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Shaving myths are all over the internet these days, and one of these myths is that if you shave your beard, it will grow back thicker.

As a general rule no, shaving does not affect the thickness or growth rate of the beard. The beard might seem thicker after shaving because shaving makes the tip of beard hair blunt. So, when the beard grows again, this blunt tip might feel thicker and darker.

If you are still thinking that shaving can make your beard thick, read this article until the very end, and you will get over this superstition. Let’s cut to the chase and get into the good stuff right away.

Can Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker?

As stated earlier, it’s sadly just a myth, and shaving does not make your beard grow thicker, and you might not want to shave your beard just so it grows back thicker constantly. 

It is not just a statement, but a reputed study in 1928 even proved that the thickness of a beard has nothing to do with shaving it.

It is only an illusion or a feeling that your beard has suddenly grown back thicker so, you must not fall for it because it will cost you your well-grown beard.

People also hear it from their friends and end up believing it, and friends not always are a credible source of information because shaving most certainly does not help you grow a thick beard.

Usually, people fall for this myth because, initially, the beard growth looks a little different after shaving. After all, your newly growing hair looks coarser and darker.

man applying beard oil

People with lighter skin easily notice that their hair growth is darker and coarser and just assume that their beard has magically become thicker.

This myth can affect your grooming, and you might start shaving more often, which means you won’t be giving enough time to your beard for growing properly.

Imagine, more than 90 years earlier, it was proved that shaving does not affect the thickness of your beard, and the myth is still surviving.

It shows how badly men want a thicker beard but, if you are also looking for a thicker beard, then many other ways can opt that are not related to shaving.

Why Can You Not Grow A Fuller Beard?

If you are not getting a fuller beard despite trying everything and now you want to give a go to the shaving myth, then wait up because there are certain reasons you cannot grow a beard.

If you are eating enough nutrients, it can have a drastic effect on your beard, and your beard won’t grow back thicker.

Genes are also an important factor that can potentially affect the growth of your beard because if you have a thin beard in genes, you might not be able to grow a thicker beard easily.

Also, if you have a beard care routine that is harsh or contains harmful ingredients, then it can result in the falling of beard hair and further thinning.

The growth cycle can also cause falling of beard hair because your beard hairs have completed their life cycle, and now, new beard hair will take their place.

blonde beard man standing with arms crossed.

During this process, you might feel like your beard is thinning, resulting in your beard not being thick.

Low testosterone levels are another reason you cannot grow thicker beard hair because this hormone is mainly responsible for the growth of your beard.

Having an unclean beard also results in thinning of your beard hair because dirt can result in the build-up and affect the growth and thickness of your beard.

Having alopecia is a nightmare if you love a thick beard because it can result in bald patches, and you might not be able to grow the beard of your dreams.

You can cope up with all these reasons and get a thick beard on if you are patient and consistent because you will not grow a great beard overnight.

Taking care of your beard consistently and using good-quality products will pay off and give you a thicker beard growth, so never lose hope and keep trying.

How To Grow A Thicker Beard Without Having To Shave?

You don’t necessarily have to shave if you want a thick and luxurious beard because you can always grow a beard with much more effective methods than shaving.

Keep reading to find out just the right ways to help you grow a thicker beard without having to shave it constantly.

Do Not Shave! (Obviously)

Yes, it is right. You are not supposed to shave your beard for a few months if you want it to grow back thicker and healthier.

If you shave your beard constantly, you will not see whether your beard tends to grow faster or thicker.

If you leave your beard for a while and let it grow on its own, it will be much thicker and better than you have imagined.

You need to let your beard grow for at least 3-4 months, and after that, you can shave it, and you will see the noticeable thickness in your beard hair.

Better Skin, Thicker Beard

It is apparent that if you have better skin, your beard will grow faster and thicker, but men usually don’t pay heed to their skin which results in a patchy beard or dandruff.

If your primary goal is a thick and luxurious beard, then you need to take care of your skin and invest in a skincare routine according to your skin type.

Moisturize your skin so it stays well-hydrated and nourished, which is good for thicker beard growth.

Using an exfoliator can also help you with thicker beard growth because physical exfoliation can help better circulation and remove dead skin cells.

But, make sure that you are not overdoing the exfoliation and use a physical exfoliator only once or maximum twice a week because it can dry out your skin.

When your skin is healthy with all these products, you will notice that beard growth has also increased, and it will all be worth your effort.

