How to use Beard Oil

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Beard Oil was probably the first gift I got from my friends when they saw me saving out for a beard.
Little did I know that that very same Beard Oil would be my daily driver up until this point. I had no idea Beard Oil was so crucial to the beardy routine I today have.
Up until today I think I’ve tried about 10+ different brands and fragrances and to be honest they last a long time. So they tend to pile up in your cabin and you can use different oils for different occasions.

It also happens to be one of the most common questions I get. “How do you use beard oil, do you recommend any brand?”
To put it short, I don’t currently have any favorite. I’m currently testing out a few local brands since I believe in supporting our local businesses, especially during these unusual Covid-19 times. At the moment I’m currently testing out a Swedish brand called Sailor, which you can check out here. They’re made here locally in Sweden so I keep them close to my heart.

If you’re not in Sweden, this might be a better alternative for you. Made from Jojoba and argan Oil. Smells amazing

Anyway, I like the more rugged and woody smell of beard oil. It doesn’t do much for function, but acts as a cologne of some sorts and makes me honestly feel more manly and masculine.
But, Beard Oil does not need to be as complicated as one might think. Therefore I’ve taken some time to try to help YOU out in this epic beard journey you are on.

How do I start?

Ok, so you have bought your first beard oil. I would recommend getting a beard oil with a pipette. It’s much easier to get the right amount if you are using them instead of maybe a pump-model.

Take 2-3 drops in the palm of your hands, and rub them together to spread the oil more or less evenly in your hands. Then take your palms and comb your way through your beard pushing the hairs down from your cheek down to your chin. Then do the same motion but from your neck and up to your chin and cheek. Massage the oil in as good as you can.
After this is done grab a comb or a beard brush, and start combing your hair in your desired position. This will help you get the oil spread throughout your hairs more evenly.

These, my friends, are pretty much all it takes to apply beard balm correctly. Since it’s an actual oil it helps to get it off your hands with just warm water and soap. Remember, we are gentlemen and therefore you cannot miss the step when you’re supposed to wash your hands!

What is Beard Oil?

Glad you asked! Beard Oil is often a mixture of different kinds of oils. Mostly some kind of base oil like Jojoba, Sweet almond, Coconut, Hazelnut or hemp seed. Different Oils have different properties.

Jojoba oil

Is more or less similar to the same oil that human skin produces. And therefore are easy to absorb for your skin

Sweet Almond oil

Good for people that easily get an irritated skin. Also helps with ingrown hairs.

Hazelnut oil

Help to prevent acne and eczema

Argan oil

Makes your skin much more softer and also have an anti-aging properties to combat wrinkles.

Coconut oil

The most natural oil on this list. Natural, good for the environment and very good at moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

Hemp Seed

Moisturizing capabilities and also helps to keep your beard hairs strong and not to go brittle.

Guide till egen skaggolja

You normally use two kinds of oils as your base. Then top it off with some kind of essential oil. The essential oil is more or less only for fragrance, however.

Start off with your base oils and mix them along, then take about 10-20 drops of the essential oils and mix it around. And poof! You’ve made your own Beard Oil, Amazing! Doesn’t get any more hipster than this… well that is not entirely true, we could fit in how to make your own beer, but I’ll cover that in a post later on… 😉

So, in this post we’ve hopefully covered the topics:

  • What Beard Oil is
  • Why you may want to use it
  • What it contains
  • And lastly but not least, how to use it.

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All the best my bearded friends

Have you tried Beard Oil, or have you maybe even made on yourself? Tell me in the comments on how it went! 🙂

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