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Every man’s dream is to look smart and handsome. Your beard plays a vital role in boosting up your charm and personality. If you lack having a thick beard, you could turn to minoxidil for help. It is a topical treatment for growing hair, also used in areas affected by male pattern baldness, and has gained huge popularity and support amongst bearded men as well due to the nature of growing hairs.

Using minoxidil isn’t hard at all. To achieve the best possible result you apply it just by rubbing it onto your washed skin and let it dry. There are both liquid and foam minoxidil that you can use. Let’s explore exactly how it works!

How to use minoxidil for beard growth?

If you want a full thick beard then you can apply minoxidil according to the following steps for best results.

  • Wash your face and wipe it dry with a soft clean towel.
  • Clean your face using a PH balanced quality cleanser to minimize any irritation after the application.  
  • Take into your fingertips the appropriate amount of minoxidil prescribed by your physician. It should only be a few drops.
  • Apply it to the particular area of skin where you would love to see thick beard growth.
  • Gently massage the minoxidil into the layers of skin and never touch roughly.
  • Set it for few minutes and let the solution be absorbed completely.
  • Last, apply moisturizing creams to keep the skin smooth without any further irritation or allergies.
  • Be extra cautious while applying on your beard and mustache, not to spill the liquid into your mouth.
  • Lastly, be sure to wash your hands properly with soap afterward!

First off – What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is an excellent ingredient used in treatments for hair growth. Studies have revealed that it was initially used for treating patients with high blood pressure levels. The early treatment showed a side effect symptom of hair growth. Therefore, further research was conducted and proved that it does improve growth in your hair. The FDA – Food and Drug Administration has approved minoxidil as a treatment option for growing hair on the scalp.

The working mechanism of Minoxidil

Now that you have discovered the best possible solution for growing a thick beard, it is inevitable that you understand its working form. Minoxidil is an amazing chemical that possesses the ability to repair, rejuvenate, and maximize the density of your hair follicles. It also helps in improving the growth of your beard naturally thicker and healthier.

Still, there is no evidence scientifically about the working mechanism of this magical hair growth treatment. However, certain theories say that increase in blood flow along with dilation of blood vessels present in the scalp might be the reason for hair growth by best minoxidil for the beard. Another reason people say is that an enzyme known as ATP present in the hair follicle reacts positively with Minoxidil and extends the phase of hair growth brilliantly.

Anyways it has been highly recognized by users and physicians across the globe to be a successful formula that is the most effective treatment option for treating loss of hair. But there are few people whose results might vary and might cause thinning of hair.








Pricey but gets the job done. Been in the market for a long time

Liquid. can be hard to spread evenly on your face. 

A bit cheaper than rogaine, but essentially the same thing.

Duration of the minoxidil treatment

The minoxidil beard permanent starts optimizing the hair growth process from the time it is applied to your skin layers. However, you will get able to see noticeable growth of hair only after three to six months, depending on your genes. You must continue using the minoxidil for the beard consistently over the period.  

Advice for applying minoxidil

If you are a rookie for this treatment, it is always advised to read the instructions written on the product before applying. Every brand product differs in strengths and proportion. Follow those written instructions and apply once or twice every day. Always ask your physician for the best amount to be applied and for how many times in a day.

Apply the minoxidil on dry skin and hair, mostly before bedtime and in the morning, is the best choice. Patience is the most crucial thing ever after starting the minoxidil treatment because you might see visible improvement only after three to six months. It does take time to grow a hair!

Possible Side effects of minoxidil

You need to understand the side effects you might be facing once you terminate the minoxidil treatment for your beard. As beard generally starts to itch at some point, so is a side effect of minoxidil. It does dry up your skin. The best and most effective way to combat this issue is to use good quality beard oil. It will help you get the right nourishment for your skin and helps to moisturize your skin to avoid itching.

“As soon as I started using a good quality Beard Oil, my side-effects and itching stopped”

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Sometimes you might stop the usage of minoxidil for beard once you have accomplished a fully grown thick beard. There are plenty of resources that confirm the slowing of beard growth experienced by people who stopped the treatment.  This might be because by stopping minoxidil you also indirectly terminate stimulation of hair follicles, which might cause harm to your hair.

Therefore, it is a one-way journey with this magical solution, because once you have started applying the topical application of minoxidil, it is permanent. In case you stop the treatment in between, then your hair starts reverting to your previous bald or thinner state.

Which form of minoxidil is the best choice?

Once you have fixed your mind on using minoxidil for beard growth, the next important question that arises is which one you opt to buy a foam or liquid version. Minoxidil products are available in dual forms and the preferences you make are your personal choice. In my experience foam has worked best, due to the nature of the solution. It’s easier to work with foam, rather than a liquid that can drop on your clothes.

Foam Minoxidil

According to studies it has been proven that foam is the best option for those with sensitive and fragile skin conditions.  Minoxidil foam types do not contain propylene glycol. This ingredient present in the liquid forms penetrates deeply in your hair follicles and into skin layers, causing irritation, redness, and other allergic symptoms. 

Foam is very simple and easy to use and apply to the skin. Once the foam is applied it disappears and dries quicker than liquid form. Therefore, you can buy minoxidil for beard foam for a little expensive price but it is worth it.

Liquid minoxidil

One benefit of using a liquid form of minoxidil for a beard is that it is easy to measure the content as it comes with a dropper. Since the liquid ingredients penetrate deeper within layers of skin and hair follicles directly,  it perfectly stimulates blood circulation and optimizes hair growth. It is an affordable choice if you want to grow a beard without burning your pockets. Look stunning and smart like a stud by using minoxidil for your beard. Good luck!

My nephews real life test


I have a love hate relationship with minoxidil. I use it on my balding hair every day, morning and night. It is just one of those things that I need to keep on doing if I want to keep my hair. The same thing goes for your beard.

I had my nephew try minoxidil out for beard growth (pictures above), and the results are pretty amazing. He went from having a pretty thin-looking beard to a much fuller and thicker beard in a matter of months! As we mentioned above it is crucial that you have good hygiene when using minoxidil, and keep an eye out for side-effects. The side-effects I’ve noticed myself pretty much only irritated skin, which I remedy by using a good brand conditioner for my hair.

Minoxidil can work wonders for your beard, but keep in mind that if you start taking it you also need to continue taking it, if you want your beard to keep that same level of thickness that it will bring.

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