Why Do Beards Get Thicker with Age?

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Beard is one of the best things to improve the personality and outlook of any man. This is the reason most Hollywood men keep their beard well-trimmed and groomed. It is because a great and well-kept beard provides a boost in confidence. Not only this but a beard is one of the manliest things that a man can have.

However, sometimes men are unable to grow a great beard even if some men of their age have one. In this case, men are confused why do beards get thicker with age but theirs are not getting thicker. So, here we will discuss all about the relation between your beard and your age.

We will also provide you some tips that might be very helpful in growing a majestic beard.

Why does beard thickness vary between men?

This is the most common concern of most men or young boys in their late teenage days. It is because they are not able to grow a great beard, but their age fellows have a good thick beard. This not only makes them feel less confident, but there are many other problems too. So, if the growth of your beard is relevant to your age?

The answer to this question about bears is no. It is because beard growth depends on a lot of things. Some of the things are mentioned below.

  • Your diet.
  • Your exercise and activity level.
  • Hormones.
  • Genetics.

How is your beard growth affected by different factors?

The following are some factors that affect beard growth and the rate of beard growth. Here we have discussed how these affect your beard.

Diet is key.

One of the most important things for growing a beard that is under your control is your diet. Yes, if you are a fan of junk food and unhealthy items, you have bad news. Like all other processes in our body, the beard also grows with the help of some nutrients that we take in our body in the form of food.

There are different vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other things that help the growth of a healthy beard. For example, if you are taking a healthy and good diet, the chances of growing a majestic beard faster are high. Some of the things that must be present in your diet in a balanced form are listed below.

  • Vitamin B.
  • Biotin.
  • Zinc.
  • Niacin.

This was a pretty short little list of the things that will help grow a healthy beard. However, the list is not that shot and for getting the perfect diet according to your body and some other factors, you must consider contacting your nutritionist.

Exercise can be important.

The next thing that is required for growing a great beard is exercise. It is because it assists your body and its organs to absorb all the nutrients that you are putting inside your body. When you do exercise, a lot of things change inside your body and the most important one is the change in hormones. Yes, hormones are heavily affected by your activities.

So, if you do not want to end up being a man without a beard, make sure that you get yourself working out. It is because this will heavily affect your hormones and it will have several other benefits for your body as well.

Hormones and genes.

The last thing that will be controlling the growth of your beard will be your hormones and genes. Testosterone is a special hormone that is responsible for a lot of things in men. The growth of a beard is one of its major responsibilities. But this is something that is not developed with age.

This game of hormones happens with some major factors like diet and exercise as discussed above and age with maturity as well.

Will the quality and texture of a beard change over time?

While people get the answers to the questions like why do beards get thicker with age, most of them get curious to know about the future of their beards. We all know that aging is a natural process in the human body.

The interesting thing here is that our beards have to go through this process too. This has some very interesting effects too for our beard. Here we will discuss all of them.

Beard thickness and age

The thickness of a beard is something that depends on the thickness of every single hair. This is something that can be said to increase for some time however after this period this process will stop. Here we can take the example of the boys who develop a beard in their teenage, and they can grow it in their 20s. Their 30s are the peak time for the growth of their beard.

This is because this is the time when the beard hair is getting healthier and richer. As we said that the process stops after some time, the boys in this will once develop a majestic beard and after their 30s, there will be no major change in the thickness of their beard.

Growth speed and age

This is something that can also be explained with the example of the boys that we took above. The growth speed of a beard heavily depends on the testosterone levels inside one’s body. For most men, after they exit their 30s, the testosterone levels in their bodies start to decrease as the process of aging happens.

So, the growth speed of their beard gets lower. However, this does not mean that the

The color and richness of beard and age.

The color and richness of the beard in terms of looks is a rather subjective case other than being a general case. It is because there are some pigments present in our body. One of these pigments is Melanin.

  • This is the pigment that is responsible for the hair color and a lot of things.
  • However, in some people, the amount of this pigment decreases with time while it stays consistent for others throughout their life.

 So, we can say that the color of the beard is not subject to the age as it can either stay with you till death or it might change at any age.

Why does the speed of growing a beard increase with age?

As we discussed above, the growth of a beard depends on three major things.

  • Diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Hormones and genes.

In young boys, we can see that there is no proper care of their diet and exercise. It is because most of the boys live to eat junk food and other unhealthy items and their exercise life is not so great as well. However, if someone is an active participant in sports and games, his beard will grow faster.

Although this is a fact that the growth of a beard depends on the 3 things mentioned above, one thing that is also very effective for the growth of a beard is age. You cannot say that when boys enter their 20s, they start getting thicker bears.

By the time they are in their 30s, the beard gets thicker and also grows faster. This is all because the boy is now turning into a mature man and the hormones game inside the body is getting better and better.

When will the beard growth speed stop increasing?

Although the beard growth speed increases with age, we cannot say that it will keep on the curve of increasing with age. It is because the 30s and 40s are part of our life when we are having a peak performance from our bodies. In this period, the beard also grows faster. But with time, the nutrients and hormones present in our bodies decrease.

This brings a halt to the growth speed of the beard and it never increases again. However, this does not mean that the beard growth speed will reduce than the actual speed.

Will the beard hair continue to get thicker with age?

The beard hair for every man in their young age is very thin. It is because of all that hormone thing. However, this thickness increases as they progress from teenagers to the 20s and 30s. As most men are concerned about why do beards get thicker with age, some also think if their beard will keep on getting thick as they age. This is not the right concept.

It is because when you age and move to older ages, the power of hormones and nutrients in your body might not remain the same. So, when you get old the beard hair will not continuously get thicker after some time. In some cases, they might get thin as well.


Growing a great beard is one of the most important things for most men. It is because when you keep your beard well-groomed, it provides you a very good outlook and this also bursts men with a burst of confidence for their life. However, there is not a very good connection between beards and age. This is what makes most people ask why do beards get thicker with age.

So, here we discussed different factors regarding why do beards get thicker with age so that you can be prepared for what is coming for you in the future and make it good.

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