How to Grow a Beard Faster As a Teenager: The QUICK Way!

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Being a teenager means saying Hi to many new changes in life and one wants to experience all those changes faster and quicker. Having the desire for being a man with a beard is also one of them. Getting older is one of the prime wishes and they are very impatient about it.

To grow the beard faster, teenagers should take a proper diet and should clean their face regularly. Cleaning of the face helps in the removal of dust, germs, and other dead cells present on the surface of your skin. A proper diet includes vitamins and minerals which are good for your beard growth and your entire body. Along with that, one should also choose the skin products carefully.

How to grow beard faster as a teenager

Do not take the stress and sleep well

Stress is a common problem nowadays and therefore, it is the reason for many growing health diseases and health problems. Stress is one of those things that really can mess your body up in all sorts of ways.

Yes, the world is growing very fast and everyone is a part of the race and it has become difficult for the growing generation to relax and chill in such an environment.

But that’s surely not impossible, have some “me time” and do what you love to do. Read books, listen to music, or do anything else you are good at.

Along with all that a night of good sleep should never be ignored. For teenagers, average sleep of about 8 to 10 hours is considered good sleep.

When you sleep your body can relax from a tough schedule and hence will be subjected to good body growth and good beard growth.

Physical exercise

Doing physical activities such as exercise can help in growing the beard faster and quicker. The teenagers who want to have thick and good beards should do weight lighting.

By such activities the hormone testosterone production increase in the body.

This hormone i.e. testosterone when release, enhances hair production. Hence one can grow and make a beard quickly. Physical exercises not only help in beard faster growth but also helps in keeping the body fit and healthy.

Keep your skin clean and healthy

To enhance the teenage beard growth stage there is a requirement of cleaning the face properly. You should wash your face properly at least once a day if you want to grow your beard faster as a teenager.

The use of warm water while cleaning the face would be a bonus to this activity. As the use of warm water help in faster removal of germs and dead cell from the surface of the skin as compared to the cold one.

The opening of pores on the skin is enhanced by warm water use. You also need to apply a cleanser for cleaning the excessive oil and dust from your face.

When the hair follicles are cleaned the right way, so the hair growth will automatically be increased. Use of gel and soap is also recommended if not a cleanser.

Doing massage

To make your beard grow faster massaging could be a very good technique. By massaging with lotion or oil the blood circulation increases in those parts. There are however different opinions whether this works or not, but hey, the worst thing is that you get a face massage.

This enhanced flow of blood will help teenagers to grow the beard quickly. Exfoliating cream is also good for massaging. Teenagers are advised to try this massaging trick at home for good beard growth.

Growing beard faster at home

Applying moisturizer

Moisturizers can help you to grow your beard faster. Choose the moisturizer that contains eucalyptus in it. Eucalyptus is good at keeping skin hydrated for a longer time. The rough patches can therefore be treated and removed.

Once the rough patches are removed the growth of the beard gets faster and quicker. So, this tip should surely be used by teenagers.

Once your skin becomes softer and hydrated it would serve as a good dermis for beard growth. At home, you can easily apply the moisturizer one or two times a day. You can add this to your morning and nighttime routine. You already do brush your teeth, don’t you? Add this step just as you get ready for your day, or for your bed.

Castor oil on the skin: Glorious Beard Oil

One of the tips to grow a beard faster as a teenager includes applying castor oil on the cheeks. The castor oil helps a lot in growing the beard.

Castor oil assist in the activation of EP3 prostanoid receptors which is required for prostaglandin E2. The castor oil that you are using should be firstly checked before applying.

Because the castor oil needs to be diluted. For dilution purposes, both DMSO and ethanol can be used.

The reason why castor oil should be diluted is that if it is not diluted so skin cannot absorb it properly and for proper beard growth in teenagers, proper absorption is necessary.

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Avoid trimming

People say that by shaving the teenagers can grow their beards faster, but that is not at all true. Because science has never proven any such point which says that by shaving or trimming you can make your beard grow faster.

If you keep patience and avoid trimming your beard for a long time so it would be good. If teenager allows their beard to grow naturally on cheeks so it would be proven to be advantageous for them.

You could become irritated by this action but when you will see yourself in the mirror with such a good beard so you will forget about your irritation.

All you need to do is just wait for about 3 to 5 weeks and be patient about it. Try it once it will surely help you to grow your beard faster. A helpful piece of advice that I use a lot; use a beard balm to style your beard. This will help with all the stray hairs, and it will keep your beard looking fresh and tidy.

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Intake for quicker beard growth in teenagers

All the growth depends on the intake the person is taking. For healthy growth, one should surely have a good and healthy diet.

Teenagers should have clean food and good intakes to make their beards grow faster. The intake of good food would direct the good diet which is necessary for good growth.

A protein diet

Having protein intake in food is a good addition to the diet and this will also help the teenager to grow their beard faster. Such diets are not only helpful in growing a beard but also for growing good hairs on the head.

Protein act as the building block of the body and have many important biological functions. At the teenage beard growth stage, therefore, a protein diet will firmly accompany you.

No matter if you are vegetarian or nonvegetarian the protein is found in both types of food sources because protein is an important component of life.

If you want to grow your beard faster so you should take meat and eggs into your diet. One can also have nuts, beans, and pulses as they are also rich in protein.

Vitamin intake

Your vitamin intake is also very important for healthy body growth and hence healthy hair growth. Vitamin deficiency could be a reason if you are not able to make your beard grow faster.

Teenagers should consider such a diet which will are rich in vitamins. Vitamins are really important for the normal development of the body.

Vitamin B12, B1, and B6 are some essential vitamins needed for growing beards. The introduction of supplements and vitamins in the diet is a very good addition for teenagers and also for children and adults.

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Biotin is good for growing hair more quickly. It is also believed to be a very useful addition to the growth of nails as well. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and it helps in the metabolism of glucose and protein. Synthesis of carbohydrates and lipids also requires biotin.

For vitamin intake, one should also consider the introduction of fruits in a daily diet. Fruits such as bananas are rich in vitamins and are very nutritious for our bodies.

The most common observation shows that teenagers do not take plenty of fruits in their diet, which is surely not cool.

Eat your greens!

A good and balanced diet is the primary trick to a healthy life. If teenagers want to grow their beard faster so they should take such a diet which also includes vegetables.

Green and leafy vegetables are very superior in growing hair. Along with green vegetables, other vegetables like carrots also provide many benefits for teenagers.


If teenagers want to grow their beards faster so they should take good care of the skin by cleaning it regularly and by applying moisturizer on their cheeks.

At age of 17 or 18, you should also start to exercise in some form. Next, having a stress-less day and sleeping well is good for both body and beard.

Lastly what you eat matters the most so have an enriched diet and avoid eating junk food. Your body, and your beard, will thank you for it.

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