How Long do Beard Trimmers Last? And How To Care for it!

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Having a beard trimmer is crucial for maintaining good grooming at all times within your convenience. This will give the convenience of having to groom your beard anytime anywhere. A major shortcoming for beard trimmer users has been the issue of lifespan for the different brands you find in the market. Many want to know how long does Beard trimmer lasts before making their buying decision for a great user experience.

The duration your beard trimmer will serve you depends on a wide range of factors. This may be something within your control or just a manufacturing problem as we as usage rate and maintenance. Handling this subject is key to your investment in the right type of beard trimmer. Taking proper care will ensure that you always get a perfect shave on your beards. You want to have good grooming on your beard on the go at every time hence the need to ensure that you have tips to get the maximum lifespan from your trimmer.

How Long do Beard Trimmer Last?

This is a question many people ask every time before investing in a trimmer. The truth is the matter is that your beard trimmer will last between 7-10 years under proper care and personal use. This period would vary for commercial options. Many factors would play out here such as the type of brand you get. Not every trimmer would reach this level of service. Simple things like matching the power intake level could mean that you go back to the market soon than you think. Ensure that you are aware of the power needs for your trimmer such that if you travel to different areas with varying output such as 220v you do not plug it directly. Handling your beard trimmer will influence the duration it would serve you. The state period is a rule of thumb there is a part you would have to pay to achieve that service period.

How Often Should You Replace Trimmers?

Trimmers would be the first to start wearing out hence the need to undertake a replacement quite often. Three months will be appropriate to change your Trimmers to enhance their effectiveness. Keeping your trimmers for a long time renders them dull which brings an uncomfortable trimming experience. Ensure that you understand your product manual to know how to go about changing your trimmers. You need to realize when it’s time to replace your trimmers if you are the sole user of the trimmer.

What is the best beard trimmer in the market?

With the increasing competition for this essential market, many brands are available. Picking their option which guarantees quality bead trim is vital. Philips BT9000 prestige has obtained good reviews as the best beard trimmer you can find in the market today. Panasonic and Phillips take the lead in providing the ideal trimmers in the market. There are many trimmers to choose from and this may have to do with the experience you are seeking. What may work for one person may not be effective for another. Brand knowledge is vital at this point to ensure that you invest in an appropriate beard trimmer. Checking elements such as quality and price is vital when sourcing for an ideal trimmer. 

How do I Sharpen my Beard Trimmer Blades?

With time your trimmer blades will be dull and inappropriate to give the right expert. Sharpening your beard trimmer blades is something you can do at home. A coarse stone is designed for this task. The secret is to incline your blades at an angle between 30° and 45°. This will give you the perfect position to get your blades sharp enough. You can get the coarse sharpening from Amazon and other retail areas. This would offer convenience when it comes to ensuring that you get a perfect trim for your beard anytime. Learning this art is key when using a trimmer as you would not have a hard time getting the perfect finish on your beard.

How do I Lubricate my Beard Trimmer Blades?

You would notice that when buying a beard trimmer you get a small oil bottle. There is a great significance of this oil when it comes to the effective use of your trimmer. Lubricating your trimmer can be done at home through a simple process. This is a crucial procedure that should be done frequently. Here is how you should go about it:

  • Ensure the trimmer blades are properly cleaned of any hair. This should be done before applying any lubricant.
  • Your trimmer should be put off during the entire period. This would be key to avoid injuries and the risk of electrical shock.
  • Ensure that you apply small amounts of oil to the blades. These are small parts thus the need to ensure that you check the amount of oil you apply.
  • Make sure to apply the oil evenly to every part of the blades.

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This is a vital procedure towards ensuring that you attain the optimum lifespan of your beard trimmer. Every part mechanical part needs proper lubrication for smooth trimming. Your blades are the vital assets of your trimmer and thus need an adequate car.

Can You Use Coconut Oil on Clippers?

If you do not buy your trimmer with its oil, worry not as most of the available vegetable oils can serve this purpose. Coconut oil makes a good lubricant for clippers. You do not have to worry about getting a special oil for your clippers. This allows you the freedom to use most of the oils you get off the shelf. Coconut oil is a good option for your clippers to ensure they work perfectly.


There is a lot to learn every day when it comes to the use of trimmers for grooming your beard. Keeping in touch with the market would be important. It is important to ensure that the essential elements necessary to keep your beard trimmer in good condition are taken into account. This will ensure that you get good service from the kind of trimmer you buy. A thorough check is necessary when it comes to picking the brand you buy in the market. You should obtain sufficient information about effectiveness and maintenance needs for every option to aid in making the right choice according to your needs.

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