Do You Really Need a Beard Brush? What to look for!

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The question of proper grooming of the beard has brought out many issues such as brushing needs. You should use the right bristle brush for your beard to get the proper results. The important thing is to ensure that you establish the right routine when it comes to brushing your beard for that amazing results.

The beard is prone to getting dirt from food and dust and thus one of the effective ways to get rid of such is to ensure proper brushing. If you have a longer beard, you probably know what I’m talking about here. Small particles stuck on your beard can be done away with through brushing.

Besides, brushing your beard will provide direction of your facial hair for an organized beard. This is an art everyone wishing to keep a long beard should be prepared to put in practice daily. When brushing the bead is done right, you will start noticing a much happier beard.

Do I Need a Beard Brush?

Many people will ask do I need a beard brush? The answer is an outright yes, yes and yes. A brush will be a great addition to everyone who wants to keep their beard hygienic and clean. It is something you would need to get used to as you strive to ensure that you have the right grooming for your beard. I would recommend you getting at least two brushes. One with a handle, and one that fits in an overnight bag.

It is equally important to know the type of brush you would need for an ideal outcome. There are many brushes you can find in the market today which widen the scope of choosing the ideal one for your needs. A beard brush would be a useful tool when it comes to maintaining your beard during the growth period. This is a purchase that you will not regret while growing your beard.

What is Beard Brushes For?

Making use of the right beard brush will ensure that you achieve both health and appearance needs. Using a brush in your beard is crucial for conditioning as well as for cleaning purposes for dirt that would have trapped on your whiskers.

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar

Good brush for daily usage

Seven Potions Beard Brush
Works well for daily use as well, but I would reommend this for an overnight bag.

A brush is used to ensure even distribution of natural oils within the skin area covered by the beard for enhanced health needs to achieve a thicker and fuller appearance for your beard. A brush can as well be used to pull out dead skin cells and built-up oils under the beard to promote beard growth. A beard brush can as well be used during the early growth stages to provide direction for the whiskers.

Does Brushing a Beard Help it Grow?

The subject around brushing your beard and how that influences its growth is something for discussion. The beard brushing process involves activities that indirectly would enhance facial hair growth. This means that there is a direct link between brushing your beard and the level of growth.

Brushing your beard will ensure that the whiskers achieve growth potential by removing unwanted and loose hair and create sufficient room and an environment for the beard to flourish. The exfoliation which results from brushing enhances moisture and blood flow on the beard area which in turn leads to enhanced growth.

If you want to learn more on what to do to make your beard grow, you should really take a look at this article!

When Should I Start Brushing My Beard?

Many men are fascinated by the idea of starting to brush their beards. The rate at which a beard grows varies which determines the appropriate time to start this crucial care process. The ideal time to start brushing your beard is in the early stages which is within the first three weeks. This is when you would get good results from brushing your beard with a bristle brush. Starting early brushing is good for both your beard and skin.

two beard brushes
My daily brushes

With early brushing, you would train your beard in the ideal direction, get rid of weak hair which would eventually fall, ensure oil is well distributed within this region, and exfoliate your beard skin. It is thus appropriate to say that starting early brushing for your beard will set the stage for future good results.

Should I Comb my Beard Every Day?

The appearance of your beard depends on how you treat it on daily basis. Combing is an essential practice that will ensure that you get a neat and better beard, meaning that yes, you should absolutely comb it every day. Combing would have a wide range of benefits on your beard if done daily. You would be using beard oil to keep it moisturized which makes combing ideal to distribute such moisture within the beard region.

The desired direction you want your beard to take is determined by how you undertake the process of combing it. Proper combing is crucial if done daily as it will ensure that you get rid of ingrown loose hair which may affect the good image of your beard.

When is the Right Time to Comb Beard?

To get a good outcome from combing your beard, it is important to ensure that you do it consistently, and not a one time thing. When it comes to combing your beard it is very important to do it after you take a shower or wash your beard. However, this should be done once the beard is dry to ensure that it does not result in pulling off facial hair.
I would advise you to put it to the test. Take a shower, towel-dry your beard, and let it dry. You will probably then see your beard go very fluffy :).

The frequency of combing your beard would depend on a wide range of factors including daily activities. One to three times a day would be ideal for combing your beard. The way I comb my beard is that I start from the top, and work my way down. You will notice quite fast what areas that needs more work, depending on what thickness of beard you have.


Maintaining your beard is a task you should be prepared to undertake effectively. This would involve knowing the kind of solution which would work well with your beard. From the type of beard oil you are going to use to the nature of brush for your kind of beard, the process would need to be done in the right manner.

Brushing a beard is a major step in keeping it in good condition and for health reasons. You need to ensure that the brushing and combing of your beard are carried out in the best way possible to have the right results. Get the right bristle brush and comb for your beard and you are good to go.

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