Do Heavy Exercising Increase Beard Growth?

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Men always want to grow a healthy and fuller beard. Though beard density and type are determined by the genes in the family, one can do other things to improve the growth. Testosterone hormone is a dominant hormone in increasing hair growth. The discussion in this article will help you understand what you can do to improve beard growth.

Do heavy exercising increase beard growth?

There are all types of food and products for maintaining your beard. But some people want to grow their beards as fast as they can. You can jump-start the rate at which your beard grows by working out regularly. While this may be seen as unrelated factors, it is true. Here are the facts;

  • Exercising improves whole-body health. The healthier you become the stronger your hair growth becomes, including the beard.
  • Working out increases testosterone production which triggers hair growth. That includes facial hair.
  • Exercises boost metabolism which stimulates hair growth and health. High metabolism allows more nutrients to the body this means the beard will have all the nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Physical exercise helps the body to recover, in that process, it helps refresh hair and skin. The results will be healthy beard growth. 

The bottom line is that when you become physically active it will lead to positive effects from the head to toe. The beard is not left out. Give it a thought of how exercise improves mental physical health. By exercising, you keep all the body processes running smoothly to maintain good health. The beard will grow by maintaining exercises.

Does sweating increase beard growth?

Sweating while exercising increases beard growth. Most of you may be wondering how sweating maybe that beneficial to men who want to grow a beard. Men struggling with beard growth and density, should add exercise to their routine and see the difference. Sweating during a workout clears your pores of grime. Dead skin is cleared and sweat out the toxins in the body. A body that sweats regularly through exercising will maintain a healthy body. Beard growing in healthy pores will be strong and dense.

Sweating clears all the dirt in the blood, this means the blood circulation and oxygen intake will be increased. The beard will benefit from having healthier blood. Through sweating, your body will demand more water. As you take extra water than what you are used to, the body gets hydrated which is a good condition to stimulate beard growth. Rejuvenated skin is the best for facial hair growth. When you have skin with no dead skin, hydrated and clear pores, be sure to have a healthy beard. 

What will stimulate beard growth?

Overall body health is the key to stimulating beard growth. Also, you can improve on your lifestyle to achieve a fuller beard. Here are some of the things that can do to increase beard growth.

Washing and moisturizing

Moisturizing and keeping your skin and beard clean will improve the appearance of the beard. Exfoliating the face will keep the pores open. This will get rid of dead skin around the beard and reduce ingrown hair. Beard leave-in conditioner nourishes, softens, and keeps the beard moisturized. Your beard will be dandruff-free and looks fuller. Look what works for you better depending on your skin type.

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Eating a healthy balanced diet is vital. All nutrients in the food are absorbed by the body. This is where I would say, you are what you eat. You should keep your diet balance to avoid obesity which lowers testosterone. Testosterone is vital in increasing beard growth.

Nutrients such as zinc are important in maintaining your testosterone. Include the following foods in your diet and see a change in your beard.

  • Iron, such as liver
  • Lean protein, like salmon, chicken
  • Healthy fats like avocados
  • Whole grain
  • Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins
  • Zinc-rich foods
  • Sleep

Sleep is good for a healthy body including a beard. The testosterone in the body is initially produced during sleep. When sleep is distracted or interrupted like sleep apnea will alter the process. When testosterone is lowered beard growth is affected negatively. Try to get enough sleep to stimulate your beard growth.

Vitamin and supplements

Most supplements target a certain area. Beard supplements are specifically for beard growth. If you have relied on diet and you can’t find the results you need, turn to vitamin supplements. Taking supplements and multivitamins rich in zinc and iron will do you good.


As stated earlier, exercise improves the health of the whole body. It boosts testosterone hence stimulates your beard growth and density. 

What foods promote beard growth?

To grow a strong thick and healthy beard you need to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The supply will enhance facial hair growth. Here are some foods you can add to your diet for beard growth.

  • Fish 

It is a great source of omega-3s which protects the cell membrane so that the hair is strong and healthy. Fish is a source of B vitamins and protein that aids the body to produce skin and hair.

  • Sorghum

It is a whole grain that is powerful in having a fuller beard. It is proven to promote the synthesis of 5-alpha reductase enzymes which can convert testosterone to DHT hormone that grows facial hair.

  • Eggs

Eggs contain micronutrients, biotin, and protein which are vital for facial hair growth. With these nutrients, you will avoid hair loss. They have a fair fatty-acid ratio which is important in producing DHT and testosterone.

  • Brazilian nuts.

Brazilian organic nuts are rich in selenium which is vital for hair growth. With two nuts a day, you can achieve the daily value of selenium. Take organic Brazilian nuts with the skin still intact. The skin has more selenium.

  • Orange juice

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C. vitamin C is an antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen which curbs the effects of free radicals. The free radicals can damage the skin and facial hair. The fructose minimizes SHBG, which affects testosterone and DHT.

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