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Personality has a significant impact on employee’s behavior at the workplace. Your personality depicts your passion for work. A good-looking person is always appreciated. And, accordingly, many companies make policies to use their employees to increase their business by binding them to do something they were not supposed to do.

Although policies vary from company to company, here we will discuss can your company force you to be clean-shaven.

Yes, a company can force you to be clean-shaven. Some companies are strictly bound to their guidelines regarding looks and dressing. Like some want proper dress code, or others don’t allow to keep long hairs and beard. Hence, your boss,  from any legal perspective,  may ask you to cut your beard if it is required.  If the organization you work for has any such policy, they can make you clean-shaven. 

Can a company force you to be clean Shaven?

 It depends on your work line. Every company has rules and regulations in their contracts, and it also depends on the state and conditions in the work environment.

For example:

  1. In Foodservice, Hygiene is a top priority, so you are asked to keep your surroundings clean and yourself. So yes. You have to agree with companies’ policy.
  2. When it’s a matter of your safety, you are forced to clean your shave. If you are working in a chemical company, you have to wear a mask, no matter how to prevent poisonous gas. In the case of a long beard, you can’t cope up with the job requirements. Therefore, to be clean-shaven Should not be more important than your life.
  3. life saving jobs like Firefighters, Rescue teams have mandatory use of masks. To avoid an encounter with gas or liquid while saving someone’s life. So, a proper beard would be feasible with a mask on the face.
  4. Working in military service, growing Long Beard is not allowed. In the police and military service, your presentable personality is a priority.
  5. Sale companies like pharmaceutical are bounds with dress codes and good looks. So long beards are not allowed there too. 

To keep a beard is not a bad thing, but it should be presentable. An unkempt appearance is not acceptable. But the main point is that can a company implicate their beard rules on you or not.

As mentioned above, it is always written on the contract that you are allowed some things or not. Upon signing that contract, you are hired.

It’s up to you to accept or reject those terms and policies, so be careful when signing.

If they have told you earlier, they can force you to be clean-shaven by following their rules. But they can’t implement their practices on you or can’t threaten you to follow them.

Because it is your personal choice to keep a beard, however, try to compromise with the company by keeping your length and style aside; through this, you can earn respect in their eyes too.

Can an employee deny being clean-shaven?

A nicely trimmed and perfectly manicured beard looks like a well-maintained garden. It’s your choice to look like a forest or pleasant garden. 

Although you have agreed with the terms and conditions of the company’s look policy, they still can’t force you to work on it. But sometimes, you are invited on a non-contact role at hiring time, and they don’t pay head on your appearance for this purpose.

However, if the company plans to promote you on the next level, their policies should b followed strictly for a better future. Although A well-groomed look is more attractive for clients, you can still deny being clean-shaven due to some factors.

Religious prejudice

There are certain religions in the world, which don’t allow males to cut their beards. And, of course, you can’t ignore that rule.

So, yes, if it is a matter of religion, you can deny your employer to follow his instructions. And your boss can not require it, in any case.

For example, no one will force you to cut your beard for religious purposes in the USA, even in prison. So, companies usually don’t impose such rules.

Medical conditions.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) is a continuous irritation because of shaving. And therefore, people suffering from PFB don’t shave amid irritation.

Due to severe acne, you can’t use a razor or trimmer on your face. And to be clean-shaven is not possible.

So, if your medical conditions are hitting hard and you are becoming a failure in following their policies, then clearly state your problem in front of the employer that you cannot put your health at risk.

Personal choice

If you are happy and satisfied with your looks and are not ready to give up on this, you can say No to your employer in a mannered way.

But if you keep your style perfect with basic professional manners, it will add plus points to your efficiency.

Should you be concerned about grooming in the work environment?

Professional groomed appearance plays an essential role in gaining a positive impression and respect in the workplace.

Famous saying First impressions matters create an impact on customers and potential clients.

Having a long beard does not make you less respectable, but grooming can place the ball in your court at the workplace.

So yes, you should be concerned about your personal and professional grooming; it will bring value to your workplace.

A person with a defined beard or clean shave, a well-set hairstyle, and a dress code will attract more clients than the person with rough looks and grown stubble.

Grooming at the workplace is not rocket science. Being an employee, you have to work on some essential tips that will enhance your professional elegance.

  1. Wear a proper dress code
  2. Either be clean-shaven or give your beard a well-defined look instead of an impact beard.
  3. Set your hair with gel and setting spray
  4. Keep a smile on your face while interacting with clients. This helps a lot!
  5. Confidence makes you more attractive. So be confident in the workplace. It will give you a sense of professionalism.

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Can an employer legally require you to be clean-shaven? 

In Some companies, the employer has a legal authority to fire an employee for not following company discipline. If your boss has fired you just because of your beard, then you can sue your employer for discrimination. 

But if your organization has a strict grooming policy in the workplace and has mentioned it on contract paper.

Then on firing, the fault will be yours because You took the job and were aware of the grooming standard, and agreed to abide by those means.

Although They can’t make you shave on legal grounds, they can flip you the card when hiring you. However, it is suggested to read your policy at the time of hiring So that no one can bother you in the future. 

Grooming is the key to success.

While looking at the surrounding, we can observe, a well-settled person keeps his personality perfectly. It does not matter that you are rich or poor, but if you have groomed yourself gradually, success is in your way. 

Your appearance appeals to others you so it should be thoughtful. Here we will discuss why well-dressed men are more likely to be successful. 

  • You are confident among your peers

Your personality boosts your confidence.

The more you are good-looking, the more you will have the confidence to face people and realize your work potential.

A confident man has a sense of control which makes him different from others.

  • Make impressions quickly

Life gives one chance only, and if you avail that chance, you make your life heaven on earth. In business or companies, people with good looking personalities get more opportunities to work with professionals than others 

  • Possess a sense of self-esteem 

A person becomes successful because he believes in his abilities. He knows that he can conquer this world, And his constant belief makes him successful. No one believes in you more than yourself. And if you become your great believer, you radiate self-esteem to others.

  • They becomes attention seeker.

A person with a well-groomed personality, sharp mindset, and self-esteem become able to draw attention from others, good or bad.

  • Trustworthy

Each company has its way of communication. Some work strictly on their employees’ looks while others focus on speeches and briefing.

But there are also such companies who applaud the well-dressed person and make him a top priority and represents him as their best employee in front of other FC 

  • Stand out in the crowd

The confidence of a successful person gives him the power to stand out in the crowd. They draw their lines and make sure that no one could cross.


Every Company has its own rules and regulations and most of the time, they are mentioned in their handbook. So, while signing your confirmation letter of that company, be aware of every rule.

Although Grooming increases your chances of success and clean-shaven people are more likely to be understood. However, if because of any issue an employee cannot cope up with the Company, then the owner should give some relief for his employees. As long as you keep yourself tidy and neat, most companies will not have an issue with having stubble or a small beard.

On the other hand, an employee should focus on his personality according To His workplace. Both employee and employer will guarantee success in the long run!

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