Home Remedies for a Patchy Beard: What are Your Options?

Home Remedies for a Patchy Beard: What are Your Options?

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Men often deal with a patchy beard. Here in this article, you are going to get an idea of what home remedies for a patchy beard, that you can try out!

Having a patchy beard is a nightmare to all men. Every man dreams of having a thick and dense beard on their face. So what can you do with home remedies for a patchy beard? The specialty of home remedies is that you will not have to face any side effects and these remedies are cost-effective at the same time.

As a matter of fact, there is a lot to choose from in your household to try out to better your chances to grow that amazing beard. You need to check what you are eating, start a good routine for your hygiene, and start to exercise! All in all, these things are good for your whole body, and not just for your beard. So either way, it is a win-win situation for you!

So, let’s break down each and every topic and discuss what you can do!

Healthy eating

If you have a patchy beard and want to get rid of it, you need to stay healthy inside out. In that case, you need to eat healthily. Healthy eating is considered one of the best home remedies for a patchy beard. When you intake nutritious food, it will show on your face and also your body! You will see a visible change in your skin and hair.

Your diet must include an equal amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. You need to include all kinds of vitamins in your diet so that you can see the benefits. Besides having a healthy diet, you need to renounce unhealthy junk food like Pizza, burgers, etc. Of course, you can still have them on your menu, but try to diverse your food intake! Remember the saying, “you are what you eat“? Yeah, that still applies my friend!

Applying natural oil

You need to rely on beard oil as you already know oil is the best thing for your hair and beard. You will get to see several advertisements on beard oil but not all oils are good for your beard. You need something that will induce the growth of the beard so that it looks uniform.

Be very cautious when you are browsing your local supermarket for beard oil. I’ve found that if I got for “recognizable” brands that do not specialize in beard products, they tend to dilute and add a bunch of ingredients and chemicals that really aren’t necessary at all. I mean, it’s just beard oil, meaning it should contain essential oil, carrier oil, and maybe some fragrance. That should pretty much be all the ingredients that should be in a good quality beard oil.

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But, back to the topic, castor oil for a patchy beard will work great in that case. But, you need to get your hands on the natural castor oil so that you see the visible result. However, you need to be consistent with the application. You need to choose a brand that offers good quality oil and try them out. Each beard oil has a different scent to it, and as we are not all alike, some scents that I might like, you might dislike. And since beard oil is quite cheap, this isn’t really an issue. Also while you are purchasing beard oil, you must check the ingredient list. You need to choose a product that has no harmful chemicals in it. By doing so, you reduce the chances of your skin flaring up due to any chemicals in it.


Men often stay away from regular beauty routines, which often pushes them to deal with a patchy beard. If you are interested in what remedies you can do at home for your patchy beard, you need to do exfoliation twice a week. If you exfoliate your skin, it will remove the dead skin and it will open the pores. It will help the new hair to come out from the patches. If you want your beard to grow faster, then you need to unclog the pores. Also, this will work wonders for your skin anyway! Again, a win-win situation.

You can make your scrubber at home because the scrubber you get at the market often has chemicals in it. You can use regular sugar and coconut oil, then mix it with oil and apply it to your face. You can also make coffee scrub for your face as well and you need to scrub in a light hand. A plus to making a coffee scrub is that it smells absolutely amazing!

Regular exercise

You may be wondering what the connection between a patchy beard and exercise is. It is very important to know that exercise improves blood circulation and that promotes hair growth. Blood circulation helps in growth, which is why you need to know that blood circulation is the good overall growth of the human body.

Exercise is the root of a lot of positive benefits in your body. If you ever gained weight (I know I have), you’ll start to notice that you will feel your energy levels drain quicker, and just daily tasks can feel overpowering. Luckily, according to experts, if you start to work out regularly, you can expect an increase in your lifespan and you will also see your quality improvement in both your skin and hair! That’s pretty neat, so you really don’t have an excuse to sit around.

Coconut oil massage

While we are talking about home remedies for your patchy beard, you need to consider the coconut oil massage, as it will help you improve the beard’s texture. Coconut oil also nourishes and you need nourishment. You need to massage coconut oil regularly and massage will also improve important blood circulation. You need to get your hands on the right kind of coconut oil so that the product can provide the nourishment you need.

Applying onion juice

It is said that onion juice for a patchy beard is very effective. It induces the hair follicle on your face. According to experts, onion juice contains vitamin C, zinc, sulfur, calcium, etc. which are good for hair growth.

This claim, however, isn’t scientifically proven. If you look around, you see many people claiming having had positive results by either rubbing onion juice on their face or even drinking it. If I were you, I would look to this advice as to the last step. Imagine going around smelling like an onion…yikes!

Patience, patience, and patience

If you are wondering how to grow beard home remedies, you must have the patience to grow a beard. It takes time to grow a beard so you cannot be impatient with it. Some barbers suggest getting full shaved and then growing the beard because it helps cover up the patches on your face.

Microneedling / dermarollers

Microneedling is one of the new kids on the block. Microneedling is where you have a roller, packed with tons and tons of very small needles, and you roll it over your designated area. This has been used to treat alopecia, atrophic scars, actinic keratoses, and other pigmentation disorders. This increases blood flow in that particular area and could help with hair growth. Especially if combined with healthy serums or topical solutions.

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A study from 2017 suggests that there may be some truth to the claim that microneedling helps with hair growth. However, it also states that there is needed to do more studies to determine its effects on how effective microneedling is.

Things you need to consider

Taking care of your beard means self-care, which is why you need to consider a few things. It is essential that you need to check some things while you are going to get any kind of product. You need to look out for good quality products and you need to check whether there is no chemical in them.

On the other hand, it is essential to stay groomed all the time to gradually grow the healthy habit. It is needed that you look for a place where you will get a good quality product. You need to do your research while you are buying beard grooming products. I would suggest bookmarking this website, to keep learning about good quality products or other beard-hacks available!


Can I use hair oil on my beard?

No, the texture of the hair and beard is different.

How do I know that beard oil is safe for the skin?

You need to do a patch taste on your elbow, or a small portion of your face.

Can I use a serum?

You can use a serum but make sure it is for the beard only.

When to use the oil?

In the morning, or after a shower with towel dry beard.

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