How to Shape and Trim a V-Shaped Beard? – Easy at home!

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Men’s grooming is very interesting and a v-shaped beard is some men’s dream as it gives an intense look to them. There are different types of beard trimming styles are there, but for a v-shaped beard, you need to have a thick beard. So, first, you need to take care of your beard and for that, you need to follow the tips that are given below.

As a rule of thumb when it comes to trimming any shape, you need to have achieved a certain length. As soon as you hit that length you can pretty much sculpt your beard. Note that doing this is much easier with a beard trimmer, rather than scissors.

Imagine how a gardener trims their bushes, it is pretty much similar to how you should trim your beard. Be sure that your trimmer is oiled up, and use long motions when you sculpt your beard. By doing so, you will minimize the risk of creating bad cuts in your beard.

Tips to care for your beard

If you wish to trim a v-shaped beard you need to grow a thick beard. It is essential to check whether you are following a healthy diet. You should try to avoid eating deep-fried food that will ruin the texture of your hair and skin. You should aim for organic products for your beard and while you are buying products for your beard make sure that it is only for the beard and not for the hair.

Generally speaking, products manufactured for your hair usually do not work to the same extent on your beard. The texture of the beard is different than your hair. On the other hand, you need to get a chemical-free product. You need to do a patch test so that you will be sure that the product is not harmful to your skin.

It is essential that you get the product from an authentic store and you also need to check the ingredient list so that you have an idea of what you are buying. It is essential to check whether the price of the product is not exorbitant and you can follow the ritual every day.

How to look trendy and what kind of grooming men need?

 If you want to look appealing then you need to invest in your look. You need to remember that to create a first impression you need to look prim and proper. If you want to impress your client or boss, you need to look confident and youthful so that you can ace your work. Men often tend to follow the trend and end up ruining the entire look. So keep reading to get some helpful advice on how to maintain a proper and epic look!

Cutting the beard and hair 

It is very essential to groom your beard and hair as men’s style largely depends on those. You need to cut your beard and hair regularly. To do that you can buy a trimmer that will make your work easier. You need to shampoo and condition your hair regularly. There are several hair-and beard oils and serum in the market and you need to use those to look good. It is needless to say that to trim a v-shaped beard, you need to follow proper grooming rituals.

My Top 3 Beard Trimmers

Bevel Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Braun Beard Trimmer BT5265







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A premium trimmer. Used by many barbers.

Too many accessories. Good starter trimmer due to the manual guards.

Comes with razor as a bonus. Easy dial for precision trimming.

Importance of a stylist to trim a v-shaped beard

If you want to get a particularly shaped beard then it is always suggested to visit a stylist. If you want v shape beard for a round face then a stylist can give you the suggestion so that you can come up with a well-shaped beard. You need to find a stylist and for that, you need to consider the following qualities.

  • You need to look for a stylist who has experience in styling beard so you need to look for a salon which is specialized in styling beard. I’ve found that going to a “general” hairdresser quite does not “cut” it (pun intended).
  • Having experience is not all as to trim a v-shaped or any shape beard, one needs the skill to do it. Not everyone’s beard is the same but to bring the shape a stylist needs to be skilled so that they can give you the desired shape.
  • While you went to trim a v-shaped beard, you need to know that there are different styles in it. Only a stylist can help you out regarding what v-shape will look good or what is currently trending. I would recommend you following a good bunch of beard profiles on Instagram to get inspired (hey, why not @turbobearded?).
  • Lastly, you need to find a stylist or a barber that you connect with. Since you sit in that chair for about an hour you do not want the chatter to be boring. Barbers have the most amazing stories, so go out and found the barbers that are closest to you!

What do I do if I want to trim at home?

If you want to trim a v-shaped beard at home then you need to get a trimmer that will do the work. You need to get the trimmer but if you are confused to get one then follow the tips given below.

  • Buy a wireless trimmer that has multiple modes and trim-guard sizes.
  • The blade of the trimmer has to be supreme in quality so that it can do its job. The cheap ones usually last for only about a year before they become quite bad.
  • You need a trimmer that has the facility to change the blade.
  • A trimmer must have the capacity to retain charge so that you do not face a disaster while trimming short v-shaped beard styles.

Lastly, you can take a look at my list at the top of this article. There are my top 3 picks beard trimmers. Please take time and buy yourself a quality trimmer. Trimmers that cost around 10$ only last about a year or so, and will start to cut bad fairly quickly.


What IS a v-shaped beard actually?

A v-shaped beard is just that, it’s a beard sculpted as a V. Some would argue (myself included) that this is the best-looking beard style out there.

How to take care of v-shaped beard?

You need to keep trimming to keep in shape. I’ve found that if you want to keep it neat and tidy, you need to trim it about every 1-2 weeks, to get rid of hairs that are straying from your beard.

Do I have to use beard oil?

Yes yes and yes! If you do not use beard oil, your skin will eventually get dried up, and you will start to get really bad itching. Also, good quality beard oils help your skin underneath to get nourishments and will somewhat help with beard growth, especially if you have dry skin.

How can I trim regularly?

if you have read this far gone in this article, I think you are ready to try trimming your beard. Take slow steps, and be sure to use a good quality beard trimmer. You do NOT want a dull trimmer in your beard. I’ve tried it and got the t-shirt!


So, these are the things that you need to know if you want to give shape to your beard. You need to check v-shape beard images to choose a style that will go with your personality. If you are doing it at home then you need to be very careful with every stroke, remember long strokes with the trimmer! This is the reason you are asked to visit a stylist. Once you get the shape then you can trim it by following the shape. You need to have a professional trimmer because a good trimmer can work smoothly and will not give you any trouble.

I will not BS you that I can make the perfect v-shaped beard myself. I myself also visit my barber and we sculpt the shape, then I try to maintain it to the best of my ability until it’s time to book another sitting with my barber. Usually, I keep my shape for about 2-3 months without needing a barber to help out. However, this takes practice to learn!

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