Should You Use Beard Balm Every Day? Do’s and Don’ts!

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Nobody likes a scraggly beard. That’s what beard balm is for, but I’m assuming you know that already. What you probably don’t know is how often you should be using it. Simply put, you should use beard balm every day. Only through consistent use will it give you the results you are looking for. Use beard balm daily for best results.

To find out more about how often you should be using your beard balm and how, read on! You can think of this article as your quick guide for using beard balm. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Should You Use Beard Balm every day?

Unlike most shampoos, you can and should apply beard balm to your beard every day. If you only apply it occasionally, you won’t see much of a difference in your hair. As a result, you should use beard balm every day, ideally in the morning.

How to Use Beard Balm

Here’s what you should do every day to maintain your beard using beard balm. For best results, go through these steps in the morning instead of at night (your bedsheets will thank you!).

1.      Shower or Wash Face

The first thing you need to do is take a shower or wash your face (if you don’t like to shower in the morning). You don’t necessarily need to use shampoo every day. In fact, you shouldn’t use shampoo every day, but you need to rinse your beard with warm water every single morning and night. Only use shampoo on your beard twice a week at most.

Obviously, rinsing your beard ensures that it is free of gunk and buildup. More than that, it allows for the beard balm to properly penetrate your beard. If the hair is coated in other materials, the balm won’t actually get to the root.

After you properly rinse your beard, make sure to dry it out. Beard balms have trouble penetrating into the entire hair follicle if the hair is wet. Plus, it’ll be harder to style.

2.      Spread the Beard Balm In Your Hands

Once you have prepped your beard, it’s time to take out your beard balm and start spreading it in your hands. Rub the beard balm between your fingers to get it warm and pliable. This step ensures that you can maximize the product and run it throughout your entire beard.

Even though it may sound weird, get the beard balm between your fingers. As you work your hands throughout your beard, a lot of the hair will go in between your fingers. Getting beard balm between the digits helps to better apply it evenly.

3.      Apply Evenly Throughout Beard

Now that you have beard balm in your hands, spread evenly throughout your beard. For best results, start at the end of your beard and work your way to the skin. This will prevent your hair from getting snagged in your fingers.

It is important to know that you should focus some attention on your skin too. If your skin is unhealthy, your beard will be as well. Get the beard balm throughout all of your beard, including your face, for the best results.

4.      Style Your Beard

As the beard balm is so wonderfully covering your beard and skin, style your beard as normal. For bonus points, use a comb or brush. Even though using a comb or brush is optional, it will give you a much cleaner look. Don’t expect the beard balm to give an incredibly strong hold like a gel. It will add a bit more control nevertheless.

5.      Practice Acting Humble When Your Beard Gets Noticed

Of all of the steps in this beard balm routine, this is the most important step. Before leaving the bathroom, practice looking humble whenever someone notices your beard. All this work you have been putting into the beard will pay off eventually. Be ready for when that happens by having the perfect humble response planned out.

6.      Rinse

At the end of the day, after you have been complimented oh so many times, you need to rinse out the beard balm using warm water. There is no need to use shampoo or any type of cleanser at night. Instead, warm water should do the trick.

Given that you took extra steps to ensure the beard balm coated the skin and roots of the beard, make sure the warm water reaches that far too. While you are rinsing, you can give yourself a little facial massage. A facial massage will increase blood flow to your face, which will help your beard grow faster.

7.      Repeat

Finally, the last step in this routine is to repeat it every single day. Even though you may assume that caring for a beard is easier than shaving, you really need to properly maintain it, and that takes work. Apply beard balm every morning for the best results.

What Makes Beard Balm Different From Other Beard Products?

Beard balm is a sort of mixture between beard oil and beard wax. It conditions your beard like beard oil, but it also gives you a little bit of hold like wax. Even though you need to use beard balm every day, the fact that it both conditions and holds makes it a super-easy way to style your beard and ensure it is healthy.

You might be wondering if you have to apply beard balm more frequently than other beard products. Generally speaking, every beard product will be used every day. So, beard balms required the exact same amount of maintenance as most other products.

Still, for the same amount of effort, you get double the benefits. That certainly makes beard balm is superior beard product.


Use your beard balm every day to make your beard soft and manageable. Only by using beard balm consistently will you see a noticeable difference in the hair.

Even though all these steps may sound really time-consuming, this process is actually pretty short. It will only take you about 5 minutes each morning. Just remember that the key to any beard routine is consistency. So, use your beard balm every day.

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