How to make a walrus mustache? Grow that epic ‘stache!

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Walrus mustache is by far one of the most admirable facial features in menTherefore, understanding how to make a walrus mustache is vital, especially if you want to improve your overall looks.

Usually, walrus mustaches are characterized by being thick and bushy. Furthermore, they drop over the mouth, giving it real walrus whiskers resemblance. And hence its name. As an individual with a significantly thick mustache, a walrus mustache will be the best style for you.

If growing lots of hair for the mustache is what you love, there is no doubt that a walrus mustache will best suit your style. This style allows one to grow plenty of mustaches giving a manly look.

How to grow a walrus mustache?

When it comes to growing a walrus mustache, patience is of great essence. When you wait for an extended period, you are guaranteed to have a long mustache which is ideal for making a walrus mustache. Therefore, when growing your walrus mustache. You will need to let your mustache hair grow significantly long and unkempt for approximately four to five months.

Once the upper-lip has been covered entirely by the mustache hair and you have not been trimming it through the growing phase, you will be able to make the best walrus mustache with the utmost ease.

When the mustache reaches its full potential (having the right length and volume), you should start brushing it more often. You might consider doing so with the downwards direction to help attain the walrus mustache effect much faster.

During this process, an essential thing to keep in mind is that your walrus mustache should be trimmed sparingly. Since the mustache covers the whole of your mouth, it wouldn’t be far-fetched thinking of it as the beard for the upper lip.

How long does it take to grow a walrus mustache?

The time taken to grow a walrus mustache will highly depend on the rate at which your facial hair grows. Usually, growing a walrus mustache can take up to four to five months or even longer before having a top-notch finish.

During this period, drinking and eating will be a bit messy. This is because your mustache will cover almost, if not all, of your mouth; drinks and food will often find their way into the facial hair. However, it is worth the mess since, after four to five months, you will be able to maintain your sleek walrus mustache.

My walrus attempt 1My walrus attempt 2
My attempt at trying out the walrus mustache. As you can see, I did it with a full beard as well. I did not want to shave off what took me so long to grow out. I would say that my attempt would count as successful!

How do you style a walrus mustache?

Once your mustache has ideally grown, it is time for you to style it with a walrus look. When it comes to styling your walrus mustache, you will need to trim it carefully around the edge at least once per week. However, you might consider doing so more often if you need to.

When styling your walrus mustache, consider using a razor that will give you a close and precise trim. Such razors will allow you to achieve the mustache length that will best suit your needs. Furthermore, when styling your walrus mustache, you should consider using shaving cream in order to get the best result.

If you cannot style the mustache by yourself, you should consider going to a local barber. They are bound to help you out with top-notch mustache wax. Once you have your mustache styled up, get a comb and shape your mustache to your liking. A little outward flare will be sufficient to reveal your upper lip and keep your mustache out of your food or drink.

How do I get rid of the mustache in my mouth?

When you start growing your mustache, most individuals’ main problem is the hair constantly getting into the mouth. As a result, most men tend to bite the mustache while trying to eat, forcing them to brush them sideways every time. To help ease this problem, in this section, we shall be discussing how to get rid of the mustache in my mouth;

Wash the mustache

You will first have to wash or rinse your mustache. You pretty much will have to be styling your mustache every morning to get that right look. Therefore, when washing your face or taking a shower, it is the best time you will need to tend that glorious mustache.

When you wash your mustache, you will remove all the oil build-up over the last day. As you’ve applied either balm, beard oil, or beard butter, these products need to be cleaned out from your mustache, allowing you to apply a new set of mustache was with more ease.

Once oil builds up, the mustache wax will not offer a significant grip to your hair hence making the mustache fall apart every time. Therefore, to keep your mustache away from your mouth, you will need to wash it and dry it using microfiber or cloth.

Using mustache wax

Once you have your mustache cleaned, you will require mustache wax to help keep your mustache in place. Use your thumbnail to scrape some wax and then warm it and let it melt between the thumb and index finger. Ensure to do so on both of your hands.

With that done, use the thumb and index fingers to grab the mustache lightly from the center and then start sweeping your mustache hair towards the upper lip. Continue doing so until the mustache is out of the way. You should note that the larger your mustache is, the more wax you will need to use.

By adhering to the two tips discussed above, you will be able to get your mustache out of your mouth with the utmost ease. During the whole process, you should remember not to use oil before applying your mustache wax to boost adhesion. Since wax contains oils, there will be no need to add some more after waxing your mustache.

Final verdict

If you are starting on your journey to making a walrus mustache, you should consider adhering to the tips discussed in this article for a successful result. However, during the whole process, you will need to stay strong, patient, and always think about the future. The process might take a few months; however, the result is worth everything.

From a personal experience, I found out to have a love-hate relationship with the mustache. On one hand, I loved the way how it looked. Somehow it made me feel super authoritative. But the day-to-day activities, such as drinking or eating really annoyed me. Pretty much everything got stuck in the beard, coffee, bread, cheese, you name it. However, if you can live with that, I would argue that the walrus mustache is something for you. And I would recommend you to at least try it once.

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