to make sure that you’re eating right and getting all the nutrients that you need – if you’re running low on any vitamins or other nutrients, then chances are that you won’t have a thick, healthy beard.

healthy food

There is a lot of science behind this. Even the supplement biotin market itself as helping hairs to get fuller by giving it the right nutrients. The thing is, as long as you keep a balanced and healthy diet, your head hair and also your beard hair will flourish!

Number Four: Wash Your Beard Regularly

You should wash your beard at least three times per week! As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t see your skin through the hair then it’s not clean enough. Wash out any dirt or other impurities that may be lurking in your beard. While most people just use shampoo to wash their facial hair, you can also use conditioner as well – this will help keep it soft and healthy.

I would argue that you can use ordinary shampoo, but then you need to be absolutely sure that you get it all out. You also need to apply a lot of beard oil after having it towel dry.

I would recommend you buying a shampoo just for your beard. There are a lot to choose from, and sadly there are a lot products on the market that isn’t as great as it claims. I will list the top ones I’ve tried below.

My Top 3 beard washes 


My rating

Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set


Good value for your money

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard


A soap for your beard. Smells great.

Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand


Very nice smell. Small container.

Number Five: Be Patient

Growing a beard isn’t something that happens overnight – you have to be patient with it or else you’ll grow frustrated. If you don’t see results after the first week, then don’t give up! It can take months and even years to grow a really great beard, so keep at it!

You also need to remember that every person is different. My friends and I have very different beard growth. Some of my friends can barely grow a mustache, and some of them can grow a real tough Viking beard. I would class myself as somewhere in between.

However, this didn’t happen overnight. I did grow it out for at least 6-months before it would get a significant length. Also if you have a curly beard like me, you will probably feel that it grows pretty slow. That is until you start straightening it!

Number Six: Exercise

It’s been said that having a beard is an indication of being a healthy man, and growing your beard is no different. That history has been proven by the fact that facial hair tends to grow faster when you’re getting plenty of exercises – that’s why you’ll find that many bodybuilders have thick, lush beards. You can also help your facial hair with exercise by simply walking or running around outside for a few hours!

Number Seven: Get Some Sunlight

Getting some sunlight every day will help your facial hair grow much faster. If you’re in a place where it’s not possible to get any sunshine during the day, then you should at least try and expose your beard to some artificial light as well. Also having a walk or run forcing you out of your home, will also tie back into #6, so it’s a win-win!


Now, personally, I think my friend should have asked me to begin with and tried a lot more things in order for him to be able to grow that awesome beard he wanted. But, sadly, he’s like…the rare dude who has no facial hair whatsoever…on his face. What can I say; the guy has an unlucky streak when it comes to growing a beard. 

But, I reckon, if you follow these tips and have patience, you’ll be hairier than a bear in no time, but I’m not going to tell you how much yet!

Let me be straight with you. To be a successful beard grower, be sure to try and incorporate these seven things with your own routine. And keep away from the black pepper in the toothpaste, it’s just nasty! You can never have enough beard growing tips…the more you know, the better off you’ll be!

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