I’ve sold my Yamaha R6!

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What have I done!? This is the first feeling I’ve felt when the buyer rode off with what I felt like “my” bike. Even though he had already paid for it.

I’ve never been cheated on by and girl in the past (at least knowingly) but I can image somewhat how that feels. (Yeah I know this is a lame comparison…) When the buyer sat on the bike, testdrove it, revved it to the maximum on the nearby street, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat cheated on by my own bike. That was MY sounds, MY revving, MY exhaustflames. Now it’s somebody elses.

I did really love this bike.

…Or did i?

I woke up the next day feeling abit better. Started looking on our version of craigslist, and then finding suitable younger more attractive wom…I mean bikes.

I will now decide between the following models:

  • Kawasaki z900; 2020 years model
  • Yamaha MT-09 also 2020 years model
  • Triumph Street triple RS

To break it down; I’ve pretty much only ended up on looks here. I really love how the z900 looks. It’s so… transformer-ish with the new front.

I’ve booked a test drive tomorrow of a z900. Lets see how it goes…

Otherwise I’m currently building a bobber, look at this beauty!

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