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If you are not sure whether to use beard oil or not because everything on the internet seems a hoax these days, then rest assured because we got you covered in this post!

As a general rule, beard oil works by getting absorbed in your beard and skin, making it soft, well-hydrated, and healthy. Beard oil is not proven to help with beard growth, but it improves the overall health of your beard. A bonus is if you pick a good quality brand, it can also act as a cologne!

So, being paranoid before using any product is normal, and we will help you to explore how beard oil actually works. Keep reading because you will get all your answers right here.

What does Beard Oil do To Your Beard?

When you are on the journey of your beard care, beard oil can be pretty big support for you because it helps you figure out what is right for your beard and what is not.

Many people go through the problem of dry skin, which even causes their beards to become flaky and brittle.

One such beard never is the key to your perfect look, and that is where beard oil comes to play. Being an oil, it hydrates your beard and skin and also keeps the dryness at bay.

After applying beard oil, you might have noticed that your beard is looking fuller and thicker, which is yet another magic of beard oils.

Getting a good beard oil or beard balm is important because you apply it to your facial hair and skin.

Castor Oil

So, a good quality beard oil can do wonders for both your beard and skin both and can prove to be a pretty good moisturizer.

The beard oil gets absorbed in your skin and prevents patchy or dried skin. When your facial hair absorbs it, they start looking luxurious.

People living in colder areas must go for a good quality beard oil because a cold environment can potentially make your beard drier.

Beard oils make sure that your beard is free from all types of flakes and dandruff and work pretty well without making your face look too oily.

When it comes to how beard oil actually works, keep reading, and you will know all the goodness involved in the working of your favorite beard oil.

How Your Beard Oil Works?

Well, beard oil works with the help of its active ingredients. These ingredients help you in improving your beard growth and beard health.

The main components of these ingredients are oils, either carrier or essential oils and beard oils work because of these oils. So, let’s find out what these oils do.

How Essential Oils Work?

If you are a millennial, essential oil probably be your holy grail by now. And rest assured because your beard oil also contains some of these oils.

Essential oils give a unique scent to plants and also protect them from harmful predators like fungus.

When you apply essential oils present in your beard oil, you will get a manly scent that will make you stand out among the crowd.

And if you think essential oils only smell good, then you are mistaken because they also help your beard with a lot of problems.

Certain essential oils can even help you deal with acne and also reduce the appearance of your pores.

Tea tree oil and sandalwood can be pretty good ingredients to keep your beard as good as new.

Essential oils can also help you with dry skin and provide you with moisturizing factors that can benefit your hair follicles and skin.

How Do Carrier Oils work?

Most of your beard oil contains carrier oils, and they are pretty different from your favorite essential oils.

They do not have a very significant scent but are perfect for keeping your beard oil last longer and also preventing evaporation.

Carrier oils are mostly used to dilate your oil; otherwise, the essential oils would be too strong and evaporate.

These oils come from nuts and seeds and are pretty neutral. These carrier oils have multiple oils, including:

1.      Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the perfect carrier oil in colder climates because it thoroughly moisturizes your beard and skin. It makes your beard healthy and also is super-hydrating, making your beard as good as new.

Coconut oil also contains a slightly coconutty scent, which many people love, but if you are allergic to coconut, don’t go for oils that have coconut oil in your ingredient list.

2.      Argan Oil

This oil comes from Morocco, and this oil is extracted from the trees of Argan there. It is a pretty common oil used to make different shampoos, conditioners, beard serums, hair masks, and beard oils.

Argan oil makes your skin soft and also transforms your beard into a softer, healthier beard. It also prevents hair fall and keeps your beard as good as new.

massage beard

3.      Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil really works well for your beard and is one of the best ingredients in your beard oil. Beard oils that contain hazelnut can be expensive, but they are worth every penny.

If you have hazelnut oil in your beard oil, it can help you cope with your beard-related allergies like acne and eczema. It can also cure itchiness in your beard and does not make your skin look extra oily.

4.      Jojoba Oil

This oil is really light and does not stay on the surface of your skin because your skin absorbs it pretty easily. It is identical to your natural facial oils, making it easier for your skin to work with it.

The jojoba oil comes from Arizona, and it is a shrub. Jojoba oil is commonly used in different hair products because of its popularity in making hair healthy, so if your beard oil has jojoba, you are on the right track.

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How To Get Most Out Of Your Beard Oils

When talking about getting the most out of your beard oil, it all comes down to the usage; how often and when you are using it plays a key role here.

