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Beards can only grow up to a certain length. Once they reach that, the hair starts to release to give way for new hair to grow.

Thanks to current technology, it is entirely possible to permanently remove your beard through a procedure called electrolysis.

Though, it is important to consider your options first before diving chin first to the procedure room. You’re removing your beard permanently, after all.

How long do hairs grow?

It will take around a month for it to fully grow. The frequency also depends on your testosterone levels, the higher it is, the more frequent your beard grows.

Unfortunately, some people may get really annoyed due to frequent hair growth. That’s why it’s easy to consider electrolysis as a permanent solution.

How does Electrolysis work?

What happens is that a probe will be inserted into your hair follicle. An electric current then moves down the probe to destroy the papilla.

The papilla is the one that supplies your hair with nourishment. Nourishment is needed for your hair to grow.

Once your papilla has been destroyed, it can no longer supply the ideal conditions for your hair to grow, thus successfully removing your hair permanently.

However, it may take multiple sessions to completely destroy the papilla of thick and dense beards. Especially if your follicle is curved or distorted.

Is Electrolysis Painful?

It is a generally safe procedure as long as it’s done under professional conditions. Most patients come out with minor side effects such as redness and swelling.

This procedure has also been done as early as 1875, it was invented by Dr. Charles Michel and its original purpose was to treat ingrown eyebrows.

While you might feel some slight discomfort, it is assured that the pain is less than what you would feel with waxing or tweezing.

The pain is subjective, it mostly comes from the disruption of the skin’s moisture. Thus, clients with higher moisture content might experience more pain than others.

To ease the pain of the clients, some clinics use insulated probes to lessen the amount of heat transferred. Not to worry though, it will be over in an instant.

But if you’re really worried about pain. It’s recommended to get an EMLA prescription from your doctor. You can also ask for a trial during consultation.


Are there limits to those who have comorbidities?

It is generally safe for most medical conditions. But, it’s much better to let your clinic know if you have any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Hemophilia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Artificial joint implants
  • If you’re pregnant

The important thing is clear communication with the professionals. In some cases, they would also need a safety declaration from your doctor.

Also, remember to mention if you have any infectious diseases. As professionals, they would of course treat it as confidential information.


Possible problems that might occur

These problems may be due to a badly done job of electrolysis or just an unprofessional worker. That’s why it’s important to go to a clinic that you trust and search for reviews.


You can get infected with something as simple as a needle that wasn’t sanitized. After all, the probe will need to get under your skin and into your follicle.

Hair growing again even after completion

This just means that you didn’t get your money’s worth. They probably did a bad job in destroying your follicle if you’re still able to grow a beard.

Although in some cases, it can also grow from hair follicles that were previously inactive.

Though there’s not much to worry about electrolysis. It only gives minor side effects that aren’t permanent and it’s not that painful considering other procedures.

Instructions after the procedure

You just underwent inserting something on your face and running an electric current through it. Don’t cause any additional trauma to your skin.

Here are some of the things that you should and shouldn’t do after undergoing electrolysis:

  • Touch the Area

Do not touch the affected area and potentially risk bacterial infection/trauma to the skin.

  • Avoid Sunbathing

Avoid direct sunlight, UV rays are known to damage the skin.

  • Irritation

Do not try and irritate the skin, avoid long and/or warm baths.

  • Do Not Apply Products

You can apply an icepack or an antiseptic product to your skin. Avoid using anything that’s alcohol or oil-based.

  • Shaving

Do not try shaving the area.

  • Moisturization and Exfoliation

Only moisturize and exfoliate after the redness has subsided.

  • Drinks

Drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeine.  

Does electrolysis always work?

There is not a 100% guarantee if it will or not. At most, there’s a 93% chance that your beard won’t grow anymore.

You can up your chances by going to a highly-trained and experienced electrologist. Again, go to a clinic that you trust and has good reviews.

barber with man in chair

Finding the right electrologist

Most of the time, these professionals study at beauty schools or colleges. Some states will regulate electrolysis, needing a certification before the procedure.

And in some, you won’t need certification at all. Nonetheless, you should always ask for their license and professional trade associations.

But the best way is to find a person who has already undergone the procedure and ask for honest feedback.

That way, you’ll be sure that you’ll be getting impressive service, at least coming from a previous client of the clinic.

Things to look out for in an electrologist

It is a serious procedure that will require a lot of time and work. So, you need to make sure that you’re getting your time and money’s worth.

  • They provide a sterile environment
  • The process requires needle electrolysis instead of photo epilators or tweezers.
  • The process is being thoroughly explained
  • They provide an option for payments. As much as possible, go to someone that doesn’t do cash-to-cash basis
  • There’s an offer for a free consultation and test treatment
  • An estimate is provided and ready for your review

While these things are small, they slowly pile up and give you the professional courtesy that you should be receiving as a customer.

Is it okay to do electrolysis on my own?

We’re not stopping you from doing so. However, an untrained person like you may experience difficulty in accomplishing or reaching the usual percentage of success.

There’s a high chance that it’ll regrow, scar, or cause infection. This is because you’re not a professional and you’re using tools that are of lower quality compared to the ones used in the clinic. 

You also won’t have the knowledge on how to properly do it, which further damages your skin and follicles. If you really want to, we suggest that you go to a trusted electrologist.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and your money is worth it in the long run.

Laser treatment can be a good alternative

If you’re still unsure about the whole thing, the next best alternative would be laser treatments. Although, it is more painful than electrolysis.

The laser targets the melanin inside of your hair which will then produce intense light. It will penetrate the skin and the light will be absorbed by the melanin, causing it to heat up and treat the papilla.

It will only reduce the amount of hair, not permanently remove it. It’s quite a fast procedure and it’s also FDA approved.

Will waxing with honey also permanently remove your beard?

While honey waxing is a great natural alternative for removing your beard, it won’t be a permanent solution.

It does not destroy the papilla or hair follicle; thus, it will still have the proper nutrients that help it grow/regenerate.


Benefits of permanently removing your beard


Some people look better without a beard. By permanently removing your beard, you can look your best anytime.

Lessens shaving

Shaving is proven to make small cuts that aren’t enough to bleed but enough for an infection. Even then, you won’t have to worry about nicking yourself every time you shave.

Lessens usage of other products

Using beard oils, razors, and shaving cream can cost a lot. You can probably save more from this procedure than count all of the times you bought the items listed below.

These items slowly lessen their quality and contents after each use. You’ll need to continuously buy the products.

Compared to having this procedure once, you’ll definitely save more from just permanently not having a beard.


Beards can be either permanently removed or reduced depending on the procedure. And while it may be pricey to permanently remove hair through electrolysis, it is definitely worth it.

Just make sure to strictly follow the aftercare instructions. That way, you won’t experience adverse effects or worsen your skin situation.

It’s also nice to be careful in choosing your electrologist. It’s a procedure that can take hours and multiple sessions.

Certainly, it’s a tiring experience that you wouldn’t want to go through again. That’s why it’s important to pick an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing.

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