Clean Eating Is The Key

It might sound strange but eating clean and healthy foods is the easiest way to help you grow a thicker beard.

Having a balanced diet will keep the hormonal issues at bay, and if your hormones are in mint condition, your beard will also grow thicker.

If you eat enough proteins daily, it will make your beard thicker and healthier and help you get rid of a patchy beard.

All the foods that tend to increase testosterone levels in your body are supposed to be incorporated into your diet because they can make your beard grow thicker.

Vitamins and minerals are also an essential part of your diet, and if you have a deficiency, you might not get a thick beard so, start munching on the vitamins right away.

Go For Beard Oils

Beard oils can make your beard grow quicker and thicker, but you must have an original and good-quality beard oil because there are a lot of dupes available in the market.

If you have an allergy and dandruff in your beard, it can result in a patchy beard. So, to make your beard thicker, all you need to do is apply beard oil.

The application of beard oil is also very easy, and you should apply it regularly after taking a shower.

Good-quality beard oil moisturizes your beard and helps it cope with the dryness usually caused by environmental changes and weather conditions.

Also, to get the most out of your beard oil, make sure that it is infused with natural ingredients, especially jojoba oil, which is responsible for a thicker growth of the beard.

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Use Beard-Care Products

Using a good-quality shampoo and conditioner is the best gift you can give to your beard as such products will help it grow thicker.

A gentle and free shampoo from harmful ingredients will be a perfect way to clean your beard and keep dandruff at bay, resulting in thick growth.

Also, it is better to use organic shampoo and conditioners for your beard because they contain natural ingredients that can transform your beard game.

Even if you are using a gentle shampoo, make sure not to use it daily because over-application of products can also result in a patchy beard.

Also, you can use a serum as well for better and thicker growth of your beard, but the serum needs to be of high quality and packed with ingredients that can induce better beard growth.

Drink A Lot Of Water

It may sound general, but you need to drink a lot of water if you want to get a thick and healthy beard.

This water will hydrate your body, and a well-hydrated body is a healthy body. Drinking water also gives you healthy skin.

And when you have healthier skin, the beard that grows on the skin will also be healthy and thick; it is that simple.

You need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day if you want your beard to grow thicker and faster.

Use A Good-Quality Razor

The razor you are using also has an impact on how your beard hair will grow back, and if you are going for a thick beard, you need to consider this factor as well.

Ensure that the razor or trimmer you are using is of high quality, but if you are using a disposable razor, make sure to throw it away after a few uses.

Good-quality razors and trimmers also help you get a closer shave and smooth finish which can help you get your thick beard goals.

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Don’t Shave it all, Just Trim and Shape!

As you are not supposed to shave your beard when aiming for a thick beard, trimming is just the right choice.

But, if you don’t know how to trim, it is better to visit a professional barber because the trim is all it takes to make or break the style of your beard.

You just need to trim your beard from the neckline and cheek line and let the rest of the beard grow properly.

When you do this type of trim, you won’t have to shave because your beard will be looking neat and when you grow a beard for longer, it automatically looks thick and luxurious.

What Is The Right Way To Shave Then?

If you still want to shave your beard for thicker growth, then make sure that you are shaving properly.

If you don’t pay enough attention to shaving, it can result in:

  • Ingrown hair
  • Inflammation
  • Itchiness
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Razor burns
  • Cuts

These sound scary, right? So, if you want to avoid them, then you need to follow certain steps while shaving your beard.

First of all, wash your face properly and ensure there is no dirt or build-up on your face. Also, clean the razor that you are using thoroughly.

It is best to use shaving foam or shaving gel because it provides a smoother and easier shave, and you are also safe from the cuts.

Go with the flow now, which means go in the direction of your hair growth. Keep shaving gently, and make sure you are not pressing too hard because it can result in cuts.

Make sure that you are not using a dull razor because it can also cause irritation and cuts. Throw the razors after using them a few times.

It is time for a cold-water rinse because it helps a lot with the redness and initial irritation that you usually experience after shaving your beard.

You are done with shaving your beard and just give an ending touch to it by applying aftershave or moisturize and voila.


You don’t grow a thicker beard out of the blue, not at least with constant shaving so, give up shaving for a few months if your goal is a thicker beard.

The simple rule for better beard growth is to take care of yourself and your beard. This rule might take some time, but you will get there.

Also, don’t fall for the myths about beard growth because certain myths can even harm your beard.

Peace out!

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