When Does Your Beard Stop Growing?

When Does Your Beard Stop Growing

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Growing and maintaining a majestic beard is one of the best ways to complement your masculinity. It is because a beard is the best thing that a man can have on his face. Not only this but a beard completely changes the looks of a man. This is why growing and maintaining a great beard is trending in most young men.

Although different people get to grow their beard at different ages, one thing that most of them are concerned about is when does your beard stop growing? It is because this could be a situation that can cause a lot of problems. Consider that you have a great beard and all of a sudden it stops growing further. This will do nothing but ruin the shape and size of your beard.

So, why not keep track of when does beard stops growing and try to maintain the standard of these factors for growing a better beard. Here we will discuss all when does beard stops growing factors and the right solutions to them.

Will the beard growth increase with age?

Beard growth is a rather subjective thing for everyone. It is because there is no fixed time or date that can be told to anyone. You will never see someone say that I will grow a beard after X number of days. It is because there is nothing that can tell you when your beard will grow as its growth is determined by things like your hormones that are controlled by your brain.

So, we can say that getting mature mentally can play a vital role in growing a beard. However, when you are growing a beard one thing that is determined for sure is that the quality of your beard will increase with age. This is also a case subjective thing because this might not be true for everyone.

Till what age will your beard keep growing?

For an average man, the process of beard growth will start when he will be in his teenage. It is because, after 15 or 16 years of age, most boys start growing a beard. This beard thickens over time.

  • It means that beard growth is increasing with age. This is a process that is only carried out for a specific amount of time.
  • Beard growth is supported with testosterone that is a hormone responsible for beard growth.

When the age of men increases from their 40s on average, the testosterone production in their body is significantly reduced. This is because of their lack of exercise and aging factor as well. So, this will be the time when the beard growth stops.

What are the factors that cause the beard to stop growing?

Some men say that growing a beard is like having a child. You have to care for it, protect it and groom it as well. This is only because a beard cannot be grown without leaving it to grow with time. When you do not take the right measures for your beard, you will not be able to keep it growing and its growth will eventually stop.

As you might be wondering when does beard stop growing, here we will discuss some factors that are responsible for stopping the beard growth.

You are not taking a proper diet.

The very first thing that might stop your beard from growing is the diet that you are taking. If you are having problems growing a great beard in the first place or your beard has stopped growing, consider contacting your nutritionist and discussing your diet.

You will come to know that you are having an imbalance in your diet and this imbalance is causing the bear to not grow very well.

You are not taking good care of your beard.

If your beard is not growing the way you want it to grow, then you must check if you are the reason for it not growing. Yes, if you do not take good care of your beard while growing it, then it might stop growing. There are several ways by which you can stop the growth of your beard. Here are some of them.

  • Trimming your beard as you are growing it.
  • Keeping the beard cleaned and brushed out.
  • Use the right products for your beard’s structure.
  • You are using harmful styling products for your beard.

What will happen when the beard stops growing?

As you are concerned about when does beard stops growing, you must also know some of the consequences that you may have to face because of the stoppage of beard growth. Here we have discussed some of those consequences.

Split ends.

The very first bad thing that will happen to your beard is that most of the hair will get split ends. This is something that will provide a very rough and untidy look to your beard and you will not be able to treat this without getting the beard trimmed. So, the split ends will reduce the size of your beard.


When the beard stops growing, this might be a cause of the weakened roots of the beard. As the roots will become weak, the hair will not be getting the proper nutrition from the roots and this will cause the beard hair to break. It is a very bad situation for the man who loves his beard a lot.

Hair not growing back.

In some cases, even if you shave your beard clean, it will not grow as it used to grow because of the problems that you have created for it. The only way to grow the beard back will be using specific measures that we have mentioned below.

How can the stopped beard be grown again and better?

You can be in a state where you do not even know that you are doing something bad to your beard. So, before the beard stops growing regularly or if it has stopped already, you can take these steps discussed below to maintain a majestic beard again.

Get a good beard shampoo.

You might be unknowingly using a shampoo that is not good for your beard. Although that shampoo makes the outer hair clean and smooth, that might not be great for the long term usage. Or in some cases, some people do not use any cleaning product and only rinse their beard with some water.

This is the worst thing to do and if you want to regrow a great beard, get yourself a good shampoo especially for your beard.

Using a beard conditioner will help.

A shampoo is not meant to keep your beard silky and shiny for a long time. This is the job of a conditioner.

So, if you want to grow a beard in the best possible manner that will completely change your looks, use a conditioner for your beard. Using it 2 to 3 times a week will be the best, but you must use it considering the conditioners’ instructions and your skin type as well.

Use natural beard oil for nourishing the roots of your beard hair.

Different brands provide their beard nourishing products. If you want to maintain a healthy beard, you must consider using a beard oil. Make sure that you get a natural one because once you regrow that beard, you will not want it to stop growing again.

Using a great beard oil will not only be beneficial for the outer hair, but it will be great for the roots of beard hair and your skin as well.

Only use natural and non-harmful beard styling products.

Beard styling is a real thing, but you must not use the products that are not made for your facial hair and facial skin as well.

So, if you are really into styling your beard, you can use some natural beard wax and beard balm as well. These are the products that are made especially for nourishing and styling the beard. So, using them will not cause any harm to your beard.

Take care of your beard.

If you are concerned about when does beard stops growing and you are looking to make your beard grow healthier, you need to care for your beard. Here are some things that you will need to do.

  • Keep the ends neat and trimmed.
  • Always maintain a discrete beard line on top and bottom.
  • Cut your beard short if not healthy and let it grow again.

When you let the beard nourish by following the things mentioned above, your beard will come out to be great.

The last thing that you will need to do for regrowth of your beard is to maintain a healthy nutritious diet and some exercise.


Growing a beard is a commitment that you do with yourself and it is not something that you leave, and it will grow on its own. A bread needs proper care and if you lack this, it stops growing. So, most people are concerned about when does beard stop growing.

Here we discussed all about this and we also mentioned some tips to help the beard regrow in a better way if it stops growing.

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