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People on the internet have recently found out that they can clean things with shaving cream, and since then, they have been trying it out with literally every object.

We don’t see the harm in cleaning your things with shaving cream but is it really necessary, and does it work?

As a matter of fact, shaving cream does the job of cleaning multiple objects efficiently, and that is because of a compound called surfactants.

Surfactants are a combination of detergents and lipids or fats. The job of these compounds is to reduce the surface tension between water and the object it’s being applied to.

This allows for liquids to flow more easily across surfaces, which makes it easier for any dirt particles adhered to the object to be removed.

But is shaving cream better than your basic cleaner? And is all the hype around it worth it? In this article, we’re going to help you figure out if it’s worth it to use shaving cream on your stuff or not.

How Can Shaving Cream Clean?

Most soaps and cleaning agents that we use in our houses have ingredients like emulsifiers and surfactants—these ingredients aid with cleaning different surfaces.

When we talk about shaving cream, it also contains the same type of ingredients, including emulsifiers and surfactants.

Though shaving cream is not as harsh as a surface cleaner because it is meant to be used on the face, it still works pretty well.

The main and active ingredients in both cleaning soaps and washes and shaving cream are pretty much the same. 30% of the shaving cream is a soap that can be used for cleaning, and it also contains other emulsifiers and emollients that work perfectly on dirt and grime.

It is why the claim that you can use shaving cream to clean is certainly true, and you can clean different surfaces with this cream. The grimy and moldy surfaces that you cannot clean properly can also be cleaned with the help of shaving cream, mainly because it has some great active ingredients.

So, there is no rocket science in the working of shaving cream but just the simple fact that its ingredients are effective, and that is why it works. Shaving cream is considered a perfect choice when you want to clean fragile and delicate items.

It is mainly because shaving creams have cleaning ingredients and moisturizing ones, so your precious stuff stays the same post-cleaning.

Is It Safe To Use Shaving Cream To Clean?

Yes, it is completely safe to use shaving cream to clean different objects, especially ones you cannot clean with soap.

If you are afraid that soap will affect the shine and color of your delicate objects, then the best choice is shaving cream.

You can get shaving creams very cheap in your local store, and they work great. The biggest thing is that these creams are completely safe to use on delicate items.

When you are using soaps on jewelry or other important items, you might hinge a bit because soap might decrease the shine of these things. But, with shaving creams, you don’t have to worry about the shine because these perform the task of cleaning without stripping off the shine of your things.

The cleaning procedure with shaving cream is also very easy and harmless, so you don’t have to scrub off your precious items to get some gunk off.

What Can A Shaving Cream Clean?

So, as we have already discussed, shaving cream is the real deal if you want to clean stuff, but what kind of stuff can you clean with shaving cream?

Well, to answer this question, let’s get right into our list:

Great for Carpets

Carpets are one of the most difficult things to clean, mainly because carpets are heavy and have a lot of dirt and gunk trapped in them.

But you certainly can clean carpets with shaving cream, and it will hardly take a couple of hours, and your carpet will be as good as new.

Along with carpets, you can also clean rugs with shaving cream if you think that your detergent or cleaning agents are not doing a good job at cleaning them.

When cleaning a carpet with shaving cream, make sure to keep an eye on the quantity of shaving cream because you don’t want to put too much or too little on your carpet.

Ensure to wash your carpet off after applying the shaving cream because you don’t want that foamy buildup on your stuff.

Can be Used As A Glasspolisher

Foggy glass instantly kills the aesthetic vibe of your living room, and when you are having people over for a party, you would never want to have a foggy glass.

So, in this situation, all you need to do is apply shaving cream on the glass and leave it there for a while.

Then wash the glass off, and you will see a spotless glass in front of you, and it is all because of shaving cream. When washing glass or mirrors with soap, you must have noticed that soap leaves weird residue and marks on the mirror.

All in all, soap isn’t enough to clean all the fog from the mirror, and that is where shaving cream comes to play. Another great thing about shaving cream is that you always have access to it, so you can use it whenever you want without any hassle.

Can Polish Stainless Steel

Polishing stainless steel is one of the hardest things you have to do if you don’t have any prior experience and knowledge about it.

Moreover, cleaning stainless steel surfaces with soap or detergents takes forever, and the result is not even worth it.

But, when you clean stainless steel with shaving cream, you will realize how fast and efficiently it works.

You don’t have to leave the shaving cream on steel for hours to get rid of the gunk, and it will hardly take a couple of minutes.


Cleaning jewelry with shaving cream is one of our favorite things because it is just so aesthetically pleasing, and at the end, you get a sparkly piece of ornament.

When cleaning jewelry with soap, you have to take care of so many things because one wrong move can ruin the shine of your jewelry.

In case the piece you are cleaning with soap has a mirror finish, soap will ruin its true essence, and all you will see would be cloudy patterns of soap on the jewelry.

And who wants that? At least not us, which is exactly where shaving creams come to play because they are super-gentle and efficient in cleaning delicate items.

You don’t even have to rub the shaving cream in like you do with the soap because you apply and leave it there and wait for the magic to happen.

This way, shaving cream saves you from ruining your jewelry and treats your priceless pieces with care, and maintains their shine which is why we always pick shaving cream for jewelry.

Your Gunky Oven

Cleaning the oven is a real chore, and not everyone is trained enough to properly clean the oven, not at least when you have to do it with soap.

Shaving creams contain water and often alcohol as well, so applying a generous amount of shaving cream in the problematic and gunky areas of your oven would be the perfect call.

You have to let it sit there and wait for the gunk to come out. You will soon see that the color of the foam is changed. Let it sit there for a while longer and wash it off.

20 minutes are more than enough for shaving cream to clean the grills and door of your oven. Just make sure that the cream does not come in contact with the electrical stuff in your oven.

Sometimes, you cannot just clean certain types of spills with a detergent. For such incidents, you certainly need shaving foam so go for it.

Also, make sure to clean the foam off after 20 minutes with a damp cloth, and before cleaning, squeeze the excess water out of the cloth so you don’t end up messing with your oven.

Dirty Toilet?

A toilet is a place that needs the most cleaning, and you certainly cannot ignore the need for a strong surfactant in your toilet.

Shaving creams are made to help you with a better shave, and they inherently are anti-bacterial so, if you clean your toilet with it, you will be killing all the bacteria residing in there.

Moreover, shaving creams are known to clean the stubborn gunk and dirt in places like toilets and kitchen, which you cannot normally clean with a toilet or kitchen cleaner.

So, you have to apply the toilet cleaner to the areas you want to clean and let it sit there for half an hour and if the place is a lot dirtier, then leave it there for more than half-hour.

Then wash it off with water, and you will see the difference because shaving cream makes every surface as clean as new, which is why it is our first pick.


Shaving cream is a great cleaning agent for many surfaces in your home because it is gentle but effective. You can clean stainless steel, jewelry, the oven, the toilet, and even spills with shaving cream. Just make sure to apply it generously and let it sit for a while before washing off.

Shaving cream is an all-in-one solution to your cleaning needs, and you don’t even need much of it. It is readily available in every store, and it doesn’t cost a lot.

The important thing is that when you clean with shaving cream, make sure to use the non-scented variant because the scented ones are way more expensive.

They have the same ingredients as the regular ones, so no worries if you didn’t pick up scented shaving cream instead of the usual variant.

That’s it for this article guys, I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it informative too!

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