How Long Do You Leave Beard Oil In? Surprising facts!

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Getting a beard like that of Jason Momoa is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, with a bit of attention and care, you can turn the tables in your favor.

When talking about taking care of the beard, it would be unfair if we don’t include beard oil as they really are the growth boosters for your beard.

Beard oils are really effective if you know the right way to use them. A lot of people have a query about how long do you leave beard oil in.

As a general rule, beard oil does not require hours to do the deed as it absorbs in your skin quickly and starts its work right away. You can layer your beard oil with other products after 5-10 minutes, as it only takes this long to soak it all up.

Now that you have gotten a sneak peek of the trailer, ready for the movie? Well, buckle up because you are in for an oily treat.

Why Should You Leave The Beard Oil In?

Beard oil most certainly is not a wash-off treatment, so you need to keep it in for a tiny little while so your skin can absorb the oil.

If you wash the beard oil immediately after applying, you will not see any apparent benefits because it is meant to get inside the skin.

Beard oils usually have conditioning formulas meant to make your beard super-healthy and incredibly hydrated, so give them some time.

Moreover, you leave the beard oil in because only then you can get all the goodness from the ingredients of that oil.

Certain ingredients take a little longer to start their work, so you might have to wait for a while before going on with another product or before washing your face.

When you leave the beard oil in your skin, it does feel greasy, and many people, me included, get annoyed by that but know that it is working.

If you are worried that leaving the beard oil in will make your skin oilier than it already is, get a beard oil that is suitable for your skin type.

Beard Oil At Noon

This question addresses many factors, such as the brand of oil you are using the oil or the quantity of oil.

So, ideally, you can leave the beard oil in for like 5-10 minutes before topping it off with a moisturizer or sunscreen.

When you are going out and don’t want to look all greasy, apply the beard oil for at least one hour before going out.

Now, when you are all set to go, just wash your face and apply SPF and moisturizer, and you are all set to go.

This method helps you lock in all the goodness from the beard oil without having to look greasy in the whole event.

You can also use a gentle and mild cleanser if your skin still feels greasy after washing your face. But, make sure that you are treating your beard gently.

Beard Oil At Night

Men usually apply beard oil twice a day, just like good old-fashioned medicine. Morning and night timing are the most common among them because why not?

You need to leave the beard oil in overnight so your skin can really get some benefits from it, and the oil gets some extra time to keep up the good work.

But, once you wake up, wash your face right away because you really don’t want your face to look like a can of grease all day.

Okay, so when it comes to leaving the beard oil in at night, it is all about how you layer your products and what your skincare routine is.

sleeping man

You can add the beard oil just before your moisturizer, and that is it. Also, as discussed earlier, you need to wait for a while before topping oil with another product.

Now, the question is that whether you should leave your beard oil in overnight or not. Beard oils have chemicals, so they can potentially damage your beard if you leave them in for longer.

Even if you are using organic beard oil, leaving it in for more than 7-8 hours will not benefit your skin and may also cause breakouts.

That is why it is advised to leave the oil overnight but not extend the duration more.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Beard Oil?

The best time of the day to apply beard oil is just after you take a cozy and relaxing morning shower.

The warm morning showers open up the bores and also make your beard hair really soft if you have noticed.

So, when you apply the beard oil right after the shower, it works in a better way, and the hair follicles can absorb the oil more efficiently.

Also, when your skin is all clean and there are no dirt particles inside your pores, the beard oil can penetrate better, and you will see the results by yourself.

But, when showering, make sure that you are not using a poor or cheap shampoo for your beard as it causes dandruff and irritation, which also affects your beard hair growth.

The key to making your beard hair softer for a post-shower regimen is to splash some lukewarm water on your face instead of cold water.

How Much Beard Oil Is Too Much?

Using beard oil is all about personalizing your self-care regimen so, the amount of beard oil you should use also depends upon your own beard.

If you have a really dry and grassy beard that is short, you can use 2 drops, and that will be more than enough to hydrate your beard for the upcoming day.

If you have a soft and short beard, you should be using 1 drop, and it will do the deed. More than one drop will make things all greasy and slippery.

People who have a long and dry beard often need 6 or more than 6 drops of beard oil to moisturize and strengthen their whole beard.

So, it all depends upon the size and type of your beard, nothing else really.

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Things To Know Before Leaving The Beard Oil In

If you are all set to leave your beard oil in for hours, stop right here because I am bringing some really important stuff you need to know; it is for your own safety, homie.

So, let me walk you through all the things you should know and consider before leaving your beard oil in.

1.     It Can Cause Breakouts

Even though beard oils are the magic potions that make our beards lavish and incredibly awesome, they come with drawbacks.

The biggest drawback you can potentially face is breakouts. Yes, your best beard oil can potentially break you out if applied too much or for too long.

People who already have acne-prone skin are much more suspectable of getting breakouts after using beard oil.

So, you might consider using moderate quantities for limited hours to make sure these zit-causing monsters stay away from your skin.

2.     It Can Clog Pores

Beard oil can clog pores if it is comedogenic and contains chemicals that are not suitable to leave into the skin.

If you are going for a beard oil just because it is high-end, stop right there and have a look at whether it is non-comedogenic or not.

Because the oil you are using has any comedogenic ingredients, it will clog your pores real bad.

But, there are a lot of good options for beard oil in the market that contains non-comedogenic ingredients, so always go for them.

So, before leaving the beard oil in, you need to make sure that the beard oil you are using does not clog your pores or else, you are doomed.

3.     Greasy Skin

If you already have oily skin, buckle up because beard oil will effortlessly make your skin look oilier.

It can really make your face greasy and sweaty, so beard oil is the best option for you if you are up for that.

If you are using beard oil, the sebum in your skin will also increase, and the worst-case scenario is that you will face acne.

4.     Sunlight Sensitivity

Once you apply beard oil, you cannot go to the sunlight because it will literally toast your greased-up face.

Sunscreen is a must under all circumstances, but after using beard oil, you need to use sunscreen with better efficiency and more sun protection factor.

Never Forget Sunscreen!


Leaving or not leaving beard oil in might not sound that big of a deal, but a lot goes into it.

You need to see whether you can apply it at night or not or what are the potential side effects of leaving the beard oil in.

So, it is better to buy a beard oil that is of good quality and has premium ingredients to stay safe from all the side effects.

Moreover, take good care of your beard because it really is the first thing most people notice in you. Keeping it neat and tidy, makes your overall appearance so much higher!

So, have a happy beard care day my brothers!

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