Are beard straighteners bad for your beard?

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Most of us have come across men or celebrities with outstanding beards. Men get in trigged to grow and tame their beards to look as good as what you just saw. A good beard needs proper care and safe grooming products. Most men face beard-related problems like patchy hair, breakages, and slow growth. There are different ways to deal with these problems.

Beard straighteners are used to tame especially the curly beard to make it easy to groom. There are no clear facts that show how the use of beard straightener is good for the beard. The fact that you may know a friend or a family member who uses a straightener to groom their beard, does not make it safe or good for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the dilemma questions that men ask themselves as they use beard straighteners.

Are straighteners bad for your beard?

Beard straightening has both positive and negative implications. Beard straightening is not for everyone. Before deciding to straighten your beard you should weigh on the following factors.

The reason why you may need to straighten your beard.

Desire to have a long beard

Naturally, the beard is curly. With today’s fashion and beard treads, most men feel a longer beard is better. When having an occasion you can straighten your beard to look longer. The look will raise your esteem and stand out in the function.

Adding touch and feel to the beard

Natural beard sometimes becomes abrasive and rough. The men may feel more uncomfortable with the look and feel of their beards. Straightening your beard will make it soft to the touch and sits flat. This allows you to style it the way you want and improve your look.


We would all agree on the much time we spend in the morning grooming. Busy professional and family men need to save as much time as possible for their families. Reducing grooming time can save you a lot. Straightening your beard makes them easy to groom and style. The few minutes saved can be used to talk to the wife or kids before you leave for work.

Also, I’ve found that if you straighten your beard and use some sort of styling product afterward. You will notice that you do not really need to straighten it the morning after. It is still somewhat straightened and this really saves time in a morning work-week routine.

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The reason why you should not straighten your beard.

The beard is naturally dry, by using a straighter will cause the beard to start breaking and become frizzy. The heat in the straightener will damage the surface of the beard and bring more harm than good. A damaged surface will grow weaker hair which may result in beard fall-out.

Straightening the beard may look nice but it does not last for long especially if you will be outdoor the whole day. This means you need to make it a habit in the morning. Constant use of a straightener on your facial hair is harmful damaging.

Why should you even try to incur an extra cost by buying a straightener? You have all other things to keep the beard nourished and healthy. A straightener should not be a priority besides, the heat is not good for the beard.

Is it bad to straighten your beard every day?

Most men with curly beards always have a hard time grooming in the morning. Most will find the easier way out by straightening the beard every day. This may seem quick and giving better result but is not safe. When straightening your facial hair, heat affects the surface of the beard making the hair drier and brittle.

Continuous use of beard straighteners will damage your beard more than taming it. Exposure to the heat will make you experience inching, pimples, and have rough skin. You can straighten the beard once in a while to reduce constant exposure to the heat. By doing this you will have a healthy beard.

Is heat bad for your beard?

Facial hair is more sensitive than normal hair. Straightening the beard exposes the skin and facial hair to the heat produced by the straightener. Facial skin needs to be taken care of to maintain a good beard. The heat makes the skin rough and makes the beard drier and brittle. With continuous exposure of the beard to heat, you will damage it, making the beard hair weak and susceptible to breakage.

Though most manufacturers state that the straighteners have heat controls for beard use, the best thing you can do is to avoid any heat on your beard. If you have to straighten the beard, do it occasionally.

Do beard straighteners work on short beards?

Short beards are easy to groom and maintain. However, some men feel they have to go the extra mile of straightening their short beards. It is not a bad thing to do but consider your alternatives. Some manufactures produce straighteners for a short beard. They have low heat sensitivity to avoid damaging your facial skin and hair.

It is also wise to state that a short beard creates a shorter distance for the heat to travel from the straightener. This makes the skin to be much more exposed to heat than in a long beard. More and high heat intensity directed to the facial hair and skin will ruin the short beard than taming it.

The best way to keep your short beard tamed is by using other safe heat-free products and maintaining hygiene.


Most people always ask themselves whether beard straighteners are worth having or not. The truth is, beard straighteners can work magic on your beard. The same way you see women’s hair transformation after using a hair straightening iron, your beard too will have an amazing look and touch. Most men have an unruly beard and give them too hard to style and groom. You just need to make sure that you have a healthy beard regimen in your schedule!

Straightening your beard will give you a new look and sense of style. The decision is in your hands, but as you do it take care of them too. Limit the number of times you straighten your beard to avoid dryness and breaking the hair. There are products in the market used before straightening to prevent harmful heat effects. With the above discussion, you can weigh the stakes and decide which way to go and keep your beard healthier and good-looking.

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