Also, if you are not applying your beard oil the right way, it will not affect your beard, so correct application is also significant.

Applying oil in your whole beard all the way to your neckline is the key to distributing the goodness of the oils evenly.

Also, combing your beard helps a lot when you want your beard oil to work better because comb also enables you to distribute the oil and improve the absorption.

Make sure to apply the beard oil moderately. Too little or too much beard oil won’t work, and your face will end up looking oily or dry.

Also, if you have dry and acne-prone skin, consult your dermatologist before getting into any type of beard oil because it might cause breakouts.

And if you still want to use it, do it one day at a time, start from one or two drops, and then slowly make your way up.

It is better if you layer your beard oil with sunscreen or end up frying your beard in the sun, so sunscreen is crucial after applying beard oil.

How To Pick A Beard Oil?

If you are not sure how you can choose a beard and which one will work for you, then the below-given list is going to help you a lot in this regard.

1.     Look Into The Ingredients

When buying beard oil, ingredients are essential because they either make or break your beard oil. You don’t want your beard oil to be overflowing with ingredients.

But still, it should have some basic and decent ingredients that can make your beard thicker and healthier.

The ideal ingredients to look for in your beard oil are Vitamin E oil, Argan oil, Essential oils, Jojoba oil, Hazelnut oil, Flaxseed oil.

All these ingredients will make your beard softer and keep it well-hydrated. Also, they will protect your face and skin and will make it glow.

2.     Know Your Beard

Knowing your beard is very important; otherwise, you will not know which beard oil is ideal for you.

If you have a very patchy and thin beard, then go for the beard oil specifically made for this type of beard, and that can induce beard growth.

If you have a very thick and lavish beard, pick the beard oil that makes it a little softer and less dry because thick beards usually tend to be dry.

Also, make sure that you know what works for your beard, and this type of wit comes from a lot of trial and error, so never stop experimenting because you will find a beard oil that will be just right for you.

3.     Look Into The Price Tag

Okay, this is one of the most important things you need to consider before picking your beard oil because if a beard oil does not suit your budget, you will most probably not buy it.

If your budget is low, look for the best beard oil you can get in your budget, and if you cannot find one, maybe stretch your budget out a little because there is nothing as important as your beard, right?

Buying high-end beard oils is not really necessary, and you can always go for the local beard oils available in your region at a pocket-friendly rate.

But, make sure that those local oils do not have chemicals that can harm your beard. It is better to find pocket-friendly dupes of high-end beard oils.

4.     Pick Your Favorite Scent

If you are using beard oil and it does not have any scent, then you are not doing it right. So, before picking your beard oil, make sure to check its scent.

If you are particularly fond of essential oil, you can check the ingredient list and pick the oil accordingly.

Also, some people are allergic to scents, and they cannot bear to be around strong scents. So, if you are also allergic, consider picking an unscented beard oil.

Also, if you have a particular scent in mind, you might need to check several beard oils before you find your perfect scent.

5.     Pick According To Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to check the ingredients and make your beard oil.

Beard oils can cause break out so, people with acne-prone skin must avoid ingredients that can trigger their acne.

You cannot judge whether the beard oil is working for you or not after the first use, so; you might have to apply a beard oil a few times before judging whether it is for you or not.

Mistakes To Avoid With A Beard Oil

When dealing with beard oil, there are tons of mistakes you can end up making. But, it all comes down to how much you care about your beard.

The biggest mistake you can commit with your beard oil is with its application. If you are applying the oil right out of the dropper, you are potentially harming your skin.

The dropper is not sanitized, and it is not supposed to touch your skin because who knows what type of germs it contains?

So, it is always a good idea to get some beard oil in your palms and then apply it to your beard. Another mistake is buying very cheap beard oil.

People who don’t consider beard care essential often commit this mistake, and it eventually costs them the thickness and health of their beard.

Cheap beard oils don’t do anything for your beard, but they most certainly end up destroying your beard so, always buy good quality ones.

Not looking into the ingredients is also a prevalent mistake. People just buy beard oil after reading the name of certain brands without paying heed to the make of that oil, which can be drastic if you are allergic to anything in it.


Well, now we all know how beard oil works and how the oils present in your beard oil do all the magic to your beard.

Make sure to follow all the guidelines given to pick just the right type of beard oil for you because it is high time to embrace beard care.

Lastly, we are wishing you a very happy beard care day!

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