Beard balm vs. beard oil for dry skin – Explained!




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Congratulations! If you have gotten this far in your beard journey, chances are that you have gotten past the beard itch and the first weeks of self-doubt. That’s quite an achievement since a lot of people can’t man it out.

You’ve started to realize that there are tons of products on the market. Beard balm, beard oil, beard shampoo, beard pomade, beard wax. The list goes on and on with no apparent end.

But today we raise the question, should you buy beard balm or beard oil if you have dry skin?

I will not keep you hanging on this one. To put it quite short, beard oil is for moisturizing your skin (for example a remedy for dry skin) and beard balm are more of a styling product with oily properties for medium to longer beards.

If you are dealing with dry skin and are looking for a solution to your problems, then I would definitely recommend trying out beard oil. Beard oil is made from natural oils such as jojoba or argan oil that can effectively moisturize your skin without clogging up the pores.

I would suggest that you go out and buy both a good brand of beard oil and a good brand of beard balm. I will link a few amazon-links below from brands I trust.

Beard oil

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you probably already know how much I talk about beard oil and its properties.

Beard oil is one of those things that should be the first thing you buy if you’re starting to grow your beard out. Well, maybe after a trimmer/razor…

It really helps out in the early phases of your beard growth. It helps with beard itching, it helps with grooming, and it helps with beard dandruff. It’s one of those things that you just cannot recommend enough.

  • And if you want to read more about beard oil and how to even make your own click here to read my post about it!

I would recommend using a beard brush to help distribute the beard oil evenly throughout the whole beard. It will help keep your beard fresh, soft, and tangle-free. Also, pick an oil with a nice scent, and it will definitely keep your partner happy!

Beard balm

I’ve read articles of brands trying to sell you beard balms as it is as crucial as beard oil. Let me tell you, it is not.

Beard balms are a really good product however when you’re starting to get a good size beard, not really before that.

They are really made to be thicker than beard oil, which translates to taking a long time for your skin to absorb it. Beard balms have a similar feel as a hair wax package.

If you heat up beard balms they turn liquid, but kept in a normal environment it will keep being a balm. This is because beard balms often have both coconut oil and beeswax in their ingredients.

What happens when you apply beard balm is that it takes longer to absorb by your skin than compared to beard oils.

As I mentioned earlier, the consistency of the balm is quite different compared to beard oil. If you apply it before you comb through it in the morning, it will help with both glow and shine, but also with keeping your beard in the particular shape you want it to stay in. A bonus is that it makes dealing with those hairs that shoot off in the wrong direction a lot easier.

So, what should you really use? Beard oil or beard balm?

That’s the million-dollar question. I would recommend actually buying both of them, but using them for different occasions. 

I’m using beard oil daily. This is because my skin is quite prone to be irritated. But beard balm keeps my beard from spreading all over the place, so I would use that as well. This means that you can use both beard oil and beard balm. However, you need to be very careful not to use either of them too much. If you use them too much, you will look very greasy, and you’ve achieved actually the exact opposite of what you’ve wanted to accomplish.

Do Beard Oil Need to Be Expensive?

It is definitely not necessary to buy an expensive brand of beard oil for two reasons:

– Firstly, you can make your own beard oil at home. This way you choose which oils you want in the product and it will be much cheaper as well! You may also experiment with scents by mixing your essential oils together.

– Secondly, beard oil is a product that you only need to use in small amounts. Therefore, it does not necessarily have to be expensive for you to get good results.

That being said, there are definitely benefits of using an expensive beard oil compared to a cheaper one. For example, more expensive beard oils will typically contain higher-quality ingredients and may also be organic. This means that they will be more effective and better for your skin in the long run.

So, while you don’t need to break the bank to get a good quality beard oil, it may be worth it to invest in one if you can afford it!

Does Beard Oil Help with Beard Growth?

Beard oil will not magically make your beard grow faster. However, it can help to improve the overall health of your beard, which may, in turn, promote better growth. This is because healthy hair is more likely to grow quickly and evenly than unhealthy hair.

Therefore, if you are looking for a product to help with beard growth, I would recommend trying beard oil. Just make sure to choose one that contains ingredients known to promote hair growth, such as biotin or castor oil.

Do I Need to Use Beard Oil Every Day?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as the type of beard oil you are using and your individual skin type.

For example, I have a very thick beard and pretty dry skin overall. This combination means that I need to use beard oil almost every day to keep my beard healthy and hydrated.

On the other hand, if you have a thinner beard or oily skin, you may only need to use beard oil once or twice a week. Or as much as you feel that you need. You will notice if you need to apply your beard oil more frequently.

The best way to figure out how often you should be using beard oil is to start with once or twice a week and try to see how your beard responds. Then, you can slowly adjust the frequency of application until you find what works best for you!


Beard oil and beard balm are very different things, but share much of the same properties. Beard oil helps with irritated skin and is used best when you have a stubble / short beard. And beard balm is best used when you’ve started to grow some lengths, and you need to tame that wild mane of yours.

I would recommend using both beard oil and beard balm, but be very careful not to use too much of either one. A little bit goes a long way!

Do you need expensive beard oil? No, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good quality beard oil. You can make your own at home, or find a cheaper option that contains high-quality ingredients.

Both beard oil and beard balm can be used with each other, but you have to be very careful not to overdo it since it will make your beard look very oily, and we do not want that!